HLS Red October.4

Diabolical is the word of the day! The VAX is a diabolical plan to depopulate the human race. The Virus is a decoy cover story for the VAX which is the object.

What did “they” teach this CLOWN in University back in his day? Joe’s worldview reality is really, shall we say, messed up! GWB was/is an idiot – but this Joe idiot is really a piece of work!

The Vaccines Are 1000% More Deadly Than Covid-19

According to multiple studies the fully vaccinated are at the highest risk of injury and death

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Marxist Zombie Mindless Speak – What they’re teaching about liberal etiquette in schools universities and on the street. Utter sublimated madness!

“The Show” costing millions of lives and millions of injuries – I can see that as the reality of our times. The cover story is about mitigating inevitable collateral damage involved with “The Plan” compared to any other actions and so… from a commoner perspective it will be what it will be and we’re trying to understand what is the bigger picture. Personally I don’t like Pence and the way he speaks.

Gone? This creature is a deep state malignant criminal psychopath. Criminal insanity by definition!

They have planned depopulation for years, it’s been written in stone.

Anyone who takes the jab will lose all human rights and become a slave to the system, if they haven’t died already.

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When megalomaniacal psychopaths mess with the Divine Science of Creation and Divine Life on Earth there’s Hell Fire to pay sooner or later and that’s clearly evident in what we’re experiencing in the World Today. One doesn’t have to be a Rocket Scientist or a genius to get what’s really going on. We have a pandemic of tyrannical NWO psychopaths who are turning our Living World into a Hellish Pit filled with satanic obscene zombies.

The WHO genocidal VAX is an active component of the Crown Globalist CCP population control and controlled depopulation agenda program in effect. You can have all the nonsensical discussions about its merits and the WHO tyranny that the program it has effected worldwide with its psychopathic principalities; but it’s the VAX that’s making people sick and eventually kills them by design. It’s that simple!

“Military Intel From Behind The Scenes” is like an “Anonymous Source” of the MSDNC MSM Fake News Reporting. Just saying…….

DC is USA Inc. an utterly bankrupted Crown Globalist Corporation that has been stealing Americans blind since its inception in 1913

A mad drunk headmaster of the House! Somebody give malignant ‘Nancy the Drunk’ another bottle so she can at least see straight. It’s so obvious – she’s got to do something to drown her conscience! But geeesh! what a god-awful witch she’s become…….

Sheer insanity. No civilized nation nor any US citizen would allow (actually enable) this level of humanitarian crisis to enter its own borders. There are far better ideas and ways to handle this nightmare. America did not vote for this!


Zombie Marxist Liberals are a malignant miscreant disease on the face of humanity

WHO Mass Genocidal Fiend Demonic-Rat Herr Doctor Fauci needs to go back to the rat’s hell he came from and leave humanity alone….. just shut up and go away…..

Kash Patel: Durham To Reveal Broad Democrat Conspiracy Against President Trump

Please STAY CALM. We knew this day would come. So it seems to be starting right now. From now on, be there for those who will have a hard time. Should the lights go out here on TG too, there is only one thing left for me to say. It was an honor to be with you and we’ll see you on the other side again! God bless each of you Patriots. J.Q. ❤🙏

🟥Get ready for RED OCTOBER🟥


The future does not belong to GLOBALISTS; it belongs to PATRIOTS

Google, Instagram , Facebook and WhatsApp down(GLOBALISTS MEDIA)

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Their planned supply chain chaos is getting closer. Remember they can only carry out their ‘Build Back Better’ plan by destroying everything first!

(Build back better is the correct name)

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One of World’s Largest Port Operators Warns Global Supply Chain ‘Crisis’ Will Last Longer Than Expected

⚠️❗As Warning to Communist China: UK Carrier Strike Group 21 is entering the South China Sea through Bashi Channel, earlier today.

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China flew 145 aircraft into Taiwan’s air defense zone in past 4 days. Today marked most ever, 52. Four aircraft carriers now exercising in W. Pacific — USS Ronald Reagan, USS Carl Vinson and HMS Queen Elizabeth. Japan’s carrier has U.S. F-35s aboard on first day new PM in office.

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52 #Chinese military aircraft entered #Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone, or #ADIZ on October 4th, breaking all previous all time records of number of Chinese aircraft to violate Taiwan’s ADIZ.

CCP is testing Taiwan’s Air Defenses

Lindsey Graham is a two faced deep state swamp creature playing his art of deception as usual.

Senile Criminally Demented Deep State “Obama” Puppet Impostor Joe Biden – (which Joe is the real Joe) – continues to spread his malignant script. The People need a Reckoning.

Marxist Demonic-Rats are playing The People like the fools they think The People are. Those that go along with this malignant obscenity are marxist mind controlled zombies and are an utter embarrassment to the human race.

Genocidal Demonic-Rat Herr Doctor Fauci needs to go back to the rat’s hell he came from and leave humanity alone….. just shut up and go away…..

The VAX is a deadly decoy – a mass distraction – a cover for what’s really happening behind the scenes. Do not lose your focus in The Storm…..

From all the news bits I’ve gathered over the past two years the VAX Kill Shot deaths are much higher than 16,000. The MSM reporting is falsified and skewed by design. Those who have been maimed and crippled are in the millions and those who are inevitably dying are in the billions. As a matter of fact. This is just the beginning of this VAX pandemic!

Thank you Leonie. I see demons and demonic possession as a infestation of criminal psychopaths infiltrating throughout the government with their mind controlled zombie minions in the streets, I see them in the TV MSM Mockingbird Fake News, I see demons in Hollywood and Movies, I see them in the schools and universities indoctrinating marxist madness with obscenities of all kinds. One is called to recognize demonic malignancies and shun them, disempower them, prosecute and imprison them. The Words and Works of God are Divine Truth when coupled with Divine Understanding and Common Sense we have the sword and shield of Divine righteousness. Demons are incomprehensibly real and they are as dangerous as a plague of metastasizing cancers and diseases of all kinds. A demon’s deceptions come in every form imaginable! We are armed with The Truth to defend against them.

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