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As expected. ‘They’ can keep digging their pit of deceptions deeper and deeper leading to the deep state! People are beginning to see these deep state obscenities.

Joe Biden could barely be bothered to leave his vacation during a hostage crisis, so it should be absolutely zero surprise to anyone that he flew to the beach while 12,000+ migrants overwhelmed our border patrol at Del Rio in a single weekend. Par for the Biden course.


Nancy’s “Baiting” a mob to storm the gates. The drunken psycho-pathology of Nancy’s demonic malignancy is beyond the pale of any common decency. This is a Psychological War tactic. We are obvious at War if such tactics are being deployed against American Citizens.

Re: J6 DC Rally. We knew the MSM Mockingbirds would spin it according to their malignant agenda. Sick bastards that they are!

One is dominated by COVID19 hysteria.

The other?

-Goes to church

-Goes to work

-Goes to school

-Goes to restaurants

-Goes to football games

-And loves freedom

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How many CV19 ‘victims’ has the VAX “saved” then? As far as I can see the VAX hasn’t saved anyone yet but it has seriously harmed millions and lost tens of thousands to date.

The WHO CDC Fauci’s CV19 VAX genetically engineered ‘Kill Shot” Jab is the ‘infection’ like its predecessors in kind AIDS HIV it’s ‘terminal’ by design. It’s the genocidal VAX that makes you sick and eventually kills by incapacitating the body’s natural auto immune system. Fact! How many CV19 ‘victims’ has the VAX “saved” then? As far as I can see the VAX hasn’t saved anyone yet but it has seriously harmed millions and lost tens of thousands to date. Fauci must be arrested and prosecuted for this!

They want you DIVIDED.









John McAfee

I would suggest Articles of a Firing Squad would be more to the point!

The mayhem carnage and economic crash are all products of the Biden Harris Agenda – it’s going so well – might as well party down enjoying another productive weekend! Why not head to the beach?

Re: Illegal Aliens. Send them all to DC – host them in the WH and Congress. DC’s Got plenty of Fencing and Capital Police to ‘contain’ all the illegal ‘invaders’ there – and right there with all their MSDNC and RINO cronies.

It’s the WHO CDC’s VAX “Kill Shot” Jab that makes you sick and eventually kills you by design. Everything else is a premeditated lie to cover for this WHO’s genocidal agenda.

No DOS comment on the Southern Border “Invasion” of illegal immigrants it’s because it’s a DOS “Top Secret” – no body’s supposed to know…… they are just treasonous [DS] idiots!

Can you believe the US DOS is accusing Russian Election Rigging! I mean – such blatant hypocrisy…….

Demonic-Rat’s (and RINOs) Terms for $3.5T spending bill ‘spree’ are psycho-criminally insane concerted with treasonously malignant madness designed to utterly destroy American’s Social Economy.

All Psaki knows how to do is lie. And she’s a really bad actor when it comes to lying – just makes an obvious fool out of herself because a malignant fool is what she is. She’s a premeditated psycho-political distraction.

President Trump has already personally lost times that working to Save America from this International Criminal Syndicate. Lord knows what this CCP Criminal would have done with his lost 1billion. Global Markets are in for it though…..

BREAKING: Sources say that The Clinton Foundation and Goldman Sachs — both owners of multiple Chinese properties — have been advising the Chinese government on the Evergrande case.

The CCP has agreed to break up and dissolve all of Evergrande’s subsidiaries by September 23.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is down more than 900 points.

MSM Mockingbird Mind Controlled Trance State Reality – these Trance State Zombies were programmed to behave this way. It’s right out of the original WHO Fauci CV19 MSM social programming script. This is why these people are acting this way.

AOC is a pampered smirking little jerk; a psycho-pathological pos. Demonic-Rat role model for like-minded marxist liberal zombies. Am welcoming the moment when her self-delusional pseudo-reality crashes and burns into the light of day…….

MSDNC MSM Mockingbird Propagandists are complicit and active partners in this Psy Warfare. No doubt about it!

