Presidential Patience

President Donald Trump patiently (wisely) endures the malignant slings and arrows of outrageous MSDNC [DS] (scripted) MSM Mockingbird slanderers while Quid Pro Quo Pedo Joe lyin’ Biden incoherently ‘snaps’ at the slightest suggestion or question of the truth or facts. DJT has a precise record of everything his administration has done / is doing on the record. Joe hiding in his basement doing nothing the whole time but spewing incoherent fact-less smirking psycho-babble. I don’t know if anyone could do any better than DJT under obvious malignant bias of debate moderator + MSDNC ‘cognitively contorted’ script the moderator is following. Biden obviously rehearsed on MSDNC moderator’s script still psycho-garbled his parts as usual.

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