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#Fauci should be arrested and imprisoned for cruelty to animals and crimes against humanity. He is sick and disgusting. The information on the sadistic experiments he funded is too sick to post.

A major problem with the “hybrid” human species is that it considers itself to be more intelligent than the natural Divinely created life forms on Earth. It’s not! But it is psychopathically indoctrinated to think it is. Natural life forms are infinitely more intelligent in their own right but humans are generally too ignorant and too self deceived to realize the Truth of this. Natural life forms including pets as well as domesticated life forms do their best to oblige humans but humans know not. A human extinction level event is currently being artificially preempted. The VAX is a part of this by design. It’s time to wake up from one’s ego-manic self styled deception. It’s time to recognize the Truth about human Genesis. Perhaps this time will happen before the next Cosmic Extinction Level Event. Perhaps…..

It’s very simple really. It’s the VAX that makes you sick maims and will eventually kill you. This is by design. Anyone promoting coercing mandating threatening or enforcing the VAX is promoting genocide by design. That’s all you need to know about them and their criminal psychopathic motivations. Such is the real enemy.

“Every record has been destroyed/falsified, every book rewritten..every statue & street building renamed, every date altered..the process is continuing..minute by minute. History has stopped.Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”

Orwell 1984


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CBP releases latest numbers for SW border migrant encounters.

192,001 in September.

That brings the total Fiscal Year 2021 numbers up to 1,734,686.

That’s the most on record.

Previous record: 1.69 million in 1986.

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But so worth it.



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Confirmed… California Governor Newsom’s Oldest 12-Year-Old Daughter Has Not Taken The Shot… But He Wants To Mandate Everyone Else’s Kid Roll Up Their Sleeve? Oh Hell No… 

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Somebody arrest this lying psychopath. Enough is enough. Demonic-Rats Project their own crimes on their political opponents with scripted gaslighting obscenities such as this little lying demonicrat. Pissasski has got to go! Really tired of hearing her seditious bs.

NEW VIDEO: Thousands of migrants overrun police roadblock in southern Mexico (RUPTLY)

Thousands of migrants who had earlier set off from southern Mexico in an organised caravan broke through the Mexican police and blockades set on a Tapachula highway on Saturday.

As many as 3,000 migrants mostly from central American countries have set out for Mexico City on their way to the US.

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⚡️A caravan of thousands of migrants departs Chiapas, Mexico heading towards the southern border.


Not 40% but 60% of Pilots are against vaccinations//POLICE WALKOUTS// MILITARY discharges ///teachers against vaccines urging students to WALK OUT//// MILLIONS walk off jobs because of mandates. Vaccines…>>> Shipping ports coming into CHAOS<<<

WORLD mail delivery starting to see disruption … Millions of delivery workers across the World walking off jobs due to vaccines/removed by mandates//….

>>>BUCKLE up<<<

In the NEXT two weeks.. We got a>>>>major marker coming up<<



Dr. Zandre Botha shows images of vaccine damage in the blood.


And what of the containers waiting in southern Cali? The “storm” will surely affect the ocean. Are we to expect supplies at the bottom of the ocean driving prices even higher? Or the oil required to move them to another port which will also increase prices. Are the white hats really in control? Looks like we are fooked either way.

NASA is disinformation central when it comes to “UFOs” and ETs….. I can attest to that!


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379 Ivermectin deaths in 25 years versus 16,766 deaths from the vaxxines in 10 months. WHATS GOING ON HERE?? Is the FDA in bed with Big Pharma??

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Obama / Biden Care is an Enemy projection. Keep the people sick maimed by Big Pharma and Medical Malpractice by design – big profits for the disease industry and the VAX it just goes round and round until exposed and shut down!

If we would’ve never voted for Trump in historic numbers, would we had discovered the election fraud?

The Censorship is real, the news is fake. People across the globe are waking up.

YouTube deletes MAGA rapper’s ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ song because it contains ‘medical misinformation’ with lyric ‘pandemic ain’t real’



Alec Baldwin is obviously infected with a demonic psychotic ugly-ness involving secret crimes against humanity and with no common sense . What you see is what you get! His brother Steven is a patriot.

Truth! Re: QE. Get Rid of this Royal Malignancy Once and For All and Let the Human Race Live in Peace Free from this Royal Scourge!

Let’s Go Brandon – F.ck Joe Biden – Say it again! Let’s Go Brandon – F.ck Joe Biden. Say it, Sing it and spread it around! Because it really communicates the true public sentiment and expresses The MSDNC Election Scam as it really is!

