I admit I am tired tonight. More tired than usual. When I am tired, the guard rails go down and I tend to speak the cold, hard truth.

I do not respect wolves in Patriot sheep’s clothing.

I look forward to the day when the disguises are ripped off and We The People can see the TRUTH of who the deceivers are.

So off to rest I go. Then back at the fight tomorrow for TRUTH, freedom, and Jesus.

I will never quit.

God bless each one of you.

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸


We need to get rid of these disgusting politicians who do nothing but line their own pockets. Choose America First leaders who place country before self!


Q – TRUST THE PLAN – Trump already devolved the government.

It is amusing to me when people think that we will be able to save the country from audits/etc. Trump and Q had the two pronged strategy of birthing the Great Awakening while at the same time taking down a cult of Biblical proportions. Audits have been a useful factor in promoting continued Awakening to the masses.

Although we should continue to fight locally…Trump already made the most important moves by his advanced 17d chess moves. If you know, then you know. The military was always the only way and nothing can stop what is coming!🍿🐸🇺🇸 SHARE!!


Joe Biden is a criminally demented cognitively incoherent malignant senile psychopath. Better = Worse in Joe’s obscenely perverted reality. Just another demonic-rat!

The more you study this virus, the more you find the same name BILL GATES. He’s the 2nd largest funder of WHO. He’s building 7 vaccine labs. Fauci. Tedros. Event 201.ID2020. He basically controls global health policy.What’s the plan ?? They want to track people? What they are hiding?

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Genocidal Psychopathic Tyrants rule! (Until they are taken out) – it’s time for the people to end this psychotic madness…..

Anti-fascist accounts on Twitter are trying to incite the murder of Kyle Rittenhouse if he gets acquitted.


Joe and Kamala’s minions. Scum of the earth. Malignant demonic-rats. They are that!

The dems don’t know what they did. Bannon will stop the 1/6 commission in its tracks with discovery asking for documents from Pelosi and the capital police and every other plotter in the real plan that the fbi had that day.

Imagine that – in the blink of an eye

Share and join https://t.me/choqlife if you saw this train coming and see what’s next

This is ‘demonic possession’ seems a flood gate from hell is infiltrating …..

Students are being asked to pretend they’re trans or non-binary during mock discussions about initiating sex. This is from a federally funded sex education program.

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Schiff now admits that he knew the Dossier was fake. He should be admonished or impeached along with the other scoundrels that also knew!

Rep. Adam Schiff: ‘I don’t regret’ hyping discredited Steele dossier

Read the full article by Jessica Chasmar with Fox News here

Lying Adam Schiff is the freak’n MSDNC MSM Mockingbird ring leader! He’s a wrap-up smearing premeditated traitor and criminal psychopath leaker fraud through and through. He’ll say and do anything to save himself…..

These criminally malignant demonic-rats are a psychopathic disease just begging justice.

Did it ever occur to either of these demonic-rats that they get low ratings because they’re scum of the earth and doing everything to sell out America and flush Americans down the drain? Might be the reason?

The US State Department (Crown USA Inc.) is the Enemy of America and the United States. Russia is not. Such is the geopolitical paradox. The Enemy of America is instigating a war with Russia as it always has. It’s time to WTF up!

WHO Fauci is playing mass mind control games through the MSM and once again fear porn is the device to promote the WHO Big Pharma VAX agenda. Fauci lies to manipulate the public mindsets. If there was an authentic justice system left in this country Fauci should be arrested and prosecuted for continuing crimes against humanity.

Here Comes The Never Ending Boosters…Fauci Admits Vaxes Not Worth A Damn & Tries Further To Terrify The Masses Into More & More Medical Invasion By Big Pharma .. Guess they’ll stop once they’ve reached their depopulation goals or until they achieve transhumanism. 🤷

It. Was. Never. About. The. Virus.


Dr.Robert Malone:” Unfortunate truth is that we’re going to have to have many children die before people wake up here…We’re rushing forward…on damaging and killing children…there will be childhood death. There will be childhood damage…” and I say That’s the WHO genocidal purpose of the VAX obviously; it’s all by diabolical design.

🚨 Prime Minister – “Getting three jabs, getting your booster will become an important fact…. We will have to adjust our concept of what constitutes a full vaccination”.

This will take 35 million people with two doses of a vaccine back to unvaccinated if happens.


Join Me (@kristyztelegramz) & Others @FreedomReigns (The Patriot News Channel) & Join The Chat Channel: https://t.me/RealPatriotNewsChannel

Pfizer’s Clinical Trial Data: The Vaccine Causes The Recipients To Develop Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS)

The American government is on the verge of mass murder of our children.

Refuse the poison death shot.

Take your kids out of harms way.

Home school them now.

The current American government is the enemy of the people and God.

We need immediate and organized civil disobedience (hopefully without violence).

Vladimir Zev Zelenko MD

Get jabbed so things can go back to normal is the lie they forced on everyone… it was a mirage all along. More compliance will never stop tyranny and only makes things worse.

Share and join https://t.me/choqlife if you never bought their lies

JUST IN – Judge dismisses gun charge in Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial as it is lawful to possess a long-barreled rifle at 17 in Wisconsin.


JUST IN – YouTube is suspending multiple live streams of the Rittenhouse trial, citing “policy violations.”


Well you know streaming the truth real news and facts is against YT and FB policy.

Just so we’re clear—the State Prosecution’s case to lock Kyle Rittenhouse up for life is that he didn’t “support BLM or Jacob Blake”

This prosecutor is one sick twisted “criminal” sob. Portrait of psycho-justice. A demonic-rat personified!

Tucker Carlson On The Message The Prosecution Is Sending To America About The BLM Riots

“You have no right to resist.”

“Try to protect yourself and your family and we will charge you with murder, and while we’re at it we’ll have the national media call you racist.”

I wish Steve Bannon the best of luck in this witchunt. He has been targeted and his refusal to acknowledge and cooperate in this witchunt is a true patriotic act.

I was in talks with his producer to join him on his show but it appears he is going to be busy for a while. Prayers go out to him. —KyleAZ

BREAKING NEWS: ‘We are taking down the Biden regime’: Defiant Trump adviser Steve Bannon tells supporters not to take their ‘eye off the ball’ before surrendering for defying his subpoena to appear before the Jan 6 committee

Wrap up smearing J6 orchestrating false flagger Nancy Pelosi is a viciously malignant criminally insane drunk who’s completely devoid of any common sense; that’s what Congress has got for Speaker of the House; that says it all. How about Nancy’s violence against patriots who are now her ‘political prisoners’ languishing in jail cell hell holes?

When do diabolical Nancy’s demonic-rats pay for their treason and inhumane treatment of their J6 (false flag staged) political prisoners (innocents patriots)? This psycho-political travesty has gone on far too long.

Only demonic-rats and their mind controlled zombie minions would approve of imposter puppet joe. I think 38% is stretching it a bit too far!

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