Today’s Headlines.15

MSDNC Impostor criminally demented Joe Biden is ‘commissioned’ to do as much damage to America as he can get away with under his disguise of senile dementia. Joe’s ‘job’ in life is to sell out and destroy America. MSDNC’s Rigged Election got him ‘In’ to complete the ‘job’.

Jacob Chanceley is a deep state asset. Dressed out as ‘Braveheart’ in costume he’s an impostor agent provocateur to make a mockery of Patriots with his scripted incoherent babble – everything about this degenerate is fake including his show trial and sentence.

Joseph Goebbels is rolling over in his grave over MSDNC MSM TV Mockingbird Propaganda and Mass Mind Controlling ‘Trance State’ inducing Social Media machine that’s currently in vogue!

He should get out of that hospital like now – ‘they’ will end up killing him if he continues with the hospital’s treatment regime. Being in the hospital is the worst place to be now.

It’s an enemy invasion under pretext of refugees and immigrants by tens of thousands – going right into military bases. Sabotage! All by design…..

Nancy Pelosi is a criminally demented drunken psychopath with rivers of blood on her hands. She like killing babies – it makes her feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

But, truth be known, Joe Biden thinks that a stork delivered him down the devil’s smokestack. Really – conception Joe? – that’s a big word for you!

You think? No election will be legit until a nationwide countywide AZ Style forensic audit of the MSDNC Rigged 2020 Election is done in every state. Election rigging is still a rampant liability in Newsom’s California. It’s only Common Sense!

Criminal psychopaths – demonic-rats will lash out at anyone and anything when backed into a corner. Gaslighting Projection is the only way these creatures know how to think. Blame everyone else for their own treason and crimes against humanity in order to deflect public exposure.

What President Donald Trump is is the legitimately elected President. That’s the main point here. Donald Trump was asked to run for President as part of a Constitutional Military Op to reclaim the Republic. That much is clear. Do you think that Joe Biden is the Big Savior? We know that Joe and Kamala are definitely a psy-op in league with the Corona Virus (flu) with the genocidal Killer VAX. So, what do you think then?

Criminally demented impostor Joe Biden is headed into the 25th Amendment because he’s obviously oblivious to reality. Now, Satanist Kabala Harris must know what the psycho-political game plan is and that the Truth is closing in. What will she do next?

Re: Biden’s 9/11 Declass. More deep state misinformation – we already know ‘who done it’ – we’ve known for 20 years. All we get from impostor Biden’s treasonous affiliates is a basket case full of lies.

Afghanistan Debacle is a Deep State Operation and the Deep State will send their Royal Crown Globalist (Soro’s sponsored and cultivated) terrorists anywhere in the world they damn please that is until the Deep State is stopped! It will be stopped!

I don’t think this is the real Biden. The real Biden is in hiding. The real Joe is mentally incoherent and incapable of answering real questions. The rigged election was too much for Joe to handle. And so he’s not handling anything.

It’s more than a crime. It’s a genocidal plan to rape trillions off of the diseased and dying while carrying out systematic global depopulation under the pretext of the flu. It’s a monstrous plan by satanic elites to control the world with WHO orchestrated medical totalitarianism. As a matter of fact.

Fast rule of thumb: Whatever Demonic-Rats accuse you of is something Demonic-Rats are certainly guilty of. It’s called ‘Projection’ and Demonic-Rats seem to do ‘Projection’ as a way of life!

It’s a WHO genocidal agenda. AMA doesn’t want to approve anything that actually cures. Their Big Pharma affiliates and Health Care Industries make maximum profits prolonging disease and death. Maximizing Profits off of WHO ‘depopulation’ agenda is currently in vogue.

The next Hollywood script live action – I think Fauci’s wife is the scriptwriter!

He doesn’t know that it’s the VAX that makes you sick? It’s the VAX that kills you. Now what kind of stupid mayor Honolulu’s got – who selected this moron?

Dan Crenshaw is Klaus Schwab’s chosen one. That’s all you need to know. He owes is soul to the Crown Globalist’s New World Order and its 2030 Agenda for the World. It’s not about forensic facts, founding constitutional precedents, or legal standing; he’s about implementing the Globalist’s Totalitarian Agenda in America.

Psaki isn’t a woman it’s a demon with the gender appropriate pronoun.

It’s like the biggest occult spell on earth is fiat (counterfeit) money made legitimate internationally. Satanic power! It goes all the way back into the rise and fall of civilizations past. Money Magick! The entire world is controlled by the same principalities.

Right… OK Joe! Keyword ‘Projection’ Chaos much mucho chaos Joe? Is that a threat?

