Short List (3)

Americans are addicted to MSM TV which of course is a [DS] mind controlling device. It controls what they think want and believe. That’s got to be a hard nut to crack! Guess we’re witnessing how that’s going to go!

The Swamp of Congress is a ‘pandemic of corruption’. A ‘collective psychosis’. Expecting Congress to act with any Constitutional Due Process or Common Sense seems delusional.

What do the American People want then? Perpetuation of a Predominantly Insurgent Precedence of Malignant Lies & Psycho-Political Criminality? What Constitutional ‘precedent’ addresses enemy insurgency hell bent on destroying America? I’d think that through again……

Let’s start w/ redistributing De Blasio’s wealth along with the Soros Gates Zuckers Zuckerbergs Bezos Dorseys Romneys Clintons Obamas Bidens Pelosis Feinsteins Harris’s Mad Maxine Waters Schiffs Schumers Newsoms & the list goes on and on.. stealing embezzling drug money laundering with arms and sex trafficking kickbacks & return $ to Taxpaying American ‘Legal’ Citizens? Good for a few trillion $s; so what do you think? Now that would make the best ‘Stimulus Package’ ever!

Mitt Romney = Portrait of a [RINO] Swamp Creature.

Bill Barr just another mouthful of pseudo-legal fluff. Barr is/was/will be compromised in the Swamp. Bill Barr is Out! For good reason… He’s complicit w/ Swamp Creatures like Robert Mueller and 9/11 coverup etc. An ‘Old Timer’….. can’t help but be corrupted!

MSDNC Coordinated 13 Million Vote Fraud = Latest Math!

Building the case regarding Cyber Attacks = Acts of War = NS Vulnerabilities must be addressed by DoD = Now is the Time!

“YouTube has decided that my opening statement in the U.S. [Senate], given under oath and based upon hard evidence, is too dangerous for you to see; they removed it.’ Why is Google so afraid of the truth? Trump’s lawyer JBinnall wrote.

The Pandemic that Wasn’t! Still ‘Acting Out’ their WHO MD Rx OOD’s!

See the Light! yet? Common Flu = CV19/21 (surrogate flu) = Crown CCP Bio-Psy-Op. Players are all ‘In the Loop’ agents of the Op. The Pandemic that Wasn’t! Still ‘Acting Out’ their WHO MD Rx OOD’s! What’s the Real Agenda here?

On Sunday, President Donald Trump put the rumors to rest that he would declare martial law. “Martial law = Fake News. Just more knowingly bad reporting!” (WJ)

Just ask Psycho Nancy “Wrap Up Smearing” Pelosi is a criminally insane drunk. Nice choice for Speaker of the House! We can clearly see in Pelosi the profane Depths of Congressional Depravity that have collected over the years. Exposure is Critical! And now = here’s Nancy……! Portrait of a Demonic-Rat = a Criminally Hypocritical Tyrant! When will we be freed of these CLOWN Demonic-Rats & their malignant gaslighting babbles?

AOC (zombie squad) is a MSDNC MSM Propaganda Tool. A moron MK-Ultra styled [DS] ‘puppet’. Another ‘classless act’ (fraud) looking for lucrative Clintons / Obamas (styled) ‘book deals’. Perhaps she has had enough w/ her faked news ‘material’ and just desires to ride her wave of psycho-political hypocrisy onto Hollywood Celebrity (styled) fame & fortune? AOC’s like “hey, where’s my multi-million dollar Mansion in Martha’s Vineyard” dude……

YouTube Twitter Facebook MSDNC MSM [BBC AP CNN ABC CBS NBC PBS NYT WaPo etc.] et’al are all treasonously complicit w/ MSM Disinformation / Misinformation [Faked News] Campaigns & Censorship. MSDNC Projection Propaganda [DS] (scripted) MSM Mockingbird Gaslighting Rhetoric is utter ‘inversion’ and censorship of forensic facts by design w/ utter perversion of reality [VR] matrix cultivated into MSM TV viewing public. “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American people believe is false” [CIA] William Casey (1981). Just shut this Treason Down = Betrayal After Trust Spreading Gaslighted Lies Faked News & Public Disinformation Slander Calumny Invective Memes = Premeditated Instigating of Miscreant Riotous Sedition Insurrection = Malignancy of Communist Marxist Yellow Journalism = Know it for what It is & just Shut it Down! A True Democracy can only Work w/ Valid Pertinent Public News & Information for what The People (voters) Think they Know or Believe.

