Today’s Headlines.2

DHS ‘False Flag Early Warning System’ – September is the Season for Treason. Do not fall into their Trap! Remember J6! Be Smart; be Prepared! Notice DHS doesn’t mention the Southern Border Crisis which is in fact an ongoing active Major Terrorist Attack. Impostor Biden administration aiding abetting and sponsoring the Enemies of Our Nation.

First of all Know Your Enemy. Your Enemy is the Crown since 1776. The World has not changed in that regard. The days of willful ignorance are over. It’s not Russia, it’s not China, it’s not the Taliban. It’s the Crown just as it has been for centuries.

Re: The VAX: How about that a Naval Commander with some common sense! The VAX is a genocidal Kill Shot. We might call this The Shot Heard Round The World. It’s creators and sponsors need to be shot. People are waking up and rising up against this Crown globalist travesty.

Re: Afghanistan: CIA / MI6 created a terrorist monster and as history will have it sovereign nations of the world need to put that monster back in it’s cave after decades of destruction injury and death. The whole world is watching!

Afghanistan debacle is not for absolutely nothing. Crown Globalist MIC interrelated war corporations and banks made trillions off of this arrangement over the past two decades. The ‘B’ in Biden stands for blundering fool. but, of course, Pedo Joe is just a puppet whose puppet master (?) is pulling Joey’s strings – for malignantly insidious reasons – of that we can be certain.

Maybe the DOD will now focus on the real Enemy of The American People and the real Enemy of The American Way of Life; an Enemy represented by the Criminal Imposter JB in the WH? Joe Biden is that Enemy personified. Joe Biden is an Obama aka Clinton puppet. Should be clear enough now to MI. Time for a critical ‘redirect’ in DOD targets. I would say!

Re: Demonic-Rats: These scum are utterly brainwashed malignantly indoctrinated and mind controlled marxist zombies. They don’t know how to be anything else. They think they are the ‘New Normal’ yet they are all atheists – which means they have no common sense at all. You cannot convince these braindead ‘liberals’ that anything beyond their pathological ideology even exists. Just ask AOC!

Demonic-rat narratives are 100% projection. That’s how malignant marxists think. They accuse everyone else of what they themselves are in order to direct the MSM Mockingbird public perception away from their criminal activities. Does it work?

Pelosi is a drunken megalomanic criminally demented psychopath. She’s criminally insane – psychotic – traitor – betrayer – instigator. Anyone with some common sense can see what she is.

Re: J6: Lindsey Graham bloody well knows what happened. He either stands up and tells it like it is or he’s complicit with Nancy’s J6 Op. There’s no in-betweens. Either the truth or another continuation of his lies and double-dealings.

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