HLS Red October.17

Pete Buttigieg is a disgrace to the human race as well as a traitor! On paid “paternity leave” with his gay whatever person while the National Economy sinks into the ocean? What, pray tell, is the definition of treason? What is the definition of insanity?

Re: CCP “hypersonics”. It would only take one such strike and massive retaliation would bring (a far greater) hell on Earth with Mutually Assured Destruction.

Currently at the globalist Fauci meetup in Beverly Hills. Billionaires from all over are meeting to discuss how to force mandatory vaccinations.

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What adds up is that it’s the genocidal VAX that makes you sick maims and eventually kills you with hospital protocols that facilitate the dying process by design. This is what the real stats show you!

Evil CLOWN Kamala Harris is the Poster Child of a Criminal Psychopath. A demonic disease spewing its satanic contagion into the face of Americans. It’s time for the final cure!

Re: Wally. Someone should warn this psycho-political CLOWN that his place in history is jeopardized by making such threats against The People!

Re: Liz Cheney and the D-Mob. There’s absolutely nothing legitimate or common sense with these evil psycho-political criminals and traitors. Even suggesting such a thing as morality or justice is preposterous!

Get rid of this evil little CLOWN Fauci is guilty of massive premeditated crimes against humanity. Fauci gets off on putting his shit over on the “little people” – this is the way it is with criminal psychopaths like Herr Doctor Fauci.

The Rockefeller Family has deep ties to the Bush Crime Family.

When Standard Oil was broken up, the Rockefeller Family, most likely, took over Saudi Arabia and controls the joker family there to hold people down.

Tens of Trillions have been siphoned away from societies around the world by this Evil Alliance.

These same folks are attempting to steal the entire United States of America. The only thing that was stopping them was a decade or so of more True Americans (Americans that grew up with Freedom and weren’t EVER apologetic about it) dying off.

Fortunately, We the People voted in our Trump Card and sent them into a tizzy; forcing them to accelerate their plans.

We outnumber these psychopaths by over 1 million to 1.

The crimes they have committed against humanity are so horrific that the death penalty doesn’t feel as though it goes far enough.

Perhaps all of the assets being confiscated from all of them and their minions will help a We the People’s Reset?

The reason the Biden Administration is pushing corporations to fire people at the same time that America has a labor shortage is because they actually want to disrupt the economy.

It’s called the Great Reset.


Joe’s genocidal Jabs for Kids = Sicko. Very sick! But what would you expect from a criminally demented pedophile? Impostor Joe Biden is criminally insane. That should be self evident to anyone with a modicum of common sense.

“Get going. Move forward. Aim High. Plan a takeoff. Don’t just sit on the runway and hope someone will come along and push the airplane. It simply won’t happen. Change your attitude and gain some altitude. Believe me, you’ll love it up here.”

Donald J. Trump

“My heart breaks for the millions of Americans that are being forced to choose between feeding their families or taking the injections.

Many are being forced to give up careers that they have spent their entire adult lives developing.

The politicians that are responsible for these mandates are beyond evil, and history will not treat them kindly.” — Restricted Republic

Principalities pulling the puppet strings of government don’t consider US Constitution or precedents referring to it as legally binding now as it’s an antiquated document “piece of paper” relic of only historical value belonging in a museum and no longer relevant to the Globalist’s New World Order.

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