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RDS was diagnosed with COVID (whatever the hell that really means) he was very sick and died in the hospital. This same scenario has been repeated at least a million times by now. Don’t go into a hospital if you’re feeling sick. Hospitals and Doctors get a very substantial bonus for COVID related patients and deaths. Forensic Fact.

The Enemy is in each Jab. From A-Z the Enemy is the VAX. The Jab is the Enemy’s ‘Kill Shot’ – make not mistake about it. Know your Enemy!

My ‘wife’ is a MS teacher for the LAUSD – school last year and half was from

home on ZOOM but this year she decided to go back to class. It’s in the Twilight Zone literally!

Symptomatic of a ‘Trance State’ reality – the schools are mandating this for children and the school kids are all indoctrinated into this by the MSM TV and their Teachers. Whole thing is demonic……

RDS checked into hospital for COVID (as I hear it) a fatal mistake. The cure for COVID is Death (or morbid debilitation) by VAX – Don’t go to a hospital for this (or anything else now) because you probably won’t come out alive! This a WHO genocidal agenda….. So, looks like a hit job to me.

They are in a brainwashed and mind controlled TV ‘trance state’ affected by Marxist MSM Mockingbirds in concert with WHO medical and university ‘official’ establishment which is behind all these totalitarian VAX mandates.

Enough with this Joe Biden CLOWN Show. Joe is a premeditated insult to Americans. Joe is a premeditated distraction as a cover for the MSDNC demons that are ‘possessing’ his illegitimate ‘administration’. Time to terminatedly shut this CLOWN Show down!

The cure for COVID is Death (or morbid debilitation) by VAX – Don’t go to a hospital for this (or anything else now) because you probably won’t come out alive! This a WHO genocidal agenda…..

Fauci is a genocidal psychopath – his public performance is a charade of lies. The VAX his ‘Kill Shot’ is genetically engineered to destroy the innate natural auto immune system of the human body. His is a demonic WHO medical tyranny designed for population control and controlled depopulation (mass genocide) – forensic fact! The People and especially children must be protected from this satanic madness!

Take their masks off show their faces they’re all traitors and responsible for these tragic deaths. Biden is so demented probably doesn’t even know why he’s there……

Of course Biden’s going to negotiate with terrorists. The terrorists are working for Biden’s people. It’s all going according to ‘their’ plan. Biden was guilty of high treason the day he was born. Nothings changed in that respect!

Biden made a deal with Xi Jinping (he and Hunter) might be blackmail but I think it was just the deal actually. Biden is a criminal traitor – that’s his character. He represents the Enemy it’s not on account of blackmail really.

Trolls galore! Fake world filled with Fake people being mind controlled by Fake News and serially chatting about Fake Stuff. You might never know who you’re really talking to or where your information is coming from. Especially rampant on [DS] MSM and its [DS] Social Media. There’s a Fake World out there and most people see it as reality. There are cadres of Trolls impersonating people and role model characters. Ya gotta know who yer talk’n to!

The point is taken that this “decision” by “Joe Biden” was not only the absolute worst decision any CIC could make – and the absolute best for America’s Enemies – that it wasn’t accidental or due to demented Joe’s incapacitated mental state – that it indeed was the enemy’s premeditated op and Joe was their presidential impostor. The JCS ‘allowed’ this to happen under cover of Joe’s criminal insanity.

Feminists (so called) in the USA are mindless self-serving marxist zombie hypocrites all about making a scene. Where will they be when hardcore reality strikes? They’ll be being consoled by their marxist shrinks until their time runs out.

XiK take your psycho-political malignancy and shove it where that ‘turd’ came out if you can manage it. I know where you’re at. Find out where you are. Take a deep breath – then exhale. Very good! You’re still breathing. Well done! Life is amazing isn’t it?

Nancy’s malignant script intended to ‘bullbait’ Patriots into violent reaction. Don’t buy into it! Nancy Pelosi is a psychotic criminal psychopath – she’s a criminally insane drunk. She (or “it” as it may apply) is in glee over the deaths and horrendous debacle in Afghanistan. She probably has a few jokes about it to tell at her frequent cocktail parties. Destruction of America and mass murdering Americans is her ‘wet dream’.

Well now they’ve (Taliban et’al) got all the war toys they could ever imagine and we’d expect rockets and bullets to be flying everywhere in celebration – blowing up buildings and shooting people – oh what fun it is………!

Oh oh! Joe’s “We” is going to retaliate by making America the

Oh oh my! Joe’s “We” is going to retaliate by making American President the laughing stock of the World. Criminally demented deep state puppet impostor Joe Biden with his “administration’ has nothing but contempt for The American Republic, The American People, and The American Military Service Personnel. Joe Biden has done more damage to America in the past several months than any enemy could dream of. As a matter of fact. This is High Treason by any standard and must be immediately prosecuted as such before any more egregious damage is done to America.

Nancy Pelosi is the most despicable; most disgusting demonic-rat next to Hillary Clinton. I mean – how much sicker can these satanic creatures get? Guess we’re about to find out!

New Virus same as the Old Virus just as pictured here. Looks sort of human but really it’s the Virus in disguise with a pair of glasses to cover its ‘Virus Eyes’…..

Somewhere deep in the recesses of Joe’s criminally demented brain he knows his time’s about up. And it’s always a good time for a little nappy and dreaming of Nancy’s ice cream cones…….. zzzzzzz

Re: Fauci’s Wife. That’s really something isn’t it! She’s also the psy-op specialist – the ‘psychology’ of disease infected populations such as the AIDS HIV and related Ops in Africa. She studies how her husband’s victims think and react as well as masses of people and how to control pandemic conditions. Has presented many papers about this over past decades.

