Psycho-Memes (10-03-20.2)

Of course Quid Pro Quo Joe lied. Lying is the only thing he knows how to do.

Better Secure the Debate Stage – if it’s not the CCP 5G flu; fly ‘drones’ (GIF’s whatever) what’s the MSDNC’s next ‘covert attack’ on President Trump going to be – when and where? Time’s a’git’n Late!

U.S. America has the Printing Presses and World Class Military; the Crown’s Fed has the CCP Flu, George Soros and Color Revolutions. Showdown of the Millennium!

Everything about Barack Obama is a prefabricated lie. Every word this psycho-political creature speaks is a lie. Lying is what BHO does. This is the rule. Rule by Deception. Bush’s Clinton’s [DS] CIA through and through. Exposure is Critical.

Osama Bin Laden was CIA Asset – Friend of the Bush Family – died from advanced kidney disease circa 2001. OBL didn’t have anything to do with 9/11. Later assassination claims OBL Faked just as Obama is a total Fake regarding every statement or claim this psycho-political CIA Asset has forever lied to the American People.

Hirono is viral disease personified – whatever her ‘healthcare’ is it hasn’t cured her viral disease. Her ‘hideous colors’ are showing – somebody should let her know.

Nancy Pelosi is criminally insane; and her ‘House’ demonic-rat’s treasonous antics are holding this Nation – its People – as well as the Whole World – hostage to her MSDNC (Crony) Criminal Psycho-Political / Self-Projecting Madness. Common Sense dictates she is utterly unfit being ‘next in line’ to the Presidency.

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