Now the question is = is the mRNA ‘vaccine’ (once injected) (see Messenger RNA) going to be inherited from mother to child? Did DJT (and family) receive ‘the shots’ fully knowing the biological and genetic science and consequences behind it? My judgment to take the mRNA shots is that everyone in my family & circle of friends felt it a compassionate ‘duty’ to corall me into getting it; I figured that if the shots were going to be harmful to them – and I couldn’t convince them otherwise (as they were passionately brainwashed by the MSM and Medical Establishment) – that it would then harm me as well – myself being in my 70’s with end of life drawing near what difference would it make? I’m not going to pass it on to any decedents at this stage so ‘what the hell’ anyway. We’ll be a ‘test tube’ case to see what happens in the months to come. What I do see is mRNA ‘vaccine’ will ultimately serve the same function as AIDS for ‘Population and Depopulation’ controlled by the Globalists. Once Infected – the ‘Trans human’ agenda then goes forward with it’s ‘selective vaccines’ which will be genetically engineered to prolong inoculated peoples’ lives (those chosen who can afford it) in the hands of the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries at their Satanic ‘master’s discretion. This is precisely what is happening throughout the world today.

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