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It has been corrupted to an almost irredeemable extent – obviously just about every component of the US Constitution and Common Sense has been all but obliterated by the enemies of the Republic so cognitive dissonance and social chaos is the rule of fools today.


Anyone telling you that the Maricopa County 2020 election was legitimate is lying to you. So basically, turn off the #FakeNews if you haven’t already. It’s time to think for yourself and help the lions save America.

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Hey Fakebook what about ‘doctored’ (rigged) Elections and Faked News regarding (rigged) Elections – that’s about as ‘doctored’ as it gets!

Re: “Rev” Al Sharpton. Never interfere with a psycho demonic-rat when He’s deconstructing himself. Every time “Rev” Al opens his,mouth he’s digging a deeper pit filled with his own malignant horse-shit!

Gosh a doctored photo. Imagine that! How about all the MSM Mockingbird Propaganda doctored photos false flags Fake News – nothing but ‘doctored’ across the boards. Demonic-rats and Fakebook are Criminal Hypocrites compulsively ‘doctoring’ information to misinform and deceive the public. Good grief – can you be any more ‘doctored’ than this total fiction of a reality that they represent? I ask you……

Rudy Giuliani

“Fox News just banned me! From now on i will be most active here on my Telegram channel! This is the place where i feel safe!

Make sure to join and share my channel so every Patriot should know the truth!”

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Do a legitimate forensic audit of every facet of government. Call this the Time of Audits for future history books. Let the Truth of Everything be Known! Forensic Audit the MSDNC MSM Mockingbirds and their Fake News Propagandists. Forensic Audit of Everyone in the Congress, in the Judiciary and DOJ, in the Alphabet Agencies including the CIA FBI and DOD.

Tedros is WHO (w/Fauci) VAX Genocidal War Criminal(s) with massive Crimes against Humanity forensic exposure is worldwide with billions of victims. Time for Judgment!

Psaki is a lying CLOWN hypocritical scum….. lies projection gaslighting misdirections and disinformation is ‘her thing’!

George Orwell’s Final Warning: Don’t Let This Nightmare Situation Happen. It Depends on You!

As described in Orwell dystopian “1984” novel,

no longer fiction,

“The Ministry of Peace concerns itself with war, the Ministry of Truth with lies, the Ministry of Love with torture and the Ministry of Plenty with starvation.”

“These contradictions are not accidental, nor do they result from from ordinary hypocrisy.”

“They are deliberate exercises in doublethink.”

Hey Fakebook AI robots and minions hows the censorship going today? And, hows the misinformation disinformation spreading around and pissing on Real News Facts and Truth as well as Patriots? Are the bonuses that good for treason that you sell out your personal integrity?

Not only “can’t trust” doctors are getting paid for systematic euthanasia with WHO directed hospital protocols that are designed to kill patients for a bonus. MDs are either homicidal psychopaths or just protecting their job and pay by doing what they’re directed to do by WHO principalities.

Impostor Joe Biden is criminally demented CLOWN; [DS] Puppet incoherently babbling what his puppet masters tell him to say & do. This is a [DS] Crown Globalist dictatorship w/ foreign principalities calling the shots to deconstruct America into a neo-feudal NWO corporatocracy.

Impostor Joe Biden is a criminally demented CLOWN; a Deep State Puppet incoherently babbling whatever his puppet masters coach him to say and do. This is a Deep State Crown Globalist dictatorship with foreign principalities calling the shots to deconstruct America back into a neo-feudal colony. We need to be specific about this!

Time to disenfranchise FOX Fake News. FOX has nothing but contempt for the Truth and The American People. To lie point blank in your face is morally irredeemable. Axe FOX!

The FBI is complicit. What the FBI does with its investigations is bury the evidence literally. The FBI is part of the Deep State and its treasonous operations. So, having the FBI investigate is probably not the best idea!

Did this light the fuse? Tomorrow’s Presidential Rally should bring some clarification. We know there was massive fraud orchestrated by any means criminally imaginable all across the Nation and beyond. We’ve known that since election day. Proof of it is just being denied by every complicit agency with mainstream Fake News media.

The Biden / Harris Impostor Admin knows that its days are numbered and so “they” will inflict as much damage mayhem and chaos upon The American People as they can (hoping at best it will be terminal) before they are arrested and judiciously dealt with. Marxist terminal madness is their mantra.

The MSM Mockingbirds are complicit with the overall treason so this whole election rigging and vote fraud was/is being orchestrated from “above” – now just who might this “above” be? Hmmmm let me take a guess…….

Well it’s no wonder De Niro is ‘acting’ like he has a terminal case of mad dog rabies. I mean what would be the characterization of such a malignantly crazy person? De Niro is it! Being morally degenerate and criminally insane sums up this demon possessed creature the best…..

The Audit team is not authorized to decertify the election. This has to be referred to the AG and the Senate needs to take this action. The Audit team is presenting the forensic facts and evidence that it found.

We are at War with the Enemy Within is sitting in the WH – the VAX with these Malicious Coercive Mandates is designed in this capacity to destroy the United States Military with biological and psychological weapons. That should be pretty clear by now. Where’s the DOD?

Nancy and Adam’s “Wrap Up Smearing” scam. Make up stuff leak it to your covert agent in the press and then make a big Congressional issue out of the Fake News generated by this! Pretty cool huh? Treasonous bastards!

Re: AOC & Squad. Never interfere with psycho dramatizing demonic-rats when they’re deconstructing theirselves. Every time AOC & Squad opens their mouths they’re digging a deeper pit filled with their own malignant horse-shit PS: Whatever AOC (& Squad) cries crocodile tears about I’m all for it. That’s a fast rule of thumb!

9/11 Wasn’t “like” a controlled demolition — it WAS a controlled demolition — any firefighter or structural engineer worth his salt would know that immediately. I observed it when it happened and it was immediately clear to me…..

Maricopa County didn’t “fail” to preserve this election data – it deliberately scrubbed it to cover for the orchestrated vote fraud. Two major criminal counts right there!

These are the mail in envelopes. Now we need to see the actual mail in ballots and the mail in voting counts. Like are all these these mail in duplicates votes for Biden? That’s a big question!

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