Dracos Reptilians Et’al

In the Living Creation ‘Form Follows Function’ as we see in Human Genesis – the human body fundamentally mobile ‘Mind over Hands’ is the means of highly technical manifestations. Where we find the human race confronted with a variety of ET – Alien Species – with Demonic Possession ‘Mind Control’ with advanced technologies especially with UFOs and Space-craft we must consider this scale of manifestation. Demonic possession of the human mind as well as ‘training’ of and mind controlling of human slaves in order to ‘man-ifest’ or ‘human-ifest’ in the way we see the manifestation of human civilizations – as the ‘Mind over Hands’ for ‘artificial’ manifestation of these technical apparatus and the ‘man-ual’ or ‘human-ual’ operations – ‘Form Follows Function’ applies as a universal constant throughout Divine Nature and the Living Kingdom. Obviously a very ancient thing – but a rule of thumb. Of course there’s AI and Advanced Robotics now but this is an ‘evolutionary’ process beginning with humanoid life forms.

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