It’s not about Joe it’s about the colossal damage mayhem and tragic loss of life that Joe’s Administration is causing Americans and America’s allies around the world. Joe is a demented babbling fool has no concept of responsibility because he’s senile – mentally and cognitively impaired.

This malignant demonic creature must be shut down. WHO genocidal depopulation agenda is what this demon is projecting for the world. The Virus (decoy) The VAX (Kill Shot) by any means. People of the World are Waking Up to the hardcore reality of the pandemic scheme.

Imagine that! Biden is a mental basket case and Fauci is a mass genocidal murderer factually. Why would anyone in their right mind and with a modicum of common sense listen to anything these malignant psychopaths would say (except to plead guilty to committing mass crimes against humanity) that is…./

Joe is just a demented distraction by design – it’s what’s going behind this CLOWN show that needs closer attention…..

So, now we’re supposed to empathize with you Joe Biden because it wasn’t really your fault? WTF is this? The mass tragedy that’s going is not about you Joe Biden, it’s because of you Joe Biden that American’s and their Allie’s lives are being destroyed with American Servicemen coming home to their families in a casket. It’s not about Joe Joe! It’s about The People and their lives being destroyed because of your criminally demented stupidity!

It is to their benefit! And no doubt this was discussed with them by President Trump before Joe the CLOWN became resident CIC. There have been many hints of this in ongoing exchanges in past months and years. In the end it is what it is …..

It’s not just WHO orchestrated genocide in NY Nursing Homes – it’s nation and planet wide – it’s been organized through UN political channels and affiliations – even through to certain governors who are in on the genocidal plan. Pull the string down on Cuomo and see just how far it really goes!

Portrait of a Demonic-Rat Psycho-Political (marxist) Hypocrite!

Taliban is not dealing with Joe Biden anymore – all Joe’s ‘deals’ are off. The original agreement stands with full consequences. Time to clean up all collateral damage of the Biden Afghanistan debacle and put an end to this demonic tragedy!

Send AOC on a Goodwill Mission to Afghanistan and she can cavort with the Taliban up close and personally!

I would watch out for an MSDNC False Flag assassination or attempt on Joe Biden with a cover storyline of retaliation by a disgruntled ‘military extremist right’ that would be a deep state play! Seriously!

The SC will have one more chance to set things right. The SC failing that = it’s BOOM Time!

The difference between genuine extraordinary genius leadership and a broken down criminally demented mentally incapacitated verbally incoherent senile deep state puppet with criminally entangled puppet strings. I mean, c’mon man! – is this Candid Camera?!?!?! Joe Biden blames Trump for spotlighting his own demented incompetence – Joe Biden blames Trump for blowing his deep state PR cover.

CDC spreading “fear porn” to affect compliance w/ it’s genocidal program; the CDC spreading “hope” to affect compliance w/ it’s genocidal program. Either way CDC is spreading it’s genocidal program according to the WHO’s totalitarian genocidal agenda for depopulating & mind controlling the world’s population. Fact!

It’s the pfizer “Kill Shot” that makes you sick. It’s the pfizer “Kill Shot” that will kill you. The pfizer “Kill Shot” doesn’t protect anyone from any xvirusx – it is the disease – it is the ‘variants’. Fact! The People must begin to understand this.

Cori Bush needs an eviction followed by an exorcism of the malignant marxist demon that is possessing her common sense! (if she ever had any to begin with).

How is this marxist social conditioning being done? How are the people being (in many cases subliminally) indoctrinated into this way of thinking? I’d say the MSM TV is the #1 agency of mass hypnosis to put it bluntly because that’s what it is. That’s primarily where all these corrupted mindsets are being programmed from. People are manifesting and living this MSM TV programming as its fashions integrate into their daily lives. MSM TV is going to keep doing this until the day it’s publicly recognized as the source of all this social madness and they abruptly shut down. That’s going to have to happen. Tomorrow would be a good day to shut it down! But, it must be shut down!

The ‘Whore of Babylon’ in the American representation is ‘USA Inc.’ a Crown (City of London) Corporation that has gradually ‘superimposed’ itself with its Crown agents (strategically and tactically) insidiously infiltrating America’s centers of psycho-political (Marxist) Power (Globalist) Finance (Universities) Education (MSM) Mass Social Media mind controlling propaganda; and with Crown totalitarian operatives (MIC CIA FBI IRS) in ‘overlays’ acting upon the Founding God Fearing Constitutional American Culture; where this ‘Whore of Babylon’ has ‘misrepresented’ America with ‘her’ serial ‘blasphemies and obscenities’. America now is Ground Zero (to the World) as the primary example in distinction between (geopolitical) Good and Evil – Truth and Deception with myriad Satanic Illusions and Delusions literally in the Biblical sense; now addressing the most critical existential real time ‘synchronistic’ full spectrum ‘Revelations’ – Exposure – Disclosure – Prosecution of this criminally demonic (psychopathic) infiltration of American Society and Culture for all the World to see; with the ‘Trumpets’ (means of) presenting information ‘simultaneously’ globally with the WWW (Internet). We’re now living Scripture in the ‘End Times’ as prophesied for thousands of years. One is urgently called to ‘Know the Truth’ and to choose (discriminate) between Divine Reality (The Truth) and Satanic Reality (Deceptive – Fake – Artificial). The writing is now clearly on the wall for those with the moral and ethical common sense (eyes) to see!

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