September 15, 2021

Well, now. The time has come for us to step forward with further observations about what is currently unfolding on your planet. We will continue to do so, on an as-needed basis, until the evacuation itself is complete. However, we do not intend to hold your hand and walk you through each step of the process. It wouldn’t be possible, anyway, because you are all so individual and so widely dispersed, nothing we can say will apply equally to all of you. Therefore, we will speak in general terms and ask that you do as we have repeatedly counseled you to do: Go within for your answers.

Go within in each moment that presents. Go within and feel into each decision point that appears. You don’t have to know (although we know you would like us to tell you) every detail of what lies ahead. Even though we operate outside of time and already know the ending of this story, we still have to live as we counsel you to live — by being fully present in the presenting moment and trusting in the journey overall.

So, now. The silent war that has been going on in the background has now gotten a bit noisier and has become more visible, as we had told you it would. However, this exchange of blows and responses has just begun, and we can assure you that the power elite are not just going to fold their tent and leave. They will fight every attempt to undermine their hold over humanity until they are totally undone, and that is a process that will play out differently on each of the 12 timelines, so please understand that what we say here only describes what it will look like on the timeline that leads to Terra. There are other scenarios that will unfold on the other 11 timelines, including one in which the power elite are the victors and go on to experience their own 4D negative-polarity planet, but those are not our concern in speaking to you today.

In the immediate future, the tensions will rise even more than they have, in part because of the rigidity and inertia of the existing systems. Just as a very large ocean liner has difficulty in maneuvering around an iceberg that the crew has just become aware of, due to its enormous mass and momentum in a given direction, relative to the steering ability of its rudder, just so the enormous “ship of state” has just entered dangerous waters and cannot respond quickly enough to the changing conditions to avoid a collision.

This collision between those who would kill off much of the world’s population and have total control over the rest and those who wish to be free and go on living was inevitable, because it is part of the overarching theme of the planet herself. In order to “seek harmony in diversity” (which is the principal activity for planet Earth), diversity must exist. Right now, the elements that make up the diversity on 3D Earth are in direct competition with each other — for territory, for food, for resources, and for “living space.”

There are way too many people on the planet and they are pushing out other species so that the balance of the entire planet is being destroyed. Any imbalance that occurs in nature will automatically self-correct in ordinary times, but these are not ordinary times. These are “the end times” — the time of the end of this Creation cycle, and this battle for control is the final battle, as well. What is boiling forth into visibility is what has been there all along, but hidden. Now the frequency shift of the planet is flushing out all of the lower frequencies and bringing forth all of those behaviors that express at those lower frequencies.

In addition to the state of the planet and the natural expulsion of these lower-frequency behaviors, your planet is being affected by energies streaming in from the cosmos that also have a cleansing effect because they support the continuing rise in the frequencies of the planet herself, which in turn affects all forms that inhabit the planet. They are each being raised in frequency, too, leading some to an incompatibility with the present frequencies that results in the process you call death.

There are weapons being used against humanity that are created to destroy them. The current bioweapons are not limited to the obvious ones such as the so-called “vaccines” and man-made viruses. They also include weather warfare, targeted against particular areas that asymmetrically affect the balance of power in those areas. In this final battle, no weapon that is useful will be ignored.

The most subtle of these weapons has been your mainstream media and its highly coordinated messaging. We have told you that it would be helpful to stop watching TV and get your news from within. There is a noise level to all of the “outside news” and we suggest that you pay attention to how your body and mood are affected when you listen to or read any of it. Is it raising your frequency or bringing it down? Is it really helpful or is it disempowering? Is it promoting enemy-patterning? Do you feel under attack when you read or listen to it?

Pay attention at all times, and “pull the plug” on the noise. It is going to increase over time until it is deafening and overwhelming in its intensity. We encourage you to withdraw from the drama as much as you can. Pay attention to those things that enable you to get through these times safely, but also be aware that while some things may be appropriate for some people, they will not automatically be appropriate for ALL people. Listen within for what’s right for you.

Go within for your news, and also to know what your next step should be at any given time. Things are pulling apart and that is how it should be, but it can be upsetting to experience that occurring in ways that appear to threaten you in some way. We want to say to you that whatever your Oversoul has written to occur in your life is what will occur. In that sense, you are totally safe at all times, because it also indicates that whatever is NOT written to occur in your life will NOT occur.

A bridge can fall down because of an earthquake. Two cars next to each other on that bridge can experience things differently, even though they are right next to each other. The driver in one of them could be killed instantly and the driver in the other one can walk away with a few minor injuries from flying glass. It can be THAT selective!

So, we counsel you to listen within at all times, and to tune out the noise that is rising around you. Do not act until and unless you have clarity about what to do and WHEN to do it. Withdraw from the drama to the extent that you can and create your own sanctuary right where you are. Do not accept the “vaccines,” but if you have ALREADY accepted them, make your peace with that and do what you can to protect your body from further harm. There are many protocols available that are protective for those who have been injected and those who have not. Some will be more effective than others, so listen within and do what feels right in that moment. And go within again when new information appears that might affect your prior understanding.

It has been many years since we talked about this Time of Tyranny and now it is here. We have said there would be a scarcity of many things, and that is beginning to occur. Systems and structures are crumbling. Cracks are visible everywhere. Climate change is real, but weather warfare is also real, so expect things to become more turbulent in the weather department. Money is the tool that allows the elite to remain in power and controlling everything else, so there will be upheavals in that area, too. Stock up on necessities as best as you can and try to have some cash on hand to use when the banking system implodes for a while.

We want to emphasize that “apocalypse” does not mean “disaster.” It means “the uncovering” or “the revealing” of what has been hidden. These are the times of the apocalypse. All that has been hidden is being uncovered and revealed. These creatures that are pulling the strings behind the scenes can only do that in hiding. Very soon, now, the curtain will go up and what has been hidden behind that curtain will be visible and vulnerable.

The elites don’t have any real power. They don’t produce anything themselves, and they don’t really own anything either, because ownership is a fiction that evaporates when it stops being accepted by the consensus reality. Property and property lines only exist as part of the consensus reality. If the consensus reality shifts and changes enough, that fiction will also shift and change. On Terra, no one owns anything, including the animals.

None of what you call politics is anything but power games. It’s inherent in the system itself and those people who do have power will do anything to keep it, but they are greatly outnumbered by those who do not have power and have been just trying to get through each day. On Terra, everyone will be sovereign and every life will be meaningful and rich with purpose and pleasure. You have become conditioned to the idea that living a life of purpose requires sacrifice, but that is just what you have been conditioned to by those who profit from your sacrifices, in many ways.

Once this cleansing is complete, your time of being sacrificed will be behind you. You will sit with us as equals and enjoy “the gifts of the kingdom” that are rightfully yours, but for now, there is this Time of Tyranny to navigate, so re-read the Messages and apply those principles to your everyday life and you will have an easier time of it until the time comes when you can leave it all behind, forever.

We leave you now, in peace and honor and blessing. Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.

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