Today’s Headlines.4

Joe’s puppet masters [HRC BHO….] intend to wreak as much destruction and distraction as they can before their treason is exposed and their house of cards comes crashing down. It’s by design and it reveals their high treason by any Constitutional standard.

Profits Profits Profits Profit off WHO lab created genocidal vaccines from their lab viruses while they pillage the diseased autism suffering disabling and dying of every cent their infected people are worth at the citizen taxpayer’s expense. That’s the success story of Big Pharma and Healthcare Industry #1 on the AMEX.

The American Public that gets it’s daily dose of propaganda from MSDNC MSM Mockingbird mass mind controlling zombie fried faked news is devoid of any common sense. The stats only show the degree of mindlessness.

Correct the 2020 Election NOW (all States)or the Taliban will be on the MSDNC’s next ticket / ballot (if it’s not already the case!)

Don’t use a microwave – it makes a toxic chemical mess of any radiated foods (and drinks – it destroys the natural crystalline symmetry of water)

Some TV mogul should make a soap opera As the WH Turns or something – get all these treasonous criminal psychopathic liars squabbling about their daily episodes ‘moves’ on the Grand Chessboard of current events.

And make sure all of Bye-den’s clones are included in the deal!

That’s Good News …… Newsom belongs in Folsom Prison.

My the Taliban can Tweet but the President [19] is banned from Twitter for being a Patriot? Tells you all you need to know about Twitter and its CEO!

When you ban Trump, or Britain First, but allow the Taliban, you are a criminal traitor!

@DigitalNukes ☢️

Criminally demented Joe’s puppet masters (?) [HRC / BHO] premeditated treason. All are Enemy #1 of America and the American People. There are no accidents; this Treason is by design.

That’s right Kamala time to go on a holiday (at the citizen’s expense) to spread your malignant lies around after setting psycho-political fires in America and burning American interests at home and abroad. Way to go Kamala.

The VAX is a genocidal ‘Kill Shot’ and anyone who is promoting it advocating it mandating forcing it is complicit with premeditated mass genocide. That’s the bottom line. All the rest is orchestrated cognitive dissonance by design.

It’s the ‘Jab’ that’s making people sick – the COVID ‘test’ is a fraud. I guess if you’re not getting sick from the first two ‘Jabs’ then the booster ‘Jab’ will make you sick or another and another and another?

Joe Biden is a puppet, a prop, mindlessly so incoherent he can’t even read his own scripts – so it wasn’t Joe’s decision to blow up Afghanistan – it was premeditated by whoever is pulling Joe’s puppet strings – along with all the consequences that followed. This isn’t an accident – it is deliberate and controlled by Joe’s puppet masters. It’s a trigger event for all that is to now follow. There’s a satanic logic to this; a critically significant ‘Chess Move’ on the Crown Globalist’s Grand Chessboard.

Joe Biden is a criminally demented mentally incapacitated mindlessly incoherent basket case. He’s responsible for what? Save yourself some bs time and taxpayer’s $. This is what went wrong in Afghanistan: Here’s who you are working for Gen Milley: Joe Biden Kamala Harris don’t care about the human tragedy anywhere theirs is totally criminal self interest. C’mon man Joe and Hunter made deals with Xi Jinping and the CCP (and Russia too) this is what it’s all about. It’s a sell out. Expect Taiwan to be sold out next. One must wonder what Joe and Hunter’s commissions are from these deals? We’re talking 1st degree treason here as a matter of fact! Dress that up any way you feel right Gen Milley. You think MI doesn’t know this for years now? You are obviously complicit with this treason.

Re: J6: Lindsey Graham bloody well knows what happened. He either stands up and tells it like it is or he’s complicit with Nancy’s J6 False Flag Op utilizing FBI ANTIFA BLM and her Capital Police agent provocateurs. There’s no in-betweens. Either the truth or another continuation of his lies and double-dealings. Lindsey is a traitor aka DS scumbag.

The People of the World can now see how grotesque these demonic elite really are. Worldwide wake up call. These satanic creatures are the Enemy of The People – those that follow them and obey with their satanic tyranny are mind controlled zombies. Makes for a clear distinction! Premeditated genocide – these obscene creatures are demonic – promoting and compelling mass sterilization disease and death to children and their parents. Wake Up People! This is Holocaust 2020 knocking at your door! The VAX is a Kill Shot heard round the world. These MSM demons must be exorcised post haste!

It becomes obvious that the current discussions play out upon the infiltrated rhetoric that is in-vogue according to MSM Mockingbird mass Mind Controlling Fake News and Propaganda ‘implanted’ False Reality storylines – which is malignant nonsense from A-Z. But the mass social media talk talk (babbling) goes on until the crazy shit really hits the fan of hardcore forensic reality. The Truth is beyond all of this secular dramatization. The People need the Truth not a shit-pile of nonsensical confusions. We are waiting on the unadulterated Truth for Operational Unity. Bring it on already!

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