MSDNC Election scam. Do it! “They” know who they are. Start pulling the strings down – get neighbor snitching on neighbor on board to pull all the rigger’s strings down!

Why Americans don’t stand up? MSDNC MSM TV Mockingbird (op) MK-Ultra Tavistock Propaganda Brainwashing Mind Controlled Trance State Reality. That’s why. Got to “Break the Spell”. It’s the TV doing it!

Re: Alliance. That’s a long bow stretch for most people to understand – I’m optimistic and this would seem an inevitable alliance because ‘we’ all share a common enemy which pushes this reality to the ‘outer limits’ – I see pieces of the New Silk Road coming together. That’s a sign!

Re: Biden. As pre-imposter Bush Jr. would say to the little pesky people “Why should I care what you think?” (or how you feel) – tells you all you need to know!

Re: J6 – Sure – Liz Cheney the 9/11 False Flag Queen – makes perfect sense to ‘wrap up smearing’ Nancy and her Household of Demonic-Rats. A NWO Inquisition – setting the NWO legal standards for the future of the world!

Re: Ballot Box Mitch. But – but – but Mitch you know the MSDNC Rigs Elections – the ‘Ballot Box’ is a rigged game so just how does that work out then? Biden should do the honorable thing and fall on his sword – and you, Mitch, should resign for conflict of interests.

Guess we’ll get to see if there are any ‘explosive’ ingredients in the pfizer VAX eh? Just a little something for ‘spontaneous combustion’ built in – kill and cremate humans all in one shot! Such a ‘2 for 1’ deal! Hurry up and get your shots while they last!

Re: Bagram Airbase. Well that’s China Joe’s ‘handler’s’ plan now isn’t it? So it’s not really China’s move but a Crown Globalist’s (Deep State NWO geopolitical) move isn’t it? WHO is the real villain and enemy in this scenario? The People need to know!

It’s the VAX that’s making you sick; it’s the VAX that’s killing you. What more is there to know or discuss? The only questions remaining are what is the WHO’s VAX ‘genocidal’ agenda for the human race and what are The People of Earth going to do about it?

Where did this “Executed at Gitmo” crap get started – that’s what I’d like to know? In any event I’d want to be there to witness it – that would give me satisfaction!

Puppet Biden did as he was told – The Afghanistan Debacle was a premeditated Act of Treason. No accidents – no demented ramblings – its collateral damage and slaughter was by design.

The COVID test is bogus anyway. These testers are just WHO MSM mind controlled zombies. This whole VAX environment is demonic staffed by subservient demons.

Every exotic symptom imaginable seems to present itself to the VAX. Like AIDS HIV. The VAX catalyzes morbid infections uniquely suited to the person.

Seems quals for Politicians require criminal psychopaths and demonic possession as prereqs. This pathological personality seems to “float to the top” of the sewer barrel. Swamp creatures one and all. Politicians are pathological liars and bullshit artists for hire for money and mansions in Martha’s Vineyard and the Hamptons.

Prosecute every one of these MSDNC demonic-rats and RINOs for Treason – because that’s what it is. Treason is about betrayal, it’s about pathological liars and oath breakers, it’s about criminals, it’s about cheaters, fraudsters, election riggers, imposters, false flaggers, it’s about murderers and wrap up smearing drunks and back stabbers. It’s about the Enemies of the American Republic and The American People. There should be no question as to what treason is. Time for Tribunals!

Sooner or later people are going to realize that Joe Biden represents the Enemy of America and Americans. This Afghanistan debacle was no accident. The Enemy planned it to happen this way. The JCS is 100% complicit and Military Intelligence would have pre-assessed all options and outcomes in any event. This tells you all you need to know. This is about High Treason by any and every standard in the book.

Impostor Joe Biden is a criminally demented deep state puppet. The deep state is a City of London Crown Globalist World Bank IMF United Nations WHO CDC genocidal Royal Syndicate that has been hell bent on enslaving and destroying humanity for centuries on the wings of what was the Roman Empire and the Roman Catholic Church which is utterly Satanic. Why I’m not personally taking Satan on any further is because all is in God’s Hands – just as it always has been is and will be. Follow Christ and the wisdom teachings of Scripture as best you can understand. We are living Scripture with what is manifesting and happening in the world today. Revelations – the Whole World is Waking Up one person at a time and there are 7.3 billion people. This millennial evil is being exposed one person at a time. One does what one is intuitively inspired to do as best they can. Truth is a Divine Principle and as Divine Truth is Revealed all Humanity will be eventually liberated from this evil in God’s Time.

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