Magnitude of Fraud

NAILED DELIAN Clinton Foundation Vote Fraud Mechanism was / is Clinton Obama Biden ‘Kamala’ Detached Arrogance – ‘Smug Attitude’ all along – “we don’t have to acknowledge or debate Trump because we know that Dominion will fake the vote in the end. No need to take off our masks and come out of the basement – no need to debate or to campaign – it’s (the election) already ‘in the bag’ for Biden / Harris no matter what Trump does.” All MSDNC Pelosi Players ‘on script’ MSM Mockingbird Gas-Baggers Public Mind Control = MSDNC players all complicit w/ this massive premeditated election fraud. The sheer magnitude of this election fraud is astonishing. You know it’s true! So, does the SCOTUS have the Constitutional & forensic ‘Common Sense’ to Rule on This? That’s the real (Q)uestion!

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