The 9/11 Trap

The entire Afghanistan – 9/11 – scenario shows the magnitude of this trap. It’s a deep state instigation for civil violence / civil war in the United States. This is what these demonic-rats want. It shows the complicity depth and the scale of their [FF] operation also strategically targeting patriots and instigating veterans. Don’t fall for it!

The People must realize that Joe Biden is a deep state puppet (Obama is probably pulling Joe’s strings) and that what Biden represents is premeditated deliberate intentional and by design – not Joe’s bungling demented impulses – that’s just ‘misdirection’ as a cover (act) for these insidious deep state operations.

Any firefighter worth his salt and any combat veteran would know that 9/11 was controlled demolition and the rest was staged special effects – highly advance technical production. No question about it or who preplanned set up and staged the 9/11 False Flag Operation. Same perps involved in the current Afghanistan debacle.

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