Today’s Headlines.11

The difference between genuinely extraordinary genius leadership and a broken down criminally demented mentally incapacitated verbally incoherent senile deep state puppet with seriously entangled puppet strings. I mean, c’mon man! – is this Candid Camera?!?!?!

Been a lot of lightning bolts hitting establishment relics – and it seems to me Herr Doctor Fauci would make a good target! This lightening bolt’s for you Fauci……..

Congress is overwhelmed with malignant psychopaths and is criminally insane – collectively psychotic! How any agency can reason or negotiate with that is an incomprehensible question. Official cover stories are fabricated on a bed of official lies about any pseudo historical subject. One needs to somehow steer the ‘collective dramatization’ of moment in a positive direction with some form of dramatic device. Lotta dramatic devices floating around up in the air currently!

This didn’t just come out of thin air…… and not with these proponents. It’s a premeditated prelude to another war. It’s also a major geopolitical distraction. Better watch closely what the other hand is doing with this scenario!

It’s the VAX that’s making people sick Joe // Good job Fauci – the Booster Jab is just what’s needed to finish off those pesky Americans once and for all!

It’s time to turn the tables on these psycho-political criminal psychopathic traitors = Nancy’s malignant demonic-rats and whole MSDNC demonic consortium including RINOs. It’s Time!

One thing about the woke demonic-rat’s military high command is they don’t take constructive criticism very well. They’re very ‘sensitive’ and criticism ‘hurts their feelings’. What they are concerned with is turning the US Military into fairy dust while selling out their country to the highest bidder; and then explaining it all away with a CIA scripted cover.

Re: Psaki’s faked PBs. All she can do is lies and say absolutely stupid stuff. Any facts or Truth would blow her BS illegitimate ‘Ship of State’ right out of the water! But then after all she’s just a mindless puppet doll and it doesn’t make a difference anyhow.

It’s the VAX that’s making people sick. CDC is inventing numbers as well the panic attack storylines for MSDNC MSM Mockingbird fake news propaganda mass mind controlling the public mindsets; which has been monstrously effective as one can see’ but fact is these hospitals are all but empty in reality. The ‘Virus’ is really the seasonal flu – and all the rest of it is an evil fairy tale.

Feminists (so called) in the USA are mindless self-serving marxist zombie hypocrites all about making a scene. Where will they be when hardcore reality strikes? They’ll be being consoled by their marxist shrinks until their time runs out.

There’s an enemy impostor sitting in the WH (on occasion) so what is to be expected? – he’s working (if Joe even knows what that means) for the enemy of the American Republic. This is what enemies do.

MSDNC MSM Mockingbirds – They’re all selling out their Nation and its Citizens for the money. Probably Globalist ‘CCP’ money and that makes them Enemy Combatants and Traitors to the Republic. No question about it.

It’s possible Chinese officials didn’t know initially. This was WHO Operation staged through the Wuhan Lab under the sponsorship financing and guidance of Fauci’s ‘gain of function ‘ (special virus program) which is ultimately part of the Crown Globalist Agenda 2030 plan for population reduction with mass mind control (Fauci’s wife’s specialty!). It all comes together in what we’re experiencing today.

The Biden ‘spokesperson’ is a deep state stooge. There’s nothing ‘accidental’ about this Afghanistan Debacle no matter how the deep state’s [CIA] stooges are coached & choreographed to spin the fake news cycles. These CLOWNS represent the Enemy of the American Republic.

Warning: MSDNC is ‘Bullbaiting’ Patriots to ‘react violently’ in response to the official ‘exoneration’ of Ashli Babbitt’s murderer Capital Police Officer Lieutenant Michael Leroy Byrd when it was obviously 1st Degree Murder – an intentional homicide. Most all demonic-rat flaunting acts of injustice are by MSDNC design orchestrated to bait American Patriots into acts of retaliatory violence – Don’t Buy Into This! MSDNC is throwing these insidious curve balls to incite violence. Let justice come in due course.

Joe Biden doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about – he just incoherently babbles whatever his puppeteer is whispering in his ear…… and anything he does say should be considered in its direct opposite context. Biden is a criminally demented lunatic in the glee of insanity. Biden’s handlers are the Enemy of the People. Joe Biden is a premeditated distraction. It’s that simple!

Willful complicity with demonic possession is psychopathic criminal insanity and should be prosecuted as a high crime against humanity. Treason is betrayal after God’s Trust. The fundamental anatomy of sin is thus! Clear evidence of demonic possession is now everywhere to be found in the current satanic establishments of Deep State CIA orchestrated Mainstream Mockingbird Media and MSDNC Federal State and Local government. Mark the signs. The wages of sin is death.

Nothing is ‘too late’ for God. From a human perspective things appear distorted. It’s for humans to ‘realize’ the Truth. Ignorance is the source of suffering and imperfection. Truth is a Divine Principle. Thank God there’s a principle of truth in the human intellect! God is Perfection.

