The Virus 2021

Grand theft genocide is coming to a WHO Totalitarian Regime near you if The People don’t rise up & shut it down. Under new law in Victoria, Australia, individuals face a $21,909 fine for failing to wear a face mask & businesses can be fined $109,044 if a customer fails to check-in properly. One doesn’t need to be a genius to see what’s going on here!

It’s about megalomaniacal psychopaths playing god and messing with Genesis. Criminal insanity gone rogue. It’s about the satanic nature of demons and those demon possessed. A most unfortunate reality of this world.


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It’s time to pass my #FireFauci Act.

Funding the creation of a bioweapon that has killed millions of people and cruel experiments that torture puppies are the things only a monster could do.

What else has this psychopath done?

Fauci must be fired, investigated, and arrested.

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Depopulation agenda 21 up in smoke!!

Apparently Anthony Fauci has been caught with his pants down. If this is true it Seems like they are going to use him as a scape goat or maybe try to cover it up.

what we do know is it’s not a vaccine it’s a bio weapon. who ever has been injected with this poison will most likely die within 3-5 years.

You will be held accountable Fauci!

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It’s the genocidal VAX that is the variants that will make you sick maim and eventually kill you by design. Doesn’t matter which Big Pharma VAX it’s the same genocidal game plan. That’s the WHO’s plan for the world population totalitarian control and reduction.

Herr Doctor Fauci is the demonic psychopathic “stuff” that horror stories are made of. What he does in the lab with puppies and with populations is exactly what he would do with children in the genocidally obscene Engineered Virus and VAX issue. “It” is the epic monster in human disguise!

Herr Doctor Fauci has been a party to horrendous crimes against humanity starting with AIDS infecting Africa in the 80’s – The Africans know him only too well. He is a psychopath which means he has no empathy. He needs to be taken out! Please spread the word!

#Fauci should be arrested and imprisoned for cruelty to animals and crimes against humanity. He is sick and disgusting. The information on the sadistic experiments he funded is too sick to post.

Get rid of this evil little CLOWN – Fauci is guilty of massive premeditated crimes against humanity. Fauci gets off on putting his shit over on the “little people” – this is the way it is with criminal psychopaths like Herr Doctor Fauci. Disgusting demonic-rat needs to be put into a cage.

A Combination of drugs called Remdesivir, Dexamethasone & Vancomycin being used in hospitals to treat the fake virus is causing massive kidney failure and the subsequent filling of the lungs with liquid. (Dr Bryan Ardis)

This is how you drive death figures up in the name of covid.

Stay away from the hospitals if you can help it. Your life depends on it.

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