HLS November.10

The Biden Admin is criminally insane. The US Constitution means nothing more to them than an old piece of paper that belongs in a museum. Everything the Biden Admin does or is allowed to do is criminally insane. We have a pandemic of criminal insanity sweeping the nation and it seems to be getting worse. It’s time for some common sense and some criminal arrests.


Celebrities verbally abused #Trump for YEARS, but the second an ordinary person makes a meme out of #Biden – they LOSE THEIR MINDS.

Denzel Washington

Schiff is guilty of chronic treason – clear and present treason. Want to see this demonic-rat in prison asap!

Biden’s covert enemy invasion of illegals as infiltration plot. There’s something happening here – with 70 planeloads of illegal “immigrants” shuttled into Florida under cover of the dark! What does that tell you?


@Emerald_Robinson Twitter account was suspended but you can Follow her on Telegram @Emerald_Robinson

You know that the traditional Big Tech platforms are going to cancel every conservative voice sooner or later.

Thank you for your tremendous support Share and Follow @Emerald_Robinson

Good god the obscene “projection” of these Big Pharma criminals! When does the hand of justice strike down this malignant genocidal insanity? This is the game demonic-rats play. They are the criminals but they project their crimes on to the people who are wise to them now.

TAX is control of the people. VAX is control of the people. It’s all about psycho-political tyranny. We have a Biden Admin Dictatorship. It’s all about control and exploitation of the people by a criminal elitist hegemony. We have criminal traitorous MOB rule in America today.

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