Afghanistan Debacle is now the American ‘Pearl Harbor’ of the ages. There couldn’t be a louder Trumpet Call. Make no mistake about it. The impostor Biden Admin didn’t make a mistake – this was planned to happen by the Enemy of America (since 1776). ‘Constitution Day’ is right around the corner. The ‘Sleeping Giant’ of America is once again ‘Waking Up’ and The Time for United Action by The American People is Now!

None of what is happening right now – MSDNC rigged 2020 election, ANTIFA and BLM Soros Marxist Color Revolution orchestrations of nationwide riots and mayhem, January 6th False Flag witch hunt and incarceration of American Patriots, WHO CDC Covid Scam-demic with worldwide medical tyranny of face masks social distancing lockdowns and the genocidal VAX mandates (adults and children), the miscreant mass invasions of the Southern Border with all forms of hideous drug human sex and child trafficking, the systemic destruction of the American economy with runaway inflation rising price indexes, the Marxist’s Climate Change Green New Deal weather warfare with actuated wildfires and floods; and now the Afghanistan debacle – none of this is happening by accident because this is all part of a Crown Globalist Agenda to destroy the American Republic and ‘depopulate’ its people in order for totalitarian elitist control of the world – it is all planned and orchestrated by a common source with demonic principalities in high places; it’s all Biblical.

The People must now know who the real Enemy of The People is as the writing is clearly on the proverbial wall. It’s High Time to Unite and Vanquish this Crown Globalist Criminal Elitist Satanic Cabal once and for all; we’ve been warned, for thousands of years, to prepare for this Time. Now is that Time!

She’s an ‘Obama Child’ – that was Obama’s MO with the military – many advancing officers ‘disappeared’. Very insidious this WOKE thing!

Nancy Pelosi is a psychotic criminal psychopath – she’s a criminally insane drunk. She (or “it” as it may apply) is in glee over the deaths and horrendous debacle in Afghanistan. She probably has a few jokes about it to tell at her frequent cocktail parties. Destruction of America is her ‘wet dream’.

Joe Biden never ever kept anybody safe. He’s not intended to keep anybody safe. His delusional MO is about the destruction and depopulation of America. Joe Biden has nothing whatsoever to do with keeping anybody safe.

Impostor Joe Biden is a scripted puppet – he’s a criminally demented mentally incapacitated senile basket case who couldn’t take responsibility for a loose shoe string. “They” (whoever “They” are) are pulling his puppet strings otherwise Joe wouldn’t have a clue what to do with himself. One wonders who the “We” are in retaliatory statements of what “We” are going to do about anything in response. Distracted incoherency is Joe’s Standing Order #1. He must be replaced now.

Herr Doctor Fauci has been the ‘gain of function’ link since the AIDS HIV Op in the 80’s and he is touted out as the Spokesperson for this current COVID / VAX Op. He’s been involved with this genocidal plan as is his wife for decades. He’s a string that runs through. Of course he’s just an operative but his false statements and lies must be countered with the facts because what he says affects the entire world population and how the people are being instructed to comply with this demonic abomination.

Smirking Obama is now basking in his Obamanation and is probably rolling with laughter at the malignant clown show he has puppeteer’d to disgrace and humiliate the American People and Patriotic Citizens; with this braindead criminal impostor Joe Biden (along with his satanic Kabala Harris VP) as the resident caricature president fraudulently elected and illegally selected to be the presiding ‘resident’ clown in the WH all the while treasonously orchestrating the destruction of America as we knew it.

Who is “We” Joe? Exactly…… for that matter Who is “They” and is that the script “They” gave you Joe? What exactly does that script “They” gave you say Joe?

Flat earther’s are just as messed up as Marxists. The Earth is a Multi-Dimensional Projection however you imagine to perceive it. It works the way it is engineered to work. Right now the human race and all life on earth is in an existential crisis – however that living matrix affects you.

The VAX is the disease. The ‘Virus’ is a decoy. When the FDA says ‘treatment of a disease’ it’s the VAX itself. These Big Pharma legal guys know how to play with words to fake you out! Big Pharma makes killing profits of of this! It’s the VAX that’s making you sick! Face Masks do not protect anyone from a ‘virus’ any more than from a poison gas. Fauci knows this. Abusive Face Mask wearing only cultivates disease especially in children and Fauci knows this. We are under a WHO CDC initiated bio-psychological attack spearheaded by Fauci and Fauci knows this!

Banish and deport all the malignant MSDNC demonic-rats and RINOs, and all their criminal imposter illegitimates = ‘Enemies of the People’ = banish and deport them all to Afghanistan to face first hand the treasonous debacle they have committed against the American Republic, against all American Citizens, and against all the free Peoples of the World. Let them sort out their WHO CDC Phantom Viruses, Genocidal ‘Vaccines’, and ‘Climate Change’ issues over in the Taliban’s ‘Green New Deal’. ps: starting with Pedo Joe and Kabala Harris add Nancy Pelosi and throw out Jen Psaki onto the same bus…..

The Federal Reserve Note is doomed. Was doomed from the start it was just a matter of time. USA Inc. (City of London Crown Corporation) is utterly by black hole degree bankrupt and all the world bankers and financiers know it. A Black Swann moment is at hand that’s for sure!

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