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Kamala is a malignant criminal psychopath. She has a criminal mind and thinks in criminal ways. Nothing she says is either true or legitimate. She needs to be removed and prosecuted for her crimes and treason. Her words and issues are criminally insane.

DOJ is corrupt and treasonous to its core. It’s an enemy agent of the demonic-rats who have weaponized it along with the FBI to carry out their criminal affairs.

Trump Won 2020 Big Time. Exposing and Arresting all the criminals who orchestrated election rigging voter fraud and ‘The Steal’ is what must be addressed as priority #1 – setting the groundwork for fair future elections is the target for 2022 mid terms – preparing for 2024 is an ongoing process.

George Orwell’s ‘Ministry of Truth’ censorship in real time actions. NAZI Ministry of Propaganda misinformation in real time actions = You Tube Facebook Twitter MSDNC Mockingbird ‘Official’ Disinformation Public Mind Control Networks – today we have it all!

Wherever there’s exponential crime and murder – there’s demonic-rats in charge – demonic-rats are a tyrannical criminal mob that fosters crime murder and mayhem wherever it goes.

Because ANTIFA and BLM are Nancy’s terrorists and peaceful patriots demonstrating that Nancy’s criminal syndicates rigged and stole the 2020 Election so of course Wrap Up Smearing Nancy’s J6 false flag op was a set up to terrorize patriots who know about her treason and crimes. Right now there are 500 POWs in psycho Nancy’s prison camps.

Rockefeller Foundations Well since they are creating these viruses and vaccines in their mad doctor labs I guess they would have some predictions eh?

Kamala. The evil queen of voter suppression speaks of herself. Whatever these demonic-rats claim is a clear projection of themselves and their nefarious agenda. It’s a rule of thumb for understanding this demonic Marxist malignancy.

Black identifying as what? A Marxist mindless zombie malignancy? Can’t make a viable people out of these psycho-criminals. These demonic creatures need to find some other planet to vandalize. 

Of course he did sweethearts. This is what these criminal demonic-rats do at the citizens’ expense. Psycho-political insider trading join Nancy’s family and get rich quick! All the demonic-rats are doing it…..

Unfortunately the FBI won’t be dropping the right pages only an avalanche of confusion to obscure the truth and forensic facts. Like JFK and 9/11 – precedents – all a pack of lies is what you’ll get from the FBI. They seek out the truth tellers and then ‘suicide’ them to bury the real evidence…..

This is what criminal demonic-rats do – they target the truth and truth tellers because their entire Satanic power center is based upon their lies and deceptions. 

The Satanic Evil of Demonic-rats knows no boundaries – we are obviously in a psychological and spiritual war to the death as the blood and destitution of all the ages lies at the feet of these demonic creatures – so we must expect false flags of the worst kind in store – like we haven’t seen nothing yet! When the Storm of the Ages makes landfall everyone will know it!

Demonic-rats – can you believe the twisted criminal mindset of these psycho-political creatures? They all went to the same school of marxist indoctrination – how to lie and deceive the people with their criminally malignant hidden agendas.

Criminally demented traitor Pedo Joe is an obscenity – an insult and international embarrassment to America and American Citizens. 

Satan is the Grand Master of Kamala’s Marxist Psycho-Political Deception. 

Portrait of a cornered demonic-rat criminally entangled in her own lies and treason

Pedo Joe is criminally insane.  Any statement by Pedo Joe is a reflection of his criminal insanity. Period. There’s no common sense anywhere to be found in anything Pedo Joe does or says.  He can’t even make sense out of his treasonous Obama script.

By their message you will know their true colors. 

The ‘Virus’ is a psy-op to mind control the people into getting the mRNA vaccination. These WHO mRNA Vaccinations are for Global Population Control and ‘Genetically Selective’ Controlled Depopulation. The promoted ‘Virus’ is not the object of these vaccinations. The Vatican (and the Crown) considers the human population to be an ‘environmental disease’ and these WHO vaccinations are the ultimate cure. This is Fact. mRNA is a HIV (AIDS) death serum designed to debilitate the natural biological human immune system. The people need to understand this.

History of the world is filled with discredited prophets. Donald Trump is the President it’s just taking the rest of America a certain increment of time coming to realize it. So, the rest is just playing mind games to pass that increment of time I guess. We are amidst the most extra-ordinary time in human history and it’s a vast complexity of ‘issues’ at hand. The time it’s taking  is a measure of a vast complexity of issues being reconciled by the Trump Administration.

Needed throughout all the states and internationally – this is an international ring of deception focused on foreign manipulation of elections. There are myriad other avenues of deception but this is a most critical one geopolitically and for our nation.