Big Pharma Investors (Like Fauci) are raking in trillions with this VAX ‘progressive’ genocide. And make no mistake about it – it’s ‘designer genocide’ for these demons…..

Did they Consult with God about this? One Nation Under God ….. is the Supreme Law 0f The Land. If not then who or what did they consult to ‘Patent’ God’s Creation?

In the Living Creation ‘Form Follows Function’ as we see in Human Genesis – the human body fundamentally mobile ‘Mind over Hands’ is the means of highly technical manifestations. Where we find the human race confronted with a variety of ET – Alien Species – with Demonic Possession ‘Mind Control’ with advanced technologies especially with UFOs and Space-craft we must consider this scale of manifestation. Demonic possession of the human mind as well as ‘training’ of and mind controlling of human slaves in order to ‘man-ifest’ or ‘human-ifest’ in the way we see the manifestation of human civilizations – as the ‘Mind over Hands’ for ‘artificial’ manifestation of these technical apparatus and the ‘man-ual’ or ‘human-ual’ operations – ‘Form Follows Function’ applies as a universal constant throughout Divine Nature and the Living Kingdom. Obviously a very ancient thing – but a rule of thumb. Of course there’s AI and Advanced Robotics now but this is an ‘evolutionary’ process beginning with humanoid life forms.

These poor weak minded ‘officials’ are subliminally ‘demon possessed’ minions under coercive ‘mind control’ – do these robotic zombies even realize wtf they’re doing (besides ‘just doing their job’)? This ‘mental disorder’ is the (satanic) pandemic globally –

Kimmel is a Criminal. Simply stated – more than a criminal in his MSM Mockingbird role promoting the VAX ‘Kill Shot’. He’s in league as a MSDNC Demonic-Rat Propagandist. He knows what it is and that it Kills by design. Scum of the Underworld……

Fix (not rig) the 2020 Election and Fix (not rig) future Elections across the board with a secure and even ‘sacred’ voting process that prevents Election Rigging and Vote Fraud; Where Violation of the Sanctity of The Vote is Treason by any other name……

NBC malignant braindead journo-zombies. They come pre-scripted and doing their wrap up smearing job is priority #1 – common sense doesn’t even enter their malignant brains.

I’m a researcher – I want to see how it kills me. Since everyone I know personally has taken it – might as well be a case in point. My time’s running short anyway……

Hillary is a psycho criminal psychopath doubling down – rigging elections and assassinations are her ‘thing’. Rig and Kill that’s Hillary’s mantra……

Mueller and 9/11 is all you need to know. The FBI False Flag Cover Up of 9/11 was Mueller’s baby…. Now this Russia Russia Russia impeachment hoax. MSDNC is guilty as charged! All who are complicit with this and 2020 Election rigging are guilty as charged! Bring it on!

Fauci’s Booster VAX for the final kill….. if 1&2 Kill Shot Jabs don’t do it – the 3rd one will….

And once hospitalized – they die under WHO ‘treatment’ protocols that are designed to kill these patients. For the fabricated statistics and big bonuses to the hospitals for each kill. Fact!

It’s totally intentional. This is part of an ‘Invasion Plan’ and a ‘Mass Distraction’; so the demonic-rat and rino traitors responsible for securing the Southern Border are complicit in just ‘letting’ this happen. It’s a preplanned enemy ‘Attack’ upon American Citizens! Fact!

When has the mRNA Vax even ‘saved’ a life? It’s designed to incapacitate the natural human immune system. How does that equate with saving lives?

I thought Adam ‘Schiffty’ Schitt was in prison? He should be! His entire life is treason.

“They” want the illegals to replace the soon to be multi-millions of sovereign citizens that are being victimized by VAX “Kill Shot” Jab employment mandates. It’s all by design!

Psychotic attention seekers making billions for psychopathic surgeons and doctors who promote and ‘specialize’ in these inhuman mutilation procedures.

Re: Remdes-vir. Maybe killing people? It’s being used as a WHO genocidal Hospital Protocol to kill people by design. Especially when there are proven safe and efficacious treatments abundantly available. Make no mistake about it!

