Sodom and Gomorrah

Neo-Sodom and Gomorrah – this is the obscenity of the criminal elite at the helm of our disintegrating American Culture. The ultimate solution is The End in all its finality. These criminal psychopathic elite are a malignant cancer metastasizing on the face of humanity. Realistically this looks like there’s only one way it can resolve at this point.

That’s just the way it is with criminally insane psychopaths – this is their reality! And those malignant zombies that support these psycho-political demons like Hillary…..

The FBI lies just about everything in the psycho-political arena, strategic cover-ups forged and planted evidence and disclosures. Co-incident with the new Russia Russia Russia WWIII campaign?

Who are you? That’s the question. You could be anyone the way it’s going on Telegram now. If you are (Dave) the answer is a few years at least – it’s hard to remember. But I’ve started to tune you out because these broadcasts just make me angrier and angrier with the idea that it’s all a mass deception (from both ends of the psycho-political spectrum).

She laughs just like Hillary just like Obama just like Joe and Kamala and Psaki – these demons must have all gone to the same school for laughing demons!

Oswald was a CIA agent and he was set up with this trail of evidence – that story came out, oh, about 50 years ago. Time for a “re-generation” I guess. What’ y’all think?

As if the WHO / CDC orchestrated CV19 Masks & VAX isn’t massive enough – Volcanic Eruptions Earthquakes Floods and Tornados – Green New Deal – Global Financial Reset and WWIII overtures in the Ukraine – Solar Flares Asteroid Impacts and Planetary Axis Reversals weren’t enough – what’s next on the agenda?

The impostor Dalai Lama is a CIA fraud from the very beginning of this Tibetan saga – like everything the CIA does. Just a little common sense and some knowledge of history will demonstrate this.

We all know that J6 was Nancy Pelosi’s False Flag op organized with BLM ANTIFA FBI & Capital Police Agent Provocateurs to steer and entrap peaceful protestors. All other psycho-political arguments are moot.

Demonic WHO Eugenicist Tyrants have only contempt for the human emotional reactions and mass demonstrations staged against their population control agenda; if anything they expect it. Ultimately the mass protests won’t nave a meaningful effect on what these NAZI psychopaths have planned for the human race as they consider these masses to be dispensable in any event.

The “Movement” is about The United States Constitutional Republic and the People for which it stands. Joy Reid is a malignant zombie moron who spouts only her own sick nonsense.

Criminal Psychopathic impostors running the psycho-political show in their misappropriated jurisdictions is all you gotta know about Bill de Blasio!

Marxist Psycho-politics reigns with “officiated’ criminal insanity. Who exactly is the “enemy” these days? Why – it’s “you and me” obviously!

No. What we’ve got to worry about is the criminal psycho political enemy impostors that have infiltrated the government at all critical levels and the MSM Mockingbird Media that handles their fake news PR.

All these ludicrous covid rules are made up on the fly and are based on fundamental lies held up as medical facts standards from which all kinds of nonsense can then be “inferred”. Tells you all you need to know! It’s all a scam!

Mock Trial. Same old same old. These psychopathic criminals are all part and parcel to the current impostor (enemy) Mock Administration. These criminals have infected just about everyone with their lies in place of facts. A change has gotta come!

So, how is this fakery and all the damage done going to be reconciled on the world stage? The psycho-criminals that have stage managed all this fakery must be held responsible – but, by what means?

Leticia James is the only criminal involved in her spurious “investigation of Donald Trump” which is a blatant psycho-political abuse of her legal position. These marxist demonic-rats are weaponizing their legal status to the max to destroy the Constitutional United States. They all must be stopped cold!

We already know so many of the lies. Now, the citizens must know the lies and the Constitutional Authorities (who already know the lies too) must prosecute the liars.

Well, we should hope that John Durham knows what “we” know about the Clinton Crime and Treason Syndicate. Let’s make “official” – that would a nice Christmas and Happy New Year present for American Citizens and Patriots!

How come all these election cheaters (demonic-rat criminals) all seem to be from the same marxist tribe?

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