HLS November.4

Climate Change Poster Child Greta is Portrait of a Globalist “Secret Weapon” (Psy-Op Role Model for Impressionable Children) Malignant Juvenile Globalist Brat Enabled!

Demonic-Rat malignant mindless psycho-zombie disease personified!


Funny how some people have 100% been killed from the vaccine – even some mainstream news have reported this and confirmed – but you CANT say that on YouTube!


Many have speculated that the enemy threw the Patriots a bone with the Youngkin “win” in Virginia to distract us from investigating and FIXING 2020.

More accurately, I believe the enemy threw itself a bone to distract us from investigating and FIXING 2020.

When will We the People wake up to the reality that the entire political election system in the United States has been hijacked by the enemy and is rigged???

Elections in our country have been rigged for well over two decades. In 2020, the cheat became obvious and provable for due to the Trump Wave.

2020 is the one chance we may have for many years, if not decades, to FIX our democratic republic and save our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and our freedom.

FIX 2020 OR BUST!!!

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DEA Whistleblower: FBI Told Them To Enter The Capitol On J6; Now He Faces 15 Years In Prison!

Antifa And BLM Communists Encouraged By Undercover FBI In Maga Hats Raided The Washington Capitol

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Loathsome is the word I was looking for. MSDNC Mockingbird Demonic-Rats are a loathsome breed. They are not “normal” people. Psychopathological Zombies are not “normal” humans.

People and Children are having their lives ruined – being made sick maimed and dying. Hardly a facade. Political prisoners languishing in a hell hole prison is hardly a facade. Casualties of a War perhaps but casualties are not a facade. Whatever it is its pretty damn real!

The Biden Admin is criminally insane. Everything the Biden Admin does or is allowed to do is criminally insane. We have a pandemic of criminal insanity sweeping the nation and it seems to be getting worse. It’s time for some common sense and some criminal arrests.


“Just like at the DC Jail, Mayor Bowser’s office refused to answer questions about the treatment of prisoners and refused to meet with sitting members of Congress.” –MTG

What are they hiding?


South Carolina Governor McMaster: “I will be issuing an Executive Order barring any South Carolina cabinet agency from issuing or enforcing any vaccine mandate.”


Wrap up smearing J6 orchestrating false flagger Nancy Pelosi is a viciously malignant criminally insane drunk completely devoid of any common sense. That’s what Congress has got for Speaker of the House and that says it all.

Milley is an avowed enemy of Constitutional United States and that makes him guilty of treason in the 1st degree!

“Climate Change” activists are mindless mind controlled zombies who don’t have a clue what the reality is.

We are obviously in the heat of a final world war so, all things playing out in due time. It is possible for some to know beforehand of what is to come as a testament to the validity of what is to be revealed. We shall see what John Durham has to offer in this regard. It’s been many years now…..

MSDNC lies and more lies. Lies are what MSM Mockingbird Fake News is made of. Find out what “they” are lying about and there you will find the truth! The demonic-rats will rig cheat steal and fraud the vote that much is certain.



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Stealing every penny with a genocidal VAX that all the while makes people sick maims and eventually kills them while destroying the status economy. Big Pharma # 1 on the Stock Exchange – time to invest to make Big Profits while supplies last!

The “Most Popular” US president in history – 81 million votes! Right! – is this constituency as stupid as this senile criminally demented “imposter” seems?

Now “formulated” for the Children. So sad! It now appears that the genocidal VAX is “intended” to destroy natural immunity by design as natural immunity is the best defense against a virus or flu. The VAX’d are predominantly the one’s now getting the virus or flu. Big Pharma and the WHO plan to preempt natural immunity with their genocidal products and extravagant costs.

Let Me Get This Straight.1

For decades the WHO CDC Big Pharma Industrial Complex has been profiting (feeding) to the tune of #1 on Stock Exchanges off of “cultivated disease” in the population globally. The WHO controls a Medical and Hospital “healthcare” tyranny worldwide that has infiltrated the world of sovereign nations and local precincts with the power to infect mask social distance lockdown inoculate arrest quarantine imprison and euthanize with it’s pseudo-authoritarian dictates and enforced protocols. One could not imagine a more demonic institutional exploitation that would make blushing predatory cannibals and put vampires to shame! We are witnessing its systematic exposure in the course of current events all orchestrated in lockstep with the long planned Crown Globalist WEF “Climate Change” Carbon Tax Global Financial Reset for controlling the world’s population with a depopulation agenda now going into effect. It is hard to imagine anything more demonically insidious as this! An industry that preys off the population by capitalizing off of manufactured (induced) diseases (HIV AIDS Cancer Viruses and Neurological Disorders Autism Retardation Birth Defects etc. to name a few) in concert with a panoply of artificial unnatural Pharmaceuticals that perpetuate disease and don’t cure anything. Makes one sick just to consider it! One could go into myriad details explaining how this works but suffice to say it’s monstrous as it’s MSM Mockingbird cover with misleading health Propaganda and deceptive Advertising that conditions and mind controls the public mindsets to believe that this demonic complex has the best public health services and interests in mind. We are now witnessing the unraveling of this sanctimonious scam with the VAX.

There is no COVID-19 it’s a “phantom” virus (actually the seasonal flu symptoms) with a false positive PCR testing used as a premise for the genocidal VAX all by WHO CDC Big Pharma design. Fact! So, WTH is this new pill for?

I have Truth and the Perception of Truth. God is Truth. God is Omniscience. All things are manifested in God’s Truth. God is Life. Jesus is the Word of God. We are living scripture!

The fundamental reality is beyond conceptual realization from a human point of view; in fact beyond human literary capacity as the language is limited to a mind programming platform fit for a controlled slave society. This ‘Truth’ is axiomatic. My life experience resonates with this timeline of global (Biblical) revelation as it comes forward from a prehistoric time immemorial. An American Patriot Persona may well be obsolete for the reality of coming times. That being said for the past year + I anxiously looked forward to the X22’s daily summaries and information being shared but over the past few months can’t even ‘tolerate’ listening to the broadcasts because the quality of resonance has evolved into disappointing cognitive dissonance which I’m sure other listeners are experiencing (because that’s how collective cognitive resonance works); it’s not about ‘me’ it’s coming from ‘them’. I don’t know what to recommend; I only know that Truth doesn’t ‘resonate’ like that and right now it seems way ‘out of key’. I am looking forward to the ‘Truth Social’ platform because the MSM Mockingbird mind controlling (programming) must be taken down. HRC is a miscreant psychopathological Globalist zombie who’s already halfway dead. It’s what’s operating behind the obscenity of HRC’s cover that needs to be the target. A clearer picture of what humanity is to become and what that role should be if the human race even has a place in the future of this world. Human leadership is key. ‘Patriotism’ such as it is may well be obsolete. Don’t know what else to say about this just yet……

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