In the Old Days.1

We get “glimpses” of ancient science and technology from which we draw “modern” inventions and scientific knowledge – the knowledge of life itself supreme. There have always been “secret societies” whose members coveted this ancient knowledge and used it to control the common populations. Their initiates practiced “magick” with high priests sorcerers and magicians who would mesmerize the masses with portent “acts of god” and miracles based upon foreknowledge of celestial ‘seasons and weather’ events and this is ever more true today. Take the bogus ” climate change’ for example as a tool for mind-controlling the masses. Knowledge of galactic and solar cycles makes possible predictions of majestic magnitudes. Solar flares take a couple of days to impact the earths atmosphere; eclipses and meteors – all with secret fore-knowledge to entrance the people. This is very ancient. Now we have artificial “pandemics” with a genocidal VAX to control the world population in concert with their “depopulation” agenda. It’s nothing new! Today the people can know what “they” are doing.

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