The ‘Darkest Days’ are just beginning for you Psaki as well for all you psycho-twisted demonic-rats. The Truth is your undoing and the Truth is appropriately coming out…..

Hollywood and MSM Mockingbirds mind controlling illusions are imprisoning the public mind in a subjective prison of false beliefs. This is apparently their Job #1. Promoting The Celebrity Role Model Reality is an operation of programming and controlling public mindsets with scripted self-delusions of a manifesting matrix becoming of the godless artificial world we find ourselves now living in. One must ‘deconstruct’ this MSM [DS] Trance State Reality in their process of ‘waking up’!

ET technology has been the rule for at least 500,000 years. What you mean is the occult veil is now coming down and an awakening to the real facts of reality is being exposed. The truth is timeless. Awakening to the truth is a moment in time. A ‘coming of age’ for the human mindset.

The cold blooded murderer of Ashli Babbitt is ID’d and must be brought to justice. Any demonic-rat agency covering for this homicidal psychopath is complicit with Ashli Babbitt’s murderer. Doesn’t get any simpler than this.

Criminally Demented Pedo Joe Biden is a pathetic insult to everything American.

Thy shall not bear false witness shall be the abiding law of the land!

This is where all the environmental pollution is coming from. Eliminate these monolithic corporations and the global environmental conditions will resolve – naturally.

It would be far simpler to just eliminate Tlaib one would think – then no more problem!

Seems there is a lot of Crown CCP WHO influence in Peru – watch the fake news and statistics on this one! They want to take Wuhan off the hook and out of the spotlight!

Current ‘government’ is not the constitutional government – it’s a criminal traitorous impostor. A Crown infiltrated tyranny that must be fully exposed and routed to justice.

The Devil made criminally demented Pedo Joe ‘do it’….. whispered a little something in his ear….. Fed counterfeit money given to illegal immigrants considered as a loan repayable by American taxpaying citizens. Hey – makes perfect nonsense to me!

The Demonic-Rat’s MSDNC Mockingbird Projection Gaslighting Gas-baggers Club and little dirty dirty herself is leaving… oh my!

The Devil made criminally demented Pedo Joe ‘do it’….. whispered a little something in his ear….. Fed counterfeit money given to illegal immigrants considered as a loan repayable by American taxpaying citizens. Hey – makes perfect nonsense to me! 

Rachel Madcow MSDNC Mockingbird is absolutely disgusting demonic-rat – it’s all about the money to these twisted little criminal psychopaths. They sell America and Humanity out for blood and small change…..

Of course Georgie knows his daddy’s agents planted those ‘explosives’ and staged his 9/11 False Flag Operation. This little moronic traitor knows full well it wasn’t the little upside down billy goat that did it!

Original Social Media are DARPA projects and belong to The People. Need to be returned to the The People. Need to be extricated from the Crown’s MIC (Deep State) apparatus.

Pandemic of Collective Insanity spreading exponentially into a totally crazy planet. Crazy is as crazy does. Crazy is obviously self-destructive – spreading crazy is psycho-politics (marxism) by design. These ‘spreaders’ are the disease and the virus. 

Where does this obscenity get off? They are about ‘converting your’ children? Upon who’s authority? They are malignantly marxist psychologically deranged demonic-rats profane little tyrants that are a direct menace to a moral ethical constitutional free and viable civil society. Period. What to do with them is the question?

Another Clinton Foundation (Hillary) hit job – blood trail – body count. How many is it now? Hillary’s goon squad for hire – anybody?

Lack of common sense cooperation is the clearest indicator of corruption = cover-up of complicity = with criminal and treasonous activity = must be exposed!

Criminally demented Pedo Joe is utterly incoherent – just an obamanation puppet who can even read an Obama script intelligently.

It’s time for this obamanation to end! It’s time for this tyranny of lies and deceptions to end! It’s time!

Malignant Marxist dialectic psycho-politics diabolically finding conflict with every insidious twist orchestrated to destroy preexisting cultural and social heritage. In one word it’s sick!

Going after these CLOWNS will be interesting but it’s really the ‘Ring Masters’ who are orchestrating these deep state psychopathic puppets. Bring the Invisible Enemy to light!

COVID19 can be whatever you want it to be. A geopolitical scan with a diarrhea of fake news stories – whatever floats your boat!

It doesn’t go back to China – it goes back to the Crown – China is just a surrogate power block for the Crown’s geopolitical agenda. The Crown has been doing this for centuries.

