Today’s Headlines.19

Oprah is another portrait of a Celebrity Demonic-Rat in the costume of a public host as a cover for evil agenda.

Everything in the MSDNC MSM is a concocted lie. Deception is its MO. The People are being brainwashed and mind controlled with the most insidious devices to believe these concocted storylines as if they were reality when in fact they are invented fictions.

The new UN WEF run financial system for the world is based and leveraged upon a ‘Green New Deal’ equated carbon tax. Just another NWO ponzi scheme system of Globalist exploitation of the world.

Gen Milley revealed himself as a traitor a few years ago. A traitor is as a traitor does and the treason just keeps rolling on…..

The Hospitals are all part of this WHO Genocidal Depopulation Agenda in concert with the WEF Global Financial Reset. They get ‘bonuses’ for every patient that they kill with their protocols.

Marxist illogic is insanity. A crazy person having a dialogue with their crazy self. This is a mental disease. A psychological dysfunction. An egomaniacal obsession with malignant nonsense.

Staying a little to much ‘frosty’ until the ‘pivotal moment’ comes. Millions of people are being maimed and murdered by the VAX and Mandated Hospital Protocols – all the Wilderness Forest lands in CA are burning to the ground which is now parched with an unrecoverable drought – millions of criminals and terrorists are flooding into the country unvetted – hundreds of Peaceful Patriots are languishing in prison – and the FBI and Capital Police are fencing the Capital and setting up the next False Flag Op…. It’s time to take the American Nation back! There have already been millions of casualties at the hands of these demons.

Anthony Fauci is a long term premeditated genocidal mass murderer in kind with Joseph Menegle. That’s all you need to know!

Re: CA Recall Election. Do a forensic audit no matter what the outcome we’ve already seen signs of election rigging and vote fraud by MSDNC Demonic-Rats; this is what Demonic-Rats do in concert with their treasonous RINO cronies.

AOC is on the Congressional waiting list for her Mansion in Martha’s Vineyard or The Hamptons!

The VAX is a well documented Genocidal Kill Shot. MDs make a lot of money off of disease and death. Disease and death is the MDs stock and trade.

Joe Biden has disgraced the American People (and Humanity) since the moment he was conceived. Will be a disgrace to the moment he dies – and on into future history books.

Pelosi is pushing the genocidal Kill Shot because that’s her psychopathic criminal nature. She wants all the little people and their children to die – the sooner the better!

There’s a real division occurring between The People of Humanity and the Crown Globalist’s Gestapo and Legions of Genocidal Psychopathic Demonic-Rats holding public office.

Biden is doing exactly what his puppet master(s) are telling him to do which in the most simple context is to destroy the United States of America. So….. he’s not exactly just f..king up things – it’s his agenda and it would appear to be quite successful under the guise of a criminally demented senile incoherent babbling idiot (the perfect cover!).

Fauci is a genocidal psychopath. Literally! You want to take orders from this little monster – do so at your own demise.

TUCKER: “Keep in mind it wasn’t so long ago that authorities in this country forcibly sterilized and lobotomized American citizens against their will. Why? In the name of ‘public health’ and it wasn’t just a few people it was a LOT of people. So explain slowly so we can understand why that can’t happen again. Tell us why some version of that isn’t unfolding right now.”

Well Michael thanks for the empathic briefing – I’d say you’re right on point! I’ve got the Santa Susanna Mountains and Sage Ranch for my into nature get-away at sunrise over-looking between the San Fernando Valley and Simi Valley. We’re in a critical drought and the surrounding Santa Monica and Los Angeles Mountains have been seasonally burned out with wildfires. Sage Ranch is the Rocketdyne (now Boeing/NASA) atomic testing facility where the first three nuclear ‘meltdowns’ occurred without containment vessels. Decontamination protocols are still ‘in-progress’ here. So, the natural surroundings are a bit of a cosmic paradox! Still semi-desert life endures and it’s precious to me. The Times they are ‘accelerating’ and authentic disclosure is very near!

This fraudulent Biden admin is staffed with frauds who make fraudulent statements to cover for their fraud and treason. Not a word of Truth will be heard coming from this fraudulent treasonous impostor Biden admin. That’s all you need to know!. Treason is their Agenda. Treason is what they do!

All of God’s Living Creation knows instinctively what to do except human beings. Human beings are artificially programmable slaves according to their education and they’re now being demonically programmed from cradle to the grave; it’s no wonder they’re all mindlessly confused!

