Demonic-Rat’s Playbook

Obvious the MSDNC scripted MSM Mockingbird Wrap Up Smearing TV Mass Mind Control VR Machine planned for premeditated election chaos fraud with ‘uncounted’ mail-in vote ‘stacked to play’ for Biden in the post election day final hours days & weeks designed to ‘take it’ to the SC for a final ‘decision’. Demonic-Rat’s ‘mail-in vote fraud’ playbook was known years ago as we have witnessed a chronic 24/7 stream of ‘criminal crony’ psycho-political fraud propagated with the complicit MSDNC MSM Social Media Fake News and Censorship Networks clearly evident over the past 4 + years. This is called the ‘Biden Time’ effect for agencies ‘on the fence’ – waiting for pre-planned polling fraud to kick in to change any legitimate popular election result to the Enemy of the Republic’s ‘affected’ favor. We are now seeing this play out once again as expected.

About 2012 Convergence

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