Demonic-rat Stacey Abrams is an election rigging voter fraud ring leader. Should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Microwaving destroys the food. Period. It corrupts and destroys the living crystalline structure of the food. The living crystalline structure of the food is what ‘communicates’ nutrition to the living body. There is extremely vivid scientific evidence of this fact.

Get the Feds out of The People’s lands – return lands grabbed by the Feds to the States and The People where it rightfully belongs.

Apple is obstructing functionality of videos and comments and has infected iPads with this for some time now. You detect it when using other platforms and devices that aren’t so infected. It’s very obvious now.

Facebook Twitter You Tube Apple Amazon Wiki CNN ABC NBC CBS MSM all Fake News Mockingbirds MSDNC PBS NYT WaPo Time Fake Newsweek is (are) acting out NAZI (CIA Deep State) Style Ministry of Propaganda with Censorship of Public Information – shows you exactly where ‘they’ are at. Facebook (et’al) all need to be legally condemned and sued for every penny plus its MSDNC handlers prosecuted for their premeditated treason. 

Kamala is an obscene little marxist psycho-political worm – a criminal and a traitor – a deep state imposter fake. Her time of reckoning is at hand……

What You Tube doesn’t have a disinformation notice on this – oh my! No ‘fact checking’ the exact wording and spirit of the US Constitution? No misdirections to manipulated fake news and Wiki misinformation? No more 1st Amendment Censorship of Free and Honest Speech? Leaves one speechless……

Criminally demented Pedo Joe’s handlers (Clinton Obama) want an international flap to distract from the 2020 rigged election audits forensic evidence. There will be more ‘sets ups’ and ‘false flags’ in store.

Portrait of crazed malignant marxist mind controlled psychopath. This is a grotesque demonic-rat.

Demonic-rats and their RINO stooges lie. Lying is the essence of their marxist psycho-political ‘science’.

Another Hillary and Bill Clinton Foundation blood trail….. how many is it now?

What’s been presented so far is a cold blooded murderer who is being covered by the deep state operatives that staged this false flag event. ID the murderer and prosecute 1st degree.

Wiki is a deep state mass brainwashing mind control media – laden with censorship of real facts and promoter of fake facts and corrupting information deep state revised histories. It must be replaced with real facts, real history and common sense asap!

Nobody wants or even likes marxist demonic-rat Kamala – she’s sneaking in through the backdoor after being entirely complicit with stealing the 2020 Election for Criminally demented Pedo Joe. She knows that everything about her administration is a fraud and treason. 

Anyone denying the truth of it is ‘in on it’ obviously – common sense would ‘indicate’ that.

Of course they did – they’re all premeditatedly complicit with the MSDNC orchestrated election rigging and voter fraud.

The WHO enemy is within the gates spreading bio-genetic toxins to permanently disable the troops. 

Get all these Crown demonic-rats (CLOWNS) in one place and pack them into an ‘Evergreen’ shipping container bound for hell. Then make sure it arrives at destination!

WHO Vaccinations for Global Population Control and Genetically Selective Controlled Depopulation – Vatican considers the human population to be an environmental disease and WHO vaccinations is the ultimate cure. Is Fact. 

Orchestrated by the Crown. Let’s put the quintessential ‘Third Party’ behind all of this chaos in the public spotlight. It’s time to free all the sovereign nations of the world from this perennial scourge. 

All these malignant marxist zombie demonic-rats belong in a prison for the criminally insane because that’s precisely what they are – criminally insane. Psychotics. A pandemic of mental illness. 

We are in the War of Wars. This is how it’s being waged. 5Gen warfare MSM Mockingbird psy-ops with WHO mRNA depopulation weather wars with artificially induced Climate Change with legions of marxist Color Revolution zombies orchestrated by Crown criminal psychopaths in high places. Know thy enemy!

BLM and ANTIFA are deep state (CIA / FBI) operations where righteous American Patriots will be demonized for defending Americans against these demonic-rat zombies. That’s the deep state’s game worldwide. Soros Marxist Color Revolutions where evil is good and good is evil.

This is the enemy of the people – instigating race wars for the Crown. These malignant marxist demonic-rats don’t realize they are being played by the most sinister power on the planet. Those who are awake now can see it as these Globalist zombies take the congressional stage.

NPR is racist content. A good match for MSM Mockingbirds. Same Soro’s backing.

That’s what demonic-rats do – they cackle and riot. It’s a sure sign of what’s really up!

They are responsible to The People who elected them on their professed merits. Secret Societies and Affiliations are nothing short of Treason and a Deceptive Agenda that’s not in The People’s best interests……
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