80+ Million voters for President Trump (before ‘Dominion’ Flipped Votes to favor Quid Pro Quo Joe) know what the real score is & that’s Exposure. Majority of President Trump supporters follow alternative ‘real news’ & they know more of the details of this ongoing Exposure. They know Joe Biden & Co. are complicit w/ massive election fraud & that a Criminal Joe Biden et’al Administration is unacceptable & can never be permitted if the Constitutional Republic is to ‘Long Endure’ against Crown Globalist CCP styled Tyranny. Just Disclose the Truth & the Truth Shall Set You Free! That’s what Truth is for. The People need to be ‘woken up’ to the Truth. Full Spectrum Exposure (Revelation) Disclosure is how this must be done. Run it through the courts everywhere. Deploy every legal venue. When the timing is right the People will Know. Deniers of Truth / Forensic Facts & Constitutional Due Process are obviously complicit w/ perpetrators of these High Crimes & Treason. It’s just Common Sense.

NAILED DELIAN Clinton Foundation Vote Fraud Mechanism was / is Clinton Obama Biden ‘Kamala’ Detached Arrogance – ‘Smug Attitude’ all along – “we don’t have to acknowledge or debate Trump because we know that Dominion will fake the vote in the end. No need to take off our masks and come out of the basement – no need to debate or to campaign – it’s (the election) already ‘in the bag’ for Biden / Harris no matter what Trump does.” All MSDNC Pelosi Players ‘on script’ MSM Mockingbird Gas-Baggers Public Mind Control = MSDNC players all complicit w/ this massive premeditated election fraud. The sheer magnitude of this election fraud is astonishing. You know it’s true! So, does the SCOTUS have the Constitutional & forensic ‘Common Sense’ to Rule on This? That’s the real (Q)uestion! How about Martial Law? DoD has jurisdiction when it’s an ‘Act of War’ against the Constitutional Republic.

Anyone w/ half a brain & common sense can see MSDNC complicit w/ [DS] cyber tech affected voting system + ‘Vote by Mail’ scam; CV19 fear porn; faked votes; cargo-loads of fake ballots; malware electronic ‘flips’; paper ballot vote ‘switches’; evasions of oversight in complicit polling stations; votes ‘lost in mail’; ‘harvesting’ votes from mental institutions, prisons, nursing homes, dead people (or on life support), CV19 victims, teenagers, street people, illegal aliens (Terrestrial & ET), demonic spirits & ghosts from underworld. MSDNC (scripted) MSM spewing mass confusion & chaos obscuring legitimate votes, delaying final count, obstructing verification until no longer relevant. Demonic-rats getting desperate w/ obvious reputation for deception & fraud clearly seen over past decades. Protect & Defend US Constitutional Republic against Enemies Foreign & Domestic! Go w/ Voter ID! Be correctly informed. Participate every way you can. Solution on the table. Sanctify the People’s Vote!

Obviously; Forensic Science is a dead give-away! You either do the science or you don’t. If you don’t then you are obviously complicit w/ the crime. The preponderance of ‘errors’ ‘glitches’ ‘adjudication’ prerogatives with no oversight or ‘paper trail’ are obvious ‘indirect’ indicators of premeditated coordinated election / voter fraud. The perps are obviously hiding behind complicit premeditated smokescreen of MSDNC [DS] (scripted) MSM Mockingbird Fake News Propaganda memes. Common sense forensic logic smokes this fakery out! The magnitude of this fraud makes the case in all venues.

Nancy’s House demonic-rats worship the socialist ‘debt slave’ principle – a Ponzi scheme monetary system – endless fiat currency ‘printing presses’ backed by taxation. Remember the ‘Boston Tea Party?” – same Crown financial principalities involved here. Tax and more tax until Constitutional America ‘drys up’ and blows away into the wind like desert sands….. Who do we owe this debt to? It’s all Fed ‘funny money’ now – the ‘debt’ is meaningless. Might as well press the spending power of the fiat dollar until it finally hits the proverbial wall. “What difference, at this point, does it make?” The ‘Debt’ is /was/always will be illegitimate. Why belabor the issue?

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