HLS Red October.5

Diabolical WHO Mass Genocidal Fiend Demonic-Rat Herr Doctor Fauci needs to go back to the rat’s hell he came from and leave humanity alone….. just shut up and go away…..


“Deceptions designed to fool the American people”? Al Gore Jr (Prince Philip’s hand picked “Environmental Czar”) should know about deceptions! All these demonic-rats must have gone to the same school of deception projection and gaslighting “to fool the American people” and the people of the world!

The local public schools are pandemonium with entire generations of students damaged by the “Pandemic” and now the “VAX” with masked lockdown and CRT culture since March of 2020; it’s all but impossible to teach generations of students affected by this diabolical agenda premeditatedly designed to destroy any semblance of sanity and order in our American Culture. FB has big role to play in these student’s mindsets.

The WHO VAX is the incapacitating disease and its “variants” that will make you sick maim and kill you by WHO design. It’s that simple and that diabolical.

All these WHO PCR tests are fake. WHO Fake pandemic WHO Fake VAX for Fake pandemic. Just consider all the WHO Fake PCR test false positives that have victimized healthy citizens by WHO design. This WHO genocidal population control and controlled depopulation agenda is a diabolical program.

Biden didn’t win anything. It’s time to get this criminally demented impostor out of the WH and behind bars pending a military tribunal for treason.

Everything about Obama including his ex-VP now impostor in the WH is a premeditated lie. Obama’s claim to fame is pathological lying point blank in the face of American Citizens. Obama and Biden are the epitome of treason by all definition! Lying and treason is what they do.

The VAX in fact will cripple the DOD and military personnel by design. In reality it’s WHO w/ Fauci’s genocidal VAX Kill Shots for All – and now for all the children too. It’s the ‘sterilizing’ VAX that makes you sick; will maim and kill you – the perfect gift to the future of humanity! A gift that just keeps on giving by maiming and killing; so anyone promoting or mandating the WHO genocidal VAX is thereby guilty of massive crimes against humanity and is guilty of enemy treason against the America People. It’s that simple!

That’s right! Criminally demented Joe Biden’s “Rule of Lawlessness” – Biden’s Fed is the Enemy of the People. It’s that simple when you have Enemies and Traitors for an Impostor Administration. Expect more Tyranny until and End is Brought to It!

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