Been hearing this for ‘a-while’ now. If I can handle baby eating bloodsucking reptilians and their demonic minions – well – and a mass genocidal depopulation program in-progress with the ‘officials’ all turning their heads – I’m ready – bring it on!

What’s the FBI doing for 9/18? Oh their usual treasonous shit – You know – cover-ups JFK 9/11 J6 False Flag Ops attacking God Fearing American Patriots. Isn’t that what the FBI’s supposed to do? I mean – what you see is what you get and this all I see the FBI doing!

MSDNC MSM Mockingbird Mass Brainwashing Mind Controlling Propaganda is the Demonic-Rats source of disinformation – this misinformation is what Demonic-Rats ‘think with’ – so of course they consider American Patriots are worse than the Taliban.

It’s the VAX that makes you sick. It’s the VAX that will kill you. By design. The VAX is a genocidal agenda. That’s all you need to know! Fauci is the Mengele of our times. Fauci is guilty of committing crimes against humanity and global genocide. It’s time to shut this psychopath down.

The Enemy of the People criminally demented impostor fraud Biden is occupying the WH. Biden and what he represents is an Act of War upon the American People. That’s all you need to know! CV19 in its entirety with the VAX is a WHO genocidal agenda. Masking children and especially school children is a psy-op as well as an abuse and it’s all part of the WHO genocidal agenda targeting the children. That’s all you need to know !

That’s right Tim – 9/11 – it was a missile. It had the ‘footprint’ of a missile. It had a specific target in the Wing of the Pentagon. So, that means the JCS was in on this Act of War against the American People.

The Enemy of the People criminally demented impostor fraud Biden is occupying the WH. Biden and what he represents is a premeditated Act of War upon the American People. MSDNC Rigged Elections, CV19/VAX & Afghanistan ‘compromised’ are all premeditated Acts of War upon the American People. That’s all you need to know!

Re: Newsom Election Fraud. What would you expect criminals return to the scene of the crime until their caught and arrested. MSDNC rigs elections and until 2020 is fixed MSDNC will continue to rig elections.

The VAX is a WHO genocidal agenda. Biden is not an abuse of power – it’s an Act of War against the American People. That’s all you need to know!

Well – blow CCP out of U.S. waters then. After fair warning. If there’s going to be a War (well actually the War is in-progress for some time now) might as well get it over with. The whole world is rapidly going insane. An insane world is not good for the future of the human race.

Psychotic Attention Seeker. Malfunctioning Human Brain. MSM Mind Controlled Programming Glitch. That’s all you need to know…….

What would you expect? Newsom’s MSDNC minions rigging elections is now par for the course!

It’s the VAX that makes you sick. It’s the VAX that will kill you. By design. The VAX is a genocidal agenda. That’s all you need to know!

The Biden Harris Admin is a Satanic Hypocrisy. What you have is impostors with an agenda to destroy America. The Enemy has appropriated the WH and is wreaking malignant havoc in every direction imaginable by design.

You can just see it now: “In order to vote you don’t need a valid ID but you will be required to show your ‘up to date’ VAX Passport. You won’t be able to vote without it. Anyone, no matter what age sex or point of origin legal or illegal, with an ‘up to date’ VAX Passport will be allowed to vote. Anyone else will not be allowed to vote no matter if they’re of age and a legal citizen with valid ID.” And the vote will be rigged no matter what!

The bioweapon is in The VAX – just a little WHO CDC NIH slight of hand. The ‘Phantom’ Virus and its Ghostly Variants are a psy-op for all that follows…..

Re: 9/11 & the 2.3 Trillion $ unaccounted for. The audit was being conducted in the Pentagon Wing that was hit by a ‘cruise missile’ as well as an investigation that was being run out of Building 7. That’s all you need to know!

#LinWoodSpeaksTruth #4

– 9/11 was a lie. It was not the Middle East that attacked us. It was our own country. The deep states military industrial complex

– “I don’t know where George Bush 43 is, but I got an idea where 41 is” (GITMO Ave)

– “when the truth comes out, I suspect old George Bush 43 is going to be glad that he’s either in GITMO or he’s already been shot by a firing squad, because he was involved in killing over 2,800 Americans…”

– Twin towers were the cover for Tower 7, where the records where kept for the Trillions of dollars that went “missing”.

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