Frog 21.11.16

Patriots and Frog Family

Continue to be alert today because there is a lot of interesting happenings that may occur! All eyes on our frog family news team…Whiplash347, John Quent.

Let’s not waste time and jump right into some news:

• Queen Elizabeth urged to step down amid serious health concerns. (Death imminent to trigger all events???? Possibly)

• Durham subpoenas Brookings Institute because they were ground zero for the Russia collusion hoax. (Uhoh they are in big trouble)

• Just hours after Xi and Biden’s cozy virtual meeting, China sent 8 fighter jets into Taiwan’s air identification zone.

• Poland tells the EU to get F**ked. Uhoh. Eyes on to see response.

• Maryland Mayor has been arrested and charged on Charges of Distributing at Least 50 Counts of Revenge Porn

• Sri Lanka shuts only oil refinery down due to dollar shortage

• Will Europe be able to jump into the global quantum space race? Boris Johnson wants UK to jump in now.

• Microsoft is upping their efforts on quantum technology. (Of vourse they are hmmmm)

• Whiplash says to Check out Q post #500. DEFCON 1 4-10-20 FIRE & FURY (9) states of CLAS-ready go-live. (34) commands LIVE.CODES command ACTION.[non-nuclear].[1] OWL [1] Q. Think Logically.

• Whiplash states “11.3 China Tuesday Start. Let it be. The Tower bridge must be about to close. I was thinking Tuesday night.” (Start connecting the dots.)

• Today hopefully we get the Kyle verdict. National Guard in place in case of riots.

• Germany suspends certification process for Nord Stream 2 (Bloomberg). The German energy regulator says the certification process has been suspended until such time that the pipeline’s operating company arranges German company status compliant with national law.

• Europe Gas Price SURGES over 10% as Germany “temporarily” suspends Nord Stream 2 certification process (Bloomberg)

• Myramar’s Suu Kyi to face new charges of electoral fraud.

• Millions of Robinhood’s customer data up for grabs on hacking forum.

• Bitcoin price crash sees hundreds of billions wiped from crypto market

• Barbados to become first country with virtual metaverse embassy. (Research exactly what that means.)

• German grocery store Penny has released a thought-provoking commercial showing a mother’s wishes for her son to have his freedoms back. The mother tells her son she wants him “not to stay at home all the time, so that you go to parties unnoticed in the evenings and so that dad has to go after you because you drank too much… I just want your youth to be returned to you.” The commercial closes by thanking youngsters for losing highlights from their youth and offering prizes for concerts and travel. A not-so-subtle dig at Covid restrictions?

• The dems don’t know what they did. Bannon will stop the 1/6 commission in its tracks with discovery asking for documents from Pelosi and the capital police and every other plotter in the real plan that the fbi had that day. (Hehehe. Great move!)

• Beware of Trifling With Trump’s Executive Privilege – the democrats who are suing to break President Trump’s executive privilege in regards to 1/6 may want to be careful for what they wish. Trump may boomerang it in 2023??? Hmmmm

• UK supermarkets are lining store shelves with decoys to hide supply shortage.

• Gibralter, the most vaccinated region on earth, cancels christmas celebrations amid spikes in covid.

Ok frogs, the news just keeps coming. Go check out our frog news team’s links (listed above) to stay alert and prepared.

We are Flynn’s F.R.O.G.s and fully reliant on God. We are the chosen digital warriors of God to help awaken the brainwashed sheep. Buckle up my frogs. Make sure your armor of God is tightly fastened. We are in for some interesting times. Love and peace to all. Where we go one, we go all. God bless you all.

Mar ❤️❤️❤️ 11/16/21

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