Let Me Get This Straight

For decades the WHO CDC Big Pharma Industrial Complex has been profiting (feeding) to the tune of #1 on Stock Exchanges off of “cultivated disease” in the population globally. The WHO controls a Medical and Hospital “healthcare” tyranny worldwide that has infiltrated the world of sovereign nations and local precincts with the power to infect mask social distance lockdown inoculate arrest quarantine imprison and euthanize with it’s pseudo-authoritarian dictates and enforced protocols. One could not imagine a more demonic institutional exploitation that would make blushing predatory cannibals and put vampires to shame! We are witnessing its systematic exposure in the course of current events all orchestrated in lockstep with the long planned Crown Globalist WEF “Climate Change” Carbon Tax Global Financial Reset for controlling the world’s population with a depopulation agenda now going into effect. It is hard to imagine anything more demonically insidious as this! An industry that preys off the population by capitalizing off of manufactured (induced) diseases (HIV AIDS Cancer Viruses and Neurological Disorders Autism Retardation Birth Defects etc. to name a few) in concert with a panoply of artificial unnatural Pharmaceuticals that perpetuate disease and don’t cure anything. Makes one sick just to consider it! One could go into myriad details explaining how this works but suffice to say it’s monstrous as it’s MSM Mockingbird cover with misleading health Propaganda and deceptive Advertising that conditions and mind controls the public mindsets to believe that this demonic complex has the best public health services and interests in mind. We are now witnessing the unraveling of this sanctimonious scam with the VAX.

About 2012 Convergence

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