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J6 was a co-ordinated False Flag Op staged by wrap up smearing Nancy and orchestrated with the FBI Capital Police ANTIFA and BLM agent provocateurs with MSM Mockingbird fake news cover. Pretty simple really. One must wonder why the DOJ can’t figure it out?

Malignant MSM Mockingbird virtual reality mind controlling fake news programming the public trance state mindset. Turn the TV (delusional hypno-implanting device) OFF!

Marxist University / MSM Mockingbird mind controlled miscreant leftist zombie preaching malignant nonsense. Easy to spot (they look and sound the same) but not so easy to contain.

The shots do work. They make you sick. That’s what the shots are genetically engineered to do. The VAX is genocidal ‘Kill Shot’ that incapacitates the natural immune system by design.

CA Newsom Recall vote is smokin’. Where there’s smoke there’s fire = who is organizing this vote rigging / fraud? How many other venues of fraud are in play similar to 2020 Election? Nancy Pelosi is in on this fraud that’s for sure!

The VAX is a ‘Kill Shot’ by design. What’s more to talk about?

It’s obvious Biden is incapable of dramatizing his own evil plot. He’s a puppet. Others [?] are pulling his strings but he’s not even capable of doing that…… when all else fails it’s time for an ice cream. That’s Biden. Actually they all play dumb when the shit really hits the fan!

I was ‘anointed’ into this reality in 1965 Upstate New York. Life subsequently is an intuitive journey through so many ‘lessons’ so many experiences. Today the ‘Bigger Picture’ is overwhelming despite logical tools of introspection. I can’t envision an ‘Ideal World’ without associating that with the past. To me the future now is incomprehensible so it’s confusing to set a goal in that respect. Evil must be vanquished – the depths of Evil drives you into insanity and hopelessness. The Depths of Evil too is incomprehensible. I do appreciate your daily communiques – the Times are really heating up! Your message brings needed balance in ‘full spectrum’ perception and understanding of current events. A Hopi Prophet and Biblical Scholar is most compelling! Thank you Michael! We will persevere…….

Biden has publicly spoken twice since Afghanistan fell to the Taliban under his watch. Twice in a row he ran away from the press at a time when so many questions have to be answered …

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The Imposter Biden Administration is a merchant of chaos by design. What you see is what you get – no ‘accidents’ – it’s premeditated preplanned chaos. Benghazi and Afghanistan = Hillary and Joe (&Kamala) = Signs that both debacles were by design. Light the fuse and then run for cover…..

Trust all that equipment has homing devices. Makes these zombie malignants easy to spot!

My suggestion is the Good Guys round up all these malignant criminal psycho-political (demonic-rats) ‘Deep State Operatives’ and incarcerate them all in a special prison equipped with myriad 24 hr video monitors aired nonstop to the citizens and public in real time so they can be watched and studied over the ensuing years.

A Pandemic of Collective Psychosis. Metastasizing Zombie World for Real. No joke! Critical Time to Put these Rampaging Malignant Demons Back in the Box.

Benghazi and Afghanistan = Hillary and Joe (Kamala and Psaki) = Signs that both debacles were by design. They ‘light the fuse’ and ‘say goodbye’ and then run for cover into hiding.

Zuckerberg’s Virtual ‘Cartoon’ Life after global depopulation

Shareholders and CEO’s Profits Profits Profits Profit off WHO lab created genocidal vaccines from their lab created viruses while they pillage the diseased autism suffering disabling and dying of every cent ‘virus’ infected people are worth and at the citizen taxpayer’s expense staged in concert with the Crown Globalist ‘Reset’ of the world economies. That’s the success story of Big Pharma and Healthcare Industry #1 on the AMEX. The phantom ‘virus’ is an instrument of totalitarian tyranny; the VAX is a ‘Kill Shot’ instrument of selective mass genocide for controlling their population and depopulation agenda.

Of course this Afghanistan debacle was planned. The MSM and Social Media spins things six ways to Tuesday and there’s cognitive dissonance splattering everywhere. But, yes it was planned. But not by Joe Biden who’s a mentally incapacitated puppet who couldn’t even make a plan for climbing a set of stairs without stumbling & falling down.

Tis the Season for False Flags trul-la la la la lah

Tis the Season for False Flags trul-la la la la lah [mass distraction]

WHO and it’s Big Pharma sponsors using the entire world’s population as experimental monkeys and lab rats. This is how Big Pharma considers humanity.

Incidents of Crime and Violent Crime are on a statistical rocket ride along with inflation. These stats (mostly arbitrary) need a logical coefficient to have any coherent meaning.

Some questions: How does this ‘Green Economics’ work? What entity is paying for these ‘Green Jobs’? What is the medium for productive exchange and currency? “The Physical Economy was the economy that existed before the revolution in information and communication technologies. Roughly speaking, this is the economy of the nineteenth century and before, in most developed countries. Industries like farming, mining, and labor-intensive manufacturing dominated this period.” [] The ‘Green Economics’ now implies elitist ‘Population Control; Limits of Population Growth; and a Depopulation Regime’. Where do the unalienable ‘Rights of Humanity and the Individual’ fit into this Elitist Totalitarian system?

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