According to the Pfizer trial data itself, for every single life potentially saved from dying with Covid19, four people died of heart attacks. Even according to the Pfizer trials themselves, vaccines do not save lives!

Robert Kennedy Jr explains the data and how it has been fraudulently represented.


Let me reiterate: It’s the genocidal VAX that makes you sick maims and kills you by design. Hopefully the world will wake up to this psychopathological agenda and start applying some common sense. Soon! Because the VAX kills by design and MDs prescribing the VAX are complicit with this design. Complicit Hospitals and MDs get bonuses for this by design. Perhaps?


UK Investigation: The Deadliest Batches Of The COVID Deadly Shots Were Somehow Sent To All The Red Republican States Across The USA!

Looks like biological and chemical warfare to me. Selective genocide for targeted population demographics.


Wrap up smearing J6 orchestrating false flagger Nancy Pelosi is a viciously malignant criminally insane drunk who’s completely devoid of any common sense; that’s what Congress has got for Speaker of the House; that says it all. How about Nancy’s violence against patriots who are now her ‘political prisoners’ languishing in jail cell hell holes?


New York State Mayor Declares State of Emergency

My hometown. See what it has become after 70 years ….. Rochester NY was the Tech Capital of the World with the Highest Per Capita living standard in the USA. Now it’s a shit hole.


This time when these malignant criminals and terrorists attack don’t just stand by! Put them down where they belong! Send a strong message to these psychos that they will not be tolerated any more.


1% control the world,

4% are their puppets,

90% are asleep.

5% know and try to wake the other 90%.

The 1% uses their 4% to prevent the 5% from waking up the 90%.


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