The WHO Covid VAX “Kill Shot” is a Genocidal Population Control / Controlled Depopulation Program. The “Jab” is genetically engineered to incapacitate one’s natural immune system similar to AIDS HIV but is also mixed with a host of other exotic toxins. Hospital Protocols now in-place facilitate this genocidal process. Simple matter of fact. This is what’s at stake.

Re: Southern Border. It’s been a coordinated invasion for decades now intensifying to meet these critical times! It is an Act of War against The United States – and we know who are its chief organizers!

He didn’t kill OBL. Maybe he killed someone targeted as OBL but it wasn’t OBL. This was another one of Obama’s deceptions. Rule of thumb with Obama – everything about Obama is a deception – so it stands to reason. But hey – carry on!

Now masks are evil tool of Fauci’s master plan! A sign of subservience of the masses eh doc?

Can you just imagine how malignantly slimy these demonic-rats are? That a human being could even think like these swamp creatures do is so far beyond any decency and common sense. Evil has possessed these depraved souls……

Re: Faux Gen Milley – what a turd. Couldn’t find a better word for this traitorous pos. These demonic-rats are all ‘coming out of the closet’ now.

Re: CRT & Marxism is a cancer that malignantly metastasizes into every social and cultural context. It’s Sublimates Chaos Theory into a medium of socialized insanity. What you see now is what you get – socialized madness and zombies. It’s malignant – a destructive thing.

Impostor Pedo Joe Biden is an illiterate criminally demented malignantly incoherent deep state (Obama / Clinton) traitorous puppet. What would you expect? His deep state demonic agenda is in utter contempt of the dignity or wellbeing of humanity.

Probably got the drone targeting from the Taliban….. hit a family that the Taliban wanted to get rid of perhaps because they were too “Americanized”!

That’s what you get when it is in fact a WHO Genocidal De-Population Program. Controlled genocide with the hospitals and doctors. This program has been in R&D stages for decades – now we are at ‘ground zero’ in the 11th hour! Bio-Psy weapons being deployed.

Re: The Declaration of Independence, The US Constitution, and Bill of Rights. Impostor Pedo Joe Biden is an illiterate criminally demented malignantly incoherent deep state (Obama / Clinton) traitorous puppet. What would you expect? To Joe Biden and Gw Bush Jr “it’s just (antiquated) old pieces of museum paper” (belonging only to a the Smithsonian) ….


Proof that chlorine dioxide aqueous solution can inactivate the binding of the variant spike proteins to the human ACE2 receptor protein.

This means that if you have had the VAX and you need to get rid of the spike proteins chlorine dioxide can do it.

If you want to learn more on Chlorine dioxide (CDS), ie. how to make it, how to take it, different protocols etc go to Dr Andreas Kalcker’s website:

And 10,000 Nancy’s Capital Police FBI agent provocateurs National Guard Armed Marxist Militia and BLM – hey! Somebody offer them a ‘ham-sandwich’ – for such a colorful day!

Typical Demonic-Rat Speak. Inversion of Truth (and forensic facts) with Gaslighted Projection. This is Marxist Indoctrinated Think and Speak …. a self-delusional dialectic. Pathological (scripted MSM Mockingbird style) Lying Propaganda to Deceive the Public Mindsets.

The Phantom Virus (variants alpha – omega) in conjunction with the VAX ‘Kill Shot’ Face Masks Social Distancing Lockdowns and Gestapo style Arrests is orchestrated with the “Great Reset” of the Demonic Globalist’s World Financial and Monetary System; are designed with all the other orchestrated ‘attacks’ of hordes of illegals criminals and terrorists stampeding the borders of Sovereign Nation States; is a tactical agenda for Marxist deconstruction of the geopolitical landscape according to the NWO Agenda for 2030 and beyond. Mass Deception Social Chaos Genocidal Murder DePopulation and Mayhem is their Satanic Plan in operation just as we are witnessing it today in America and around the World.

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