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Do you not see it yet? Remember that all blame must fall on Biden. That is now happening!!! The Democrats are turning on this administration. The mainstream media are starting to blame Biden and his administration. That was essential to the Plan. Many countries are “locking down” the unvaccinated. Are you feeling it yet? Are you beginning to understand the Plan much better now? If not, then I suggest that you need to review the Q drops from start to finish. Ok let’s get into some news.

• Iranian interference in U.S. elections…Iranian cybercriminals indicted for ‘Proud Boys’ voter intimidation emails. The State Dept. is offering a $10 MILLION reward for info about the activities of two Iranians charged with attempting to “intimidate and influence” Americans in the 2020 election. Seyyed Mohammad Hosein Musa Kazemi and Sajjad Kashian obtained data on more than 100K voters and used it to “sow discord among Americans.” It’s reported that Kazemi and Kashian sent out emails claiming to be from the Proud Boys, threatening to physically injure registered voters if they didn’t vote for Donald Trump.

• Rittenhouse’s attorney ‘overheard’ saying jury split 6-6 – Newsmax source. “This is in no way a final decision yet but this is his feeling as Rittenhouse’s attorney,” the source told Newsmax correspondent Mike Carter. In the event of a hung jury, prosecutors can choose whether to drop charges against Rittenhouse or proceed with a new case.

• From huge legal minds Viva Frei and Robert Barnes: The Foreman Juror Has Gone Rogue. It seems that the foreman juror in the Rittenhouse trial is a authoritarian woman, who likely nominated herself as the lead, and is used to being in positions of power their forensic analysis concluded. If this is accurate, then this is exactly why the jury deliberations have taken so long. The foreman juror is most likely the one holding out and disagreeing to giving a ‘not guilty’ verdict. Again this is professional opinion based on forensic analysis.

• IT’S OUR TURN SYDNEY Last Saturday Melbourne held Australia’s largest ever protest rally. Tomorrow it’s Sydney’s turn. Tomorrow, Saturday 20th November, 12 noon at Hyde Park – FIGHT FOR FREEDOM – marching to State Parliament House.

• Top Maricopa County Election Officials hold unannounced meeting at election and tabulation center.

• Sickening evidence in Ghislaine Maxwell trial shows she “set up VIP elites with Kids to rape.

• Former police chief: “I’m sick of the far-left media outlets flat out lying about this case – so it’s time to expose those lies along with the truth.”

• A new wave of restrictions is sweeping Europe, enforcing a system of two classes and specifically targeting the unvaccinated—even though the product separating the two groups doesn’t stop the spread of the virus it is supposed to target…”The question has to be asked—what is the point? What is the point of forcing the population to be vaccinated with something that’s not going to prevent them from getting sick?”

• Austria’s Salzburg And Upper Austria Expand Lockdown To Include Entire Population. Read more at

• Pakistan Smog: Residents choke as toxic air strangles Lahore. The city has been blanketed in air pollution, which the WHO says contains nearly eight times the safe limit of PM2.5 pollutant particles. A Swiss air quality monitor has rated the city of 11 million people one of the world’s most polluted. It comes as India’s capital considers a “pollution lockdown” to curb emissions.

• What’s up with all the Mr Pool drops? I stopped counting them. What exactly is he trying to get us to focus on???

• Evergrande chairman sells billions in assets to pay company’s debts | Sky News Australia. Interesting!!!


• There are already calls of suspicious activity coming through the police scanner. Between 12 and 1 PM EST earlier today, a Kenosha officer checked a local alley way and verified there are “bricks everywhere.” The audio begins here at the 1:11 mark. Hmm… preparing for the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict already, are we?This should all sound familiar because it’s how we got into this mess to begin with….

• “More British troops deployed to reinforce Polish border amid Belarus migrant crisis | The Independent”

• The United States has warned Russia through diplomatic channels that it is determined to take appropriate action in coordination with its allies should Russia take further aggressive action against Ukraine or attempt to use energy as a weapon.

• Huge asteroid three times the size of Big Ben to zip past earth this week.

• Wife of missing frmr Chinese Interpol chief calls Beijing govt a “Monster … because they eat their children” Grace Meng said she has “the responsibility to show my face, to tell the world what happened” after her husband’s disappearance – blaming the “monster” Chinese govt “because they eat their children,” during an interview with AP. She now lives in France with her sons as a political refugee under around-the-clock surveillance, believing Chinese agents may kidnap her. Her husband, Meng Hongwei, was president of Interpol before he vanished, and Grace has not heard from him since a text message emoji of a kitchen knife in 2018 – and lays the finger of blame squarely at Beijing. She believes her husband – who was sentenced to 13 years in prison after authorities claimed he confessed to accepting $2mn in bribes – was silenced for attempting to bring about change, but she doesn’t even know if he is still alive.

• Biden to go Walter Reed Medical Center today for “routine” physical.

• Hundreds of activists caused a massive 4-mile traffic jam for truckers after blockading the gates to Rotterdam port in protest at the Netherlands govt’s Covid policies.

• Biden to undergo colonoscopy at Walter Reed Medical Center. While he is under anesthesia Harris will be acting President of the United States.

It looks like it will be another busy news day so please keep an eye on our frog news team

We are Flynn’s F.R.O.G.s and fully reliant on God. Please stay alert. Please be prepared. You were chosen for this time in history to help right the world’s wrongs. Do not allow cabal to plant seeds of doubt. Stomp those suckers out immediately. Arm yourself always with truth and facts. That is how we win. God bless you all. Where we go one, we go all!

Mar ❤️❤️❤️ 11/19/21

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