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Psycho-pathological Marxist Liberalism is the very definition of criminal insanity turning the entire world into a satanic psychiatric institution for genocidal drug experimentation society of “socialized” demonic zombie madness. That about sums it up.

Video taken from COVID VACCINE VICTIMS AND FAMILIES. – It explains a lot why there are many people with no side effects. They don’t know that their white blood cells are being wiped out systematically.

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Re: Dan Crenshaw. One of Klaus Schwab’s WEF ‘poster boys’ and in kind with John Kerry RINOs etc. in league with Crown Globalists and the NWO Agenda(s) 2030 Pro VAX Pro 2020 election rigging and with [DS] orchestrated voter fraud.

God works through His children who believe in Him and seek to do His Will on Earth. They are truth-givers. Search for them. When you find them, listen carefully. They will be telling you the TRUTH.


We’re in a War that was started centuries ago the bio-psy op component has been going on since at least AIDS HIV in the 80’s so it’s The Art of War WW3 Style and mass casualties are inevitable one way or the other. Sometimes you do what ya gotta do! That’s how I see it. The “depopulation” agenda is a paradox.


Be the autists we know you are.

It’s about the BREAK.

Godspeed, Patriots.



News Unlocks.



YT FB and MSM Mockingbird Social Media w/ Deep State Censorship and Mind Controlling Programing shows how insidious their operatives are and their agenda for the human race. We’ve got “1984” Syndrome in spades!

Deep State RINO traitors to the American People. It’s simple really – the very definition of traitors and must be publicly prosecuted as such bc it’s the public that’s being betrayed and deceived.

๐ŸŸฅGet ready for RED OCTOBER๐ŸŸฅ

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Covid deaths before and after vaccination country by country. Shocking!

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One can appreciate just how insidious the imposter Biden Admin is once the factual actual legitimate information about Fauci’s WHO fake CV19 pandemic with Fauci’s WHO genocidal VAX ‘Kill Shot’ Jab is exposed for what really is, a depopulation population control program & Act of War against Humanity.

It’s the VAX that’s dangerous. The CV19 is a gimmick – mostly just the Seasonal Flu as one can clearly see from a host of previous years statistics. CV19 is an affected pandemic of fear to coerce the people into getting the VAX Jab and Boosters which actually disable the body’s natural auto-immune system. Fact!

Why is Psaki always wearing the stupidest grin in the face of her administration’s catastrophic disasters? She’s one sick little puppy…..

“unnecessary” deaths? Deaths are precisely what this WHO genocidal VAX depopulation agenda is all about. The VAX is an Act of War and nothing less!

Typical of Obama to project a patsy (Joe) to take a hit for his own open borders agenda. Obama is a pathological psycho-political double-dealing swamp creature. Surrogate Biden is Obama’s puppet. Criminally demented literally incoherent Biden may have “mis-heard’ or misread misunderstood Obama’s instructions. Joe’s just a “white guy” so what would you expect!

None. All the Fed BOE Ponzi Scheme Crown U.S.A. Inc. Financial Corporation is bankrupt on its own account. Any property holdings will be consumed in the legit Financial Reset.

What is the norm of one’s behavorial code and principles? What is the essence of what defines us humans?

It is the SOUL given by God. God gave us life to be pure and honest, even though we turned out to become so toxic and deceptive.

We will bring light back to these holy lands cloaked in the darkness of those who betrayed their kin. TRUTH is our only weapon and TRUMP is the only tool.

Together we can. Stay united, America!๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

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Aliens Extra-Dimensionals Demons Jinn Jennies and Fairys and Marxist Liberals – all of a type – in myriad varieties. Yep…. you’re right!

All these demon possessed psychopathic elitist world leaders from prime ministers to presidents governors sos and mayors are all marching to the same drum – and dictating the same VAX script (in detail); so they’re all being briefed and programmed from a common source. I wonder WHO that is?

Just a reminder that these people are fu@kin sick evil Satanics. Clergy Denounce โ€˜Satanicโ€™ London Fashion Week Show Held in Church

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Do. You. See. It. Yet?

NEW – YouTube will ban any video that claims “vaccines are ineffective or dangerous” from now on and has suspended the accounts of prominent vaccination opponents, including Joseph Mercola and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (WSJ)

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Not all storms come to disrupt your life,

some come to clear your path..

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16% of New York state’s hospital workers are not fully vaccinated, thus over 83,000 are at risk of termination after Governor Kathy Hochul’s mandate went into effect yesterday (CBS)

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BREAKING โ€“ Now that Putin’s lifelong friend Merkel is out of office, the new government of Germany wants Russia-owned messaging app Telegram banned, after yesterday’s ban of Russian RT (Deutsch) on YouTube.

NWO is speeding up!!

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And…. Angels! Revelations. We are Living Scripture! Historic (and Ancient) Sacred Scriptures are about Teachings to Prepare The People (Humanity) for the very Times We are now Living….

Let’s make it a little more “tenable” : Do you believe in the sanctity of Truth; or do you believe in the delusions of lies? Truth is a Divine Principle. Lies and deceptions belong to the “Lord of Illusions”. Seek the Truth and The Truth Shall Set You Free! In forensic science Truth is the exact (precise) Time Place Form and Event of any Crime Scene. Truth is Disclosure and Revelation. The Time is Now!

Fakebook AI “Fact-Checking” (bs) bots are an obvious joke. The very information you invalidate validates itself by its authentic content. Fakebook (Zucs) literally with its hosts of censorship of real facts disinformation misdirection misinformation and obvious deep state propaganda. When will Fakebook minions see the light of Truth? I wonder……

Some people still don’t believe we’re in a world war specifically centered on the United States and what they’re experiencing is the way this war is being waged – with biological and psychological weapons of mass destruction slow burning into more conventional elements of a Hot War before this is finally done.

Once you know – you know. It’s all about the VAX – this VAX agenda has been under R&D since at least the 1980’s AIDS HIV experiments in Africa and NYC. Just ask Prince Philip – I believe this was his idea originally….. oh wait a minute Prince Philip is dead now…. He has ‘reincarnated’ as the Phantom Virus CV19 and “Variants”. It’s all about the genocidal VAX!

I’ve seen that posted as 4:1 (killed:saved) That’s a statement but where are the authentic verifiable statistics of those that the VAX genocidal kill shot has actually saved? Saved How? Saved from What? We can see the authentic “verifiable stats” of those who have been maimed and killed by it very clearly.

Let me see now that equates in the U.S. population demographics 98% of 330 million = 323.5 million times an (eventual) 80% mortality rate leaves a population of approximately 65 million survivors in the U.S. to manage and control by the NWO Corporate Elite. How’s them odds eh?

And you don’t think we’re at war with an enemy that is deploying Biological (The Jab) and Psychological Warfare to an extent we’ve never seen before – MSDNC MSM Mockingbird Social Media is the psychological warfare component. We Will Never Forget the MSDNC’s Rigged 2020 Election w/ its Orchestrated Vote Fraud.

Stay Tuned!

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