Clint Eastwood

I honestly think at this point I am done with talking about the “specifics of the virus.” It’s all inconsequential, and a giant smoke screen when you get right down to it. “COVID” has NEVER killed anyone. You have been endlessly LIED to.

Let’s call a Spade for what it is…For all intents, and purposes “COVlD” is NOT a virus at all, but an acronym.

C = Certificate.

O = Of.

V = Vaccination.

ID = Identification.

19 in the alpha numeric is “AI or Artificial Intelligence.

The “virus” that causes “COVID” has NEVER even been isolated. Not one time. So, as of right now, and as far as I’m concerned, it DOES NOT EXIST.

How is it that they claim “Over 500k people have died from COVID” yet, in 2018 over 800k people died from respiratory illnesses…Then, force a BULLSHIT narrative that this is the “deadliest pandemic” in 100 years. I say, where are all the dead homeless people?!

It’s very clear what happened here, the flu, and other respiratory diseases were rebranded to “COVID” to scare the hell out of people so they wouldn’t have hesitation injecting themselves with a poison jab, FAR more deadly than any flu.

It is the MOST diabolical plan of all time.

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