These malignant demonic-rats must consider every conceivable way of evil – cheating and deception – lying and slander – seems this demonic way of thinking is in their psychopathic blood. Projecting and Gaslighting all their own crimes and treason onto their political targets.

The demonic-rats have everything to hide that’s why they are perpetually devoid of any common sense.

Re: Robert Mueller = 9/11 was obviously ‘preplanned’ event. An ‘inside’ job. Bush Jr. presidency was obviously contrived to suit. A thoroughly bad act!

Joe Biden is a criminally demented psycho-political [DS] puppet – a nutcase demonic-rat – illegitimate to the core. It’s axiomatic and just common sense.

Nancy Pelosi is a criminally demented drunken psycho-political psychopath. That about sums it up. The quintessential demonic-rat. Evil agenda to the core.

When Rachel Madcow or the propaganda rag Newsweak speak, the truth is the opposite of what these liars for profit (dwindling) say.

Re: Lori Lightfoot = Standard definition of a criminal psycho-political psychopath. They’re the MSDNC ‘chosen ones’. The Chicago Mob mindset…..

By now is should be unequivocally clear that the demonic-rat’s ‘demon-speak’ is 100% Psycho-Projection endlessly regurgitated with (CNN & MSDNC styled) Mockingbird ‘Fake News’ Press Network Gaslighting – rhetorically convoluted MSM saturating public mindsets with a completely inverted ‘virtual reality’ viewed on ubiquitous TV sets; this is tactical misinformation psychological warfare facilitating other forms of 5Gen warfare.

CNN (along with all the MSDNC MSM network media) Worse than ‘Fake News’ – with [DS] scripted Mockingbirds is Propaganda personified with MK-Ultra styled Mass Mind Control. What you see is what you get!

The MSM curtain of Occult Deception must be removed along with its dominant deceptions. Full Disclosure is a matter of perception. The average person is being blinded and mass mind controlled by the MSM apparatus. Once this mass deception apparatus is taken down the people will be able to see with some common sense – axiomatically.

The January 6th Capital ‘riot’ was a premeditated false flag perpetrated by MSDNC design using BLM and ANTIFA agent provocateurs to incite violence. Investigate that….. axiomatically.

Full Disclosure must Occur so that the People can Act to Preserve the American Way of Life when the inevitable ELE’s happen. The Billionaire Globalists Elite and their Aristocratic Royal Masters want to preserve their psycho-criminal way of life at the expense of the entire human population.

The Left’s megaphone is the MSM Mockingbird [DS] scripted propaganda fake news and mass mind control apparatus. The MSM Disinformation Gaslighting Press and all its deceptive affiliates must be shut down and replaced with EBS Real News and Critical Public Information. Forensic facts and the Truth must be disclosed so that People understand the Common Sense reality with a Common Purpose to fully Restore the Republic according to the Constitution.

Just another criminal judge. Seems the country is infested with criminal judges. Going to take a massive ‘cleanup’ – Got to start the ‘cleanup’ with the MSM Mockingbird Disinformation Fake News so the People have the Real News and Forensic information so well reasoned legitimate Constitutional Common Sense can rule the day…..

Military Intel knows what the Truth is. The DoD is tasked with defending the Constitutional Republic against all Enemies both Foreign and Domestic. The Enemy insurgency has gone far enough – it is time for the DoD to Act on behalf of the People and the Nation. Anything less is treason.

The Enemy of this Nation is attacking across myriad dynamics. Where is the DOD? DOD knows what the deal is. It’s time for the DOD to Act in defense of The People and the Nation! There won’t be a country to wax historic about if this Enemy isn’t stopped dead in its tracks……. MSM Mockingbird brainwashing propaganda ‘Fake News’ (disinformation) with censorship of critical facts and all Enemy mind control venues need to be axed as a primary target.

Re: Colonial Pipeline Hack = It’s an ‘inside job’ like 9/11. Form (cause) follows function (purpose) in forensic discovery = Green New Deal Marxist Terrorism!

So, the question remains – is Pence a ‘turncoat’ or was he just playing his part? The ongoing treason is palpable – Military Intelligence must at least know what I know (and so much more) if Truth and Justice is the ‘Order of the Day’ then it’s past time for the DOD (Military) to Act!

He’s being ‘investigated’ (like where have we heard that before right?) A very ‘lucid’ speaker telling it like it is from a military perspective. This marxist infiltration has to be exposed and stopped. Marxism is a premeditated anti-godly method for canceling cultural heritage so as to institute a Satanic ‘aristocratic’ tyranny that ultimately enslaves the people.

Dear Joe – ‘ultimately’ those who are frauds and illegitimate will be ‘paying the price’ for their treason and criminality.

Am staying tuned but this ‘soonest’ is stretching credibility. What the people are seeing is an ever increasing complicity of evil. Lot of ‘collateral damage’ being done on an incomprehensible magnitude. Leadership is critical. Where’s the DOD?

Portrait of a Psychopath (demon possessed – for real!) Need to identify the whole demonic host of them as they’ve become ‘iconic’ figures in the present reality matrix.

The Enemy of this Nation is attacking across myriad dynamics. Where is the DOD? It’s time to Act in defense of The People! There won’t be a country to wax historic about if this Enemy isn’t stopped dead in its tracks…….

It’s necessary and vital American Citizens see these [DS] psycho-political creatures for what they really are and what they really represent!

Michelle Obama = A disgusting demonic-rat creature with the malignant scowling affectation attitude that has been mimicked amongst her entire MSM Mockingbird constituencies. As if these disgusting facial deformities hold any real world credibility?

We are in a war and these acts cyber attacks on infrastructure in kind; like the Fire-storming in California and the Snow-storming in Texas with biological (CV19 + mRNA) and psychological (MSM Mockingbirds) along with violent riots (BLM / ANTIFA) Soros ‘color revolutions’ and with totally rigged elections – are the [DS] weapons of choice.

“The internet, our greatest tool of emancipation, has been transformed into the most dangerous facilitator of totalitarianism we have ever seen. The internet is a threat to human civilization.” ― Julian Assange


⚠️ There is a pandemic far worse than any virus that has ever afflicted man consuming America, and it is called the modern Democrats.


➡️ @ProudAmericann

The MSM CIA Network News Scripted Propaganda Press CNN MSNBC ABC CBS Fox PBS NPR NYT WaPo and Related Magazines and Websites Operation Mockingbird

President Trump and his loyal supporters aren’t the problem. We aren’t racist, fascist, nazis, or whatever else the leftist wish to call us. We are people of many races, diversities and, colors. We honor our country and constitution. We value our rights to liberty and freedom…


🆔 @TheDonaldUS

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