Blinken Says Democracy May Perish If Biden Enacts His Sick Plan to Tear Down, Rebuild Key Institution — Conservative Brief

EXCLUSIVE: Analysis Shows More COVID Deaths in 2021 than 2020 with Large Percent of 2021 Deaths Fully Vaccinated — Gateway Pundit

PS – gee I wonder why that is eh? It’s the VAX that makes you sick maims and will kill you – by design!

Codemonkey tells everyone to VOTE! You can’t expose voter fraud if nobody votes, so get out and vote!

If someone tells you not to vote, it should immediately raise red flags and you should question that person’s intentions…

MASSIVE Migrant caravan steamroll over police roadblock in Mexico, heading for the U.S.




NEW – U.S. Department of Homeland Security is building a taxpayer-funded $457,000 security fence around Biden’s Delaware beach house. The barrier is currently “in progress” and is planned to be finished by December 31 this year.


CNN shouldn’t be allowed to even exist. It’s a most insidious deep state (CIA) scripted disinformation and propaganda network along with all the rest of the MSDNC’s MSM Mockingbird alpha networks. Entire generations have been premeditatedly brainwashed and mind controlled by these satanic networks.

No doubt Herr Doctor Fauci would use humans probably children in these horrific experiments if he thought he’d get away with it! This is the way it is with these criminal psychopaths throughout history!

Hello everyone. 👋

Democrats need to keep their grubby little hands out of people’s bank accounts.

The IRS does not need to monitor how you spend your money.

It’s none of their damn business.

Pass it on.

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Re: QE. Get Rid of this Royal Malignancy Once and For All and Let the Human Race Live in Peace Free from this Royal Scourge!



OCTOBER 23, 2021


Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America

Congratulations to Mollie Hemingway on her new book, Rigged, a big best seller, revealing incredible information she has uncovered about Facebook and the Big Tech Scam, and all the massive money spent by Mark Zuckerberg, possibly illegally, into our 2020 Presidential Election. This was a big part, but by no means all, of the Crime of the Century. The other side spent four years making things up about election interference in 2016, yet when it really did happen in 2020, you’re not allowed to talk about it. Oh well, at least one great journalist decided to do so. Go get Mollie’s book now. She, and it, are terrific!


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That’s right. OBL died in 2001 from advanced kidney disease and complications. Was a CIA asset used posthumously as the 9/11 Boogeyman.

Funny how these demonic-rats all have the same eyes, the same gaze, the same expressions. They are obviously demonically “possessed” psychopaths.

Bill Gates must be arrested asap before he causes any more harm to humanity along the host of associates that enabled this demonic-rat.

Bring The Truth on! Let the World see the actual reality! The Truth Shall Set You Free!

Def: Truth is a Divine Principle. Perception & Recognition of Truth defines the Exact Time Place Form & Event – As It Is! There’s only One Divine Truth of any Time Place Form & Event in its actuality. Truth is the very basis of Moral & Ethical Legality & Justice.

Did Facebook radicalize Michael Byrd?

The fake news should wait until the 14,000 hours of Capitol footage is released before they make ridiculous “documentaries” about 1/6

You mean wrap up smearing Nancy’s J6 False Flag “set up” – DJT should have a field day with this bs. We know who should be behind bars for this MSDNC travesty along with the 2020 Election rigging. The overwhelming forensic facts prove who the real criminals and traitors are!

Alec Baldwin is obviously infected with a demonic psychotic ugly-ness involving secret crimes against humanity and with no common sense . What you see is what you get! His brother Steven is a patriot.

Russian & Chinese warships join for the first ever patrol in the Pacific – AND WHY THE HELL NOT!? They’re BOTH sharing Bagram Airbase in Afghanistan now, thanks to 🤡 Biden and his woke Generals!

https://t.me/georgenews | @GEORGENEWS

YT deletes my replies. That tells you all you need to know. Maxim: If YT deletes it that proves it is true! Rule of Thumb!

VAX Efficacy to make sick maim and kill! Gates / Fauci genocidal VAX depopulation program full on. A higher authority must put a stop to this madness. The People and The Children are being seriously harmed for generations to come. Gates / Fauci couldn’t care less. The People must wake-up and take a stand against this madness.

Government Reports State The Fully Vaccinated People Develop Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome!

Government Reports State The Fully Vaccinated People Develop Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome!

New VAERS Numbers❗️

818,042 Adverse Events

127,641 Doctor Visits

83,412 Hospitalizations

92,017 Urgent Care

26,199 Disabled

10,179 Bell’s Palsy

10,304 Myocarditis

8,408 Heart Attacks

2,631 Miscarriages

17,128 Deaths

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