Robert Adams and I Am.2

We see the world closing in especially in this time of revelation(s). Madness is taking over the world and peoples minds as prophesied and foretold in many ancient scriptures. I can only wonder what human life in the world to come will become as I consider what it is becoming now. Will there be any freedom and spiritual guidance or will people be enslaved and mentally programmed from cradle to grave by a demonically obscene satanic totalitarian new world order?

Today we can find solace while spiritual wisdom is still allowed to exist but what we see is an inevitably encroaching nightmare co-opting every facet of personal freedom of expression with a ubiquitous satanic corruption. This is a time of the epic battle between good and evil portending a near extinction level event of any free or spiritual thought or contemplation where in my old age I find I’m relegated to biding my time until death. But then what?

Christians and “God’s People” are now the frontline warriors for good and Jesus pitted against a monstrously intelligent insidiously demonic evil for which we are all seeking Divine Intervention in order to be victorious.

It was, since childhood, my “cause” to know The Truth as fully as I am able but that knowledge has come to this nightmarish time – like a “bad acid trip” from which there is no return to any security of “normalcy” and no one with whom I can relate as the entire world is turning into surrealistic madness. Such are the times today.

How do I negotiate this? I still want to know how this epic battle turns out before I die. There is an ancient prophetic promise; and there is a Trust the Plan mantra; but it seems impossible to know for sure what the future of this world will be for all humankind. No one person could realistically know for sure. What I do know is we are in for some extremely difficult times and a majority of the world’s people are grievously suffering in real time.

For some time now and almost exclusively recently my perception of knowing what’s going on in the world comes through the Internet and selected channels of real-time information. With the phantom pandemic ushering the genocidal VAX for WHO totalitarian control of the world population and its depopulation agenda we have zombie mask mandates and social distancing with lockdowns and suppression of social gatherings including religious fellowships. The MSM Mockingbird TV with its ubiquitous mind control censorship and programming of all the public mindsets is manifesting orchestrated dramatizations to the point where there is no one to meet and no place to go other than the Internet as the real-time source for keeping updated on the course of daily events.

We are now surrounded by people wearing masks going on since March of 2020 into the November 2020 MSDNC Rigged Election and on through to November of this year (2021) still mask wearing in public places and on public transportation with no end to it in sight. Demonstrations around the world against the genocidal VAX (the demonstrators know) with severe police and military enforcements in many states and countries affecting all mainstream services and employments.

I stay away from public places as much as I can. Hike in natural parks keeping to myself researching and and meditating looking for some light at the end of what seems to be an ever darkening tunnel. This is a continuing existential crisis with no sign of returning to normal natural life anytime soon. One must manage their despotic depression. When does it end?

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