Front Page.8

Front Page.8

Joe and Kamala are criminals who cheated with the 2020 MSDNC Rigged Election. People are waking up to that and the consequences of having these criminals at the helm of our country.

Truth is a Divine principle. It exposes all the liars and deceivers as well as reveals the Divine Reality. Thank God for the Truth! Without the truth all would be lost……

Re: FDA. So…… how are they going to ‘reconcile’ this one now that all the damage is a done deal? This is a crime against humanity and those responsible for it must face Nuremberg justice……

The demonic-rats cheated they know they cheated Joe and Kamala know they cheated MSDNC MSM scripted Mockingbirds know they cheated and now an ever increasing percentage of the public both domestic and foreign is knowing that they cheated. So now when does the lightning strike?

Criminally demented DS puppet Biden doesn’t know who where or what he is – needs his handlers to ‘whisper in his ear’ what he should do next. The man is criminally insane and mentally incapacitated. Like a mindless zombie ghost …..

Demonic-rats cultivate a social environment filled with malignant mindless clueless zombies. That’s the kind of social order marxist demonic-rats cultivate to project their satanic power over the people.

There is more to the heart than artificial devices – artificial heart means artificial person = a robot = Archon = AI. I’d be very careful about this trend……

She deserves it. The People are getting wise to these tricks and deceptions – her pretentious undertones reveal a subtle contempt for the truth and the people.

It’s about election integrity Katie – even though integrity isn’t a word in your vocabulary. It’s about routing the criminals (demonic rats) that rigged and scammed the election – it’s about bringing justice against criminals (felons) that scammed the election knowing full well that President Trump (We the People) Won the election with a landslide victory yet to be reported.

MSDNC MSM Mockingbird TV & Radio with Hollywood styled celebrities movies & music staring demonic-rats with marxist ‘dialectic’ psycho-political idiocies are on display broadcasting scripted fake news propaganda and slander everywhere the public goes at home, in their cars, on public transportation, in stores and in malls, in commercial, official, and hospital waiting rooms. Truth, forensic facts, scientific logic and common sense is being censored and maligned – all traces back to one source. Identify its source and the whole psycho-political show disintegrates with exposure.

The marxist left doesn’t deal with anything rational. It ‘opposes’ scientific logic, forensic facts, and common sense. The left is a psycho-political operation – like Soro’s Color Revolutions and Open Society – it’s all about a nefarious agenda.

Clear evidence of DEWs used in California fires – see the remains of Paradise. Artificially Facilitated Climate Change – in politics – especially psycho-politics – nothing happens ‘by accident’ – if it happens it was planned to happen and then made operational.

FBI lies to the public – about everything. Lied about JFK. Lied about 9/11. Lies now about J6. The FBI is a politicized criminal syndicate just like the Fed IRS and marxist demonic-rats and RINOs. Lying is just a fact of their life in American psycho-politics.

Pelosi is just as disgusting as Schumer in every nuance of the word. She must be removed before she causes anymore damage to the Republic.

Fauci’s mRNA bioweapon will kill you so there’s no need to be worried about a pseudo virus of any ‘variant’ killing you because you’re already a dead person walking if you got the mRNA ‘vaccine’. Sounds like something Herr Doctor Fauci might have said!

Biden is a criminally demented incoherent puppet whose presence is becoming untenable even for his marxist handlers. He is an insult and embarrassment (by design) to American Heritage; is obviously mentally unfit for any office.

The demons (demonic-rats) are legion. Like a psychic plague this zombie madness is infiltrating and infecting everything. Demons are real and exposed promoted by MSM Mockingbirds and Hollywood – this psychosis and obvious mental illness and insanity is corrupting every aspect of American Heritage by marxist design.

Demonic-rats learned how to project their crimes onto their political targets and then gaslight propaganda with their twisted Marxist logic. They all went to the same psycho-political science school that the Obama’s went to. They learn to lie and then continuously lie about their lies with more lies laden with an incessantly incoherent zombie rhetoric.

I want to know who’s orchestrating this act of bio-psychological warfare – all these legions of psycho-political puppets are getting their talking points from the same source. WHO is it?

Nancy’s ‘Capitol Rioters’ were factually BLM and ANTIFA agent provocateurs – just another wrap up smearing Nancy’s False Flag Ops! Now 500 Peaceful Patriot rally people who were ‘invited’ into the Capitol by the Capitol Police are being treated like Gitmo POWs – just ask wrap up smearing false flag orchestrating Nancy – she and ‘her’ complicit FBI know what the real deal is…..

Herr Doctor Fauci is right on the Crown Globalist WHO script. Cure for the virus (any version) is to take Herr Doctor Fauci out (of the picture). Fauci and all his malignantly prefabricated bull-shit needs to be removed and silenced. Then we will be free of this lying psychopath’s nightmare.

Psaki: This creature doesn’t know how to be honest. It’s all about deception. It’s an obscene little ‘disinformation’ puppet – that’s all that Biden Admin has to offer to the public – misinformation fake news false flags and wrap up smearing slander. That’s it!

The only pandemic we have is the incessant incoherent verbal diarrhea that is coming out of criminally demented Pedo Joes mouth and the MSDNC Mockingbirds that keep regurgitating it.

Rachel Mad-Cow is a CLOWN and this is what CLOWNs do. I’m sure she gets paid extremely well for her CLOWN show. She’s doing her psychopathic ‘acting out’ thing and getting paid for it. It’s psychotic and there’s no common sense getting entangled in her craziness.

I think it should be very obvious that Joe Biden is a premeditated distraction – a CLOWN show to misdirect the public mindsets. The Crown must find Joe the Joker a royal’s comic relief – a total insult and embarrassment to international and domestic perception of the Office of the President of the United States – as intended.

All the photos of this demonic-rat have the facial profile of someone who is stark raving mad. We’re waiting with baited breathe for her imminent ‘psychotic break’ moment!

Well grand-daddy Rockefeller had his little tricycle when got the senile virus; so Jeff Bozos has his 50’s style ‘Rocket Ship’ – what’s the difference when you got the senile virus – right? This is a better engineered senile virus variant today – high-tech….. same psychopathic profile…..

Go home Joe – to wherever that was 150 years ago. Just go there now and disappear from the current scene. You don’t belong here Joe – you’re a criminally incoherent demented imposter. Just go back to where you feel you belong……

It’s the delinquent 2yo – “NO!” routine. That’s the level of mentality of it – obviously a criminal coverup……

It’s not about you Joe – it’s about the demons possessing you Joe. It’s about all those voices in your head Joe. It’s about your incoherent criminal dementia Joe. Face it Joe – you’re just crazy.

With marxist zombie AOC her malignant confusion (inherently a mental condition or incapacity) is YOUR fault – whoever YOU are (she’s targeting/ projecting) – in other words insanity. She’s crazy – so how does one respond to such craziness?

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