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The “Phantom Virus” (and its ghostly variants) is a obviously a psy-op – It’s the VAX that makes you sick and it’s the VAX that’s designed / genetically engineered to Kill You. That’s all you need to know!

We’ve been indoctrinated to think Pfizer and the Health Care Industry is looking out for a patient’s best interests all the while this is as far away from the case it really is. The VAX is a genocidal weapon that makes you sick and will kill you all the while Pfizer and the Health Care Industry rakes in billions even trillions on its prescriptions of toxic potions that mitigate symptoms until death comes robbing the patient of every last penny. This is in reality how it works.

Even a psychopathic MSDNC Mockingbird can’t come to grips with Impostor Joe Biden’s obscenely criminal dementia and utter lack of decency or common sense.

The Earth is not “Flat” – it’s a multi-dimensional ‘projection’ juxtapositional from zero point to infinity – Flat is a “Dead-Space” illusion.

Treason Personified – Bush Sr had JFK assassinated – Bush Jr had 9/11 mass murder – Clintons and Obamas (assassins) are Bush ‘Family’ appointments. Time for Real Justice!

Criminally demented Joe Biden is an impostor – a pathological ‘plant’ – a deep state puppet – he’s not the president of anything but his own graveyard. A portrait of a senile braindead psychopathic obscenity.

Criminally demented Joe Biden is an impostor – a pathological ‘plant’ – a deep state puppet – he’s not the president of anything but his own graveyard.

To the Royal Crown Globalist Deep State Elitist Aristocracy ‘The People’ and ‘Commoners’ are only useful as malleable idiots to be lied to, tricked, deceived, brainwashed, mind controlled and programmed to be self-deluded neo-slaves and human fodder for whatever their agenda for a massively depopulated New World Order.

Bush Jr is an obscenity. He’s 100% complicit with the perpetration of the 9/11 False Flag / Inside Job Act of War by the Deep State upon The American People and The Middle East. Like the MSDNC Rigged 2020 Election 9/11 Justice must be served upon the Deep State obscenities that orchestrated this treason.

We now know how this HRC creature thinks. She thinks like the pathological criminal psycho-political demon that she is. She’s acting like a trapped rat because that’s all she really is!

Same principalities are in the game today. They just sold out Afghanistan to China. The principalities specialize in Geopolitical False Flags that profit them by the trillions at the expense of humanity.

Yes indeed – and those records just happened to be in the Pentagon Wing that was struck by a cruise missile – gosh! I wonder where that came from? All the financial records gone!

I think we’re getting down to the wire. To the brink of the precipice!

I wonder what the adrenochrome junkie vampires think about VAX’d Blood!

If the MSDNC Biden Admin promotes a VAX mandate you know there are diabolical consequences – premeditated to destroy Americans, the American Constitution, and the American Way of Life. That’s all you need to know.

Bring it to court and expose this genocidal treason for what it really is – scientifically speaking. Those who are pushing this VAX mandate are an accessory to mass murder.

Elected Officials knowingly elected by an MSDNC Rigged Election are Public Enemies #1 and Criminal Traitors the must be prosecuted for Treason by the book!

Re: Psaki. This piece of psycho-pathological garbage needs to be ‘recycled’ and ‘circled back’ into the toxic waste dump of history.

This impostor pos is what you get with an MSDNC MSM Rigged 2020 Election. It would be very surprising if the Biden / Harris ticket got even 39 million votes. But – we’ll just have to wait and see the findings from forensic audits of the votes state by state county by county.

Impostor Biden. Sounds like Obama, Lies like Obama, Is an Obama Puppet, promotes an ‘Obama-Nation’. While his master Obama gleefully dances in the shadows. Criminally Demented Impostor Joe Biden declares War on the American People. Future proves Past. Expose this Traitor and his Tenure of Treason!

The VAX is a WHO Genocidal ‘Kill Shot’ and with some real research into real scientific facts medical facts and forensic facts the Truth of this can be easily established. Fakebook Twitter and MSDNC Fake News misdirections to contrived disinformation sources (Wikipedia) and their (Deep State) spox pantheon of pathological liars only proves that Mass Mind Controlling MSM and its affiliated Social Media Psy-Ops are absolutely complicit with the WHO’s Genocidal Crown Globalist NWO Totalitarian Population Control and Depopulation Agenda.

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