Today’s Headlines.5

Of course this Afghanistan debacle was planned. The MSM and Social Media spins things six ways to Tuesday and there’s cognitive dissonance splattering everywhere. But, yes it was planned. But not by Joe Biden who’s a mentally incapacitated puppet who couldn’t even make a plan for climbing a set of stairs without stumbling & falling down.

Maricopa County is criminally insane. Seems to be a job requirement for these demonic-rats.

Just another venue for selective genocide – for the depopulation agenda. Afghanistan is going to be a torturous bloodbath of the people there.

Zombie fried demonic-rats spew out the same malignant marxist mantras. Braindead mindless psychotic satanic minions – just the way the demons want humanity to be.

This bias of demonizing China CCP is either an instigation for war with China or a misdirection. China CCP is a surrogate for the Crown Globalists who are fundamentally staging geopolitical conflict zones according a formula or equation for ‘Balance of Power’ in the Crown’s Globalist geopolitical orchestrations playing out upon the ‘Grand Chessboard’ of the World. So Biden is not taking orders from China exactly – he’s taking orders from the Crown via the China CCP which is a Crown Globalist proxy. We are engaged with the same real world enemy since 1776. The truth will dictate that sooner or later the real Enemy will be revealed worldwide.

Psycho’s promoting and coercing the ‘Kill Shot’ – criminally insane / demon possessed – a disgrace to humanity.

The VAX is a ‘Kill Shot’ Joey was just taking his best (hopefully last) shot at the American People. An then he just run’ away like the treasonous coward he really is.

Election rigging and voter fraud in the 2020 Election was premeditated preplanned and orchestrated along all the venues of deception one might imagine – all venues were instrumental to the fraud. One might consider who the “CEO” of this MSDNC orchestration is?

In case it isn’t yet apparent We are in the midst of a World War. These are preliminary skirmishes. The people are immersed in psychological warfare cultivated by the MSM Mockingbird Projection Artists. Real World Events are going Hot. What’s occurring here and now is Biblical. What you are witnessing and experiencing is how this World War is being fought.

Now, WW One was the first part of Three World Wars planned to achieve the Crown’s Globalist geopolitical objectives. WW Two was the second part. WW Three is the grand finale. We are in the midst of the grand finale. This is how it’s playing out. All of this has been planned and orchestrated by the same principalities. They are the common denominator for all three World Wars. The Grand Chessboard QED!

Criminally demented traitor coward – all job requirements for an illegal imposter president. At least Joe’s true to our expectations……

Joe’s puppet masters [HRC BHO….] intend to wreak as much destruction and distraction as they can before their treason is exposed and their house of cards comes crashing down. It’s by design and it reveals their high treason by any Constitutional standard.

Consequences yes indeed. The People can now see what was hidden and can unify to bring America back as it was originally intended!

4 or 5 days ago; why to Joe Biden that could have been 40 or 50 years ago so far as his criminal dementia goes – what’s the difference – the bottom line is Joe’s a basket case.

Biden is a criminally demented zombie – literally – what you see is what you get! If you saw this Joe Biden character in a feature movie you would know his part without a second thought. This is who and what he is.

Your contribution and sacrifice as a veteran makes this current transition to a Renewed American Constitutional Republic inevitable. What is being exposed now will turn the tide against the ever creeping enemy infiltration that is The Enemy of The American People.

Shareholders and CEO’s Profits Profits Profits Profit off WHO lab created genocidal vaccines from their lab viruses while they pillage the diseased autism suffering disabling and dying of every cent ‘virus’ infected people are worth and at the citizen taxpayer’s expense staged in concert with the Crown Globalist ‘Reset’ of the world economies. That’s the success story of Big Pharma and Healthcare Industry #1 on the AMEX. The phantom ‘virus’ is an instrument of totalitarian tyranny; the VAX is a ‘Kill Shot’ instrument of selective mass genocide for controlling their population and depopulation agenda.

Criminally demented traitor coward – all job requirements for an illegal imposter president. At least Joe’s true to our expectations…..

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