HLS Red October.3

Thank you Leonie. I see demons and demonic possession as a infestation of criminal psychopaths infiltrating throughout the government with their mind controlled zombie minions in the streets, I see them in the TV MSM Mockingbird Fake News, I see demons in Hollywood and Movies, I see them in the schools and universities indoctrinating marxist madness with obscenities of all kinds. One is called to recognize demonic malignancies and shun them, disempower them, prosecute and imprison them. The Words and Works of God are Divine Truth when coupled with Divine Understanding and Common Sense we have the sword and shield of Divine righteousness. Demons are incomprehensibly real and they are as dangerous as a plague of metastasizing cancers and diseases of all kinds. A demon’s deceptions come in every form imaginable! We are armed with The Truth to defend against them.

Marxist demonic-rats are an institutionalized obscenity. At some point real soon they must be disintegrated for the sake of humanity.

Big Pharma is the biggest crimimal psychopathic scam on the planet. Its principalities profit off of prolonging disease and death in the name of the Health Care Industry.

Reality is WHO w/ Fauci’s genocidal VAX Kill Shots for All – and now for all the children. It’s the ‘sterilizing’ VAX that makes you sick; will maim and kill you – the perfect gift to the future of humanity! A gift that just keeps on giving and killing; anyone promoting or mandating the WHO genocidal VAX is guilty of massive crimes against humanity. It’s that simple!

Crown Globalist Neo-Feudalistic Corporatocracy is the NWO schematic where Crown Globalist Corporations are your NWO Lord and Master. Massive human depopulation is a NWO Agenda!

Well now you know how to account for De Niro’s psychopathic rabid madman dramatizations. He’s guilty of some really sick shit!

From all the information that has been available over the past 50 years since the DOD’s NBC “Special Virus Program” through the AIDS HIV experimentations in Africa and NYC – I expect President Trump is at least just as aware of the real world forensic facts concerning the VAX as I am. Mitigated mass casualties were/are unavoidable.

Genocidal Demonic-Rat Fauci needs to go back to the rat’s hell he came from and leave humanity alone….. just shut up and go away….. already!

Senile Criminally Demented Impostor Puppet Joe Biden “Working Like Hell” to destroy American Sovereignty, destroy Americans, destroy the American Economy, destroy American Cultural Heritage and destroy the American Way of Life with a complete dereliction of duty and executive treason across the boards. What a guy!


NEW – Deaths among 15-19 year-olds up 56% since vaccine roll-out began in the UK, statistics from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) indicate.

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