CV19 mRNA Op

CV19/21 with mRNA is long patented genetically sequenced bio-weapon R&D (like AIDS HIV) is apparently a ‘marker virus’ (control) for tracing & tracking this bio-psy-op MSM Production. But that’s not the ‘politically correct’ storyline so the publicity data is skewed for effect. Worked in MMC back in the 80’s when first AIDS cases reported. Find a copy of ‘State Origin’ for the R&D on AIDS. Trained in NBC Warfare DC & Decontamination Procedures in USN circa 1969 – contact w/AO Vietnam 1970. Followed CV research to date. It’s crystal clear to me! Much published on this subject over the years. Ref “State Origin: The Evidence of the Laboratory Birth of AIDS” is lawyer Boyd E. Graves’ first book providing critical historical review of a formerly secret federal virus development initiative called, ‘The U.S. Special Virus Program’. Followed Original ‘chain of R&D. CV19/21 is not the end of it! It’s now all about the genetic ‘Kill Switch’ mRNA ‘vaccine’ and global human depopulation in-progress.

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