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How convenient – fake test fake virus fake fake news fake president fake congress fake SC. The whole lot of them should be quarantined forever……

The question is how/why are all these demons (demonic-rats) all on the same page as far as this VAX malignancy goes. WHO is orchestrating this mind warping draconian tyranny (worldwide) from the ‘tippy top’? All the twisted narratives, the malicious talking points – what kind of a creature is manifesting this in the psychopathic minds of these possessed souls? WHO is it?

General Flynn says that the Democrat Party no longer exists.

It’s now two groups:

A). Conservatives/Patriots

B). Socialists/Communists

I think we all know which side is going to win this fight.

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Ok so everyone is making deals tonight.

Here’s my offer to the Speaker.

I’ll vote YES if you..

1. Decertify election

2. Trump back in the WH

3. Fire Fauci

4. Expel Maxine

5. Investigate Ilhan

6. Build the Wall – close the border

7. End mask/vaccine mandates.


Personally I don’t think the MSDNC Demonic-Rats give a rat’s ass about ‘feeling panic’ – no matter how much we might feel ‘retribution’ – criminal psychopaths don’t ‘feel’ such ‘human’ emotions bc essentially their not human beings; they’re ‘demons’ as depicted throughout history and ancient myths; and because of this they must be ‘exorcised’ with the Truth and “Common Sense” for the evil ‘spirits’ that they are. At the psycho-political level it’s a dialectic of “Propaganda” War-Fare because that’s the ‘secular’ (common) reality level of the ‘body politic’.

You were born for this exact moment in history. Take a second and reflect in your reality. The evil is only temporary, we are awake to it all now. We are going to win.

God bless you.


Imposter Biden is a senile criminally demented incoherent deep state puppet who is utterly incapable of doing anything remotely sensible or responsible. So who is really running his show?

Portrait of Demons – (what a demon is in human form) – they’re a psychopathological type. Hard to think they’re even human!

Looks to me like we’re well into WW3. Heavy on the Psychological Warfare Psy-Ops while conventional forces are positioning on the geopolitical landscape. Americans are living in a TV VR Trance State ‘manifesting’ as the Reality that they believe in. Waking up is the most difficult thing to do!

“Soon, at any moment a turn of events will trigger the unbelievable. Our entire government will be invalidated. Biden, Harris, Members of Congress and The Supreme Court will be removed. Laugh if you want. There will be a ‘temporary’ Coup d’état with new elections, a new beginning.”

Somebody give malignant ‘Nancy the Drunk’ another bottle so she can at least see straight. It’s so obvious – she’s got to do something to drown her conscience! But geeesh! what a god-awful witch she’s become…….


The final rounds of our judicial fight are finally happening!

FBI Russia Investigation was a turning point in our election history and all involved MUST FACE justice, including Clinton Law Firm.

The road to justice is hard but we started the journey! This Monday more important updates!

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Fauci’s “master plan” to assassinate 80% of the world’s populations. Literally – this is where this criminal psychopath is at! He and his wife who profiles the psychological components dealing with brainwashing and mind controlling ‘the masses’ in their WHO genocidal VAX depopulation agenda.

The Biden Administration —

Border Patrol agents: get the vaccine or get fired.

Illegal immigrants: welcome in, up to you if you want the vaccine.

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There’s mobs of deep state mind controlled human zombies running amuck; all we need is deep state AI programmable psychopathic zomboids joining in the mob!

Deep State Censorship intensifies as we approach the “Final Blackout” – eyes on MSM – lights out! “They” can’t handle The Truth!

They want you DIVIDED.











We would likely NEVER hear of people turning up with sudden cancers as related to the jab, bc most people would assume it’s NOT related…evil genius.


What’s that Q saying going around….. “When you Know you Know” – It’s really not about ‘belief’ – but when you know you Know! God is Omniscience – ‘All Knowing’ is of God. Knowing is the ‘Perception of Truth’. Truth is a Divine Principle. Seek the Truth and The Truth shall set you free! As a matter of fact!! People should wake up to the actual ‘Divine’ meaning of what they ‘believe’.

What’s that Q saying going around….. “When you Know you Know” – It’s really not about ‘belief’ – but when you Know you know! God is Omniscience – ‘All Knowing’ is of God. Knowing is the ‘Perception of Truth’. Truth is a Divine Principle. Seek the Truth and The Truth shall set you free! As a matter of fact!! People should wake up to the actual ‘Divine’ meaning of what they ‘believe’.

I would say that the CV19 “Scandemic” with genocidal VAX Kill Shot jab progression of “Variants” was/is in “preparation” for the “next deadly phase” of this WHO Crown Globalist CCP UN Population Control with Controlled Depopulation Agenda Pre-Planned & Programmed Operation for WHO UN Medical Tyranny orchestrated World War 3.

Psycho-pathological Marxist Liberalism is the very definition of criminal insanity turning the entire world into a satanic psychiatric institution for genocidal drug experimentation society of “socialized” demonic zombie madness. That about sums it up.

Doctors are telling vaccine injured that patients suddenly developing blood clots after jab have a rare ‘genetic condition’ that has been undetected all this time(! what a coincidence!) and the genetic condition’s interaction with that shot caused it to suddenly make an appearance! Like magic! Just like my very pro vax landlord that got his teen daughter shot up with incredibly dangerous guardasil jab…when his daughter wound up in the hospital with BRAIN SWELLING (a noted potential side effect for guardasil) the doctors told him his daughter had a ‘rare genetic condition” of her skull being too small for her brain’ 😣

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