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Looking forward to 2022

December 21, 2021

All right, now. As has been our custom in the past, we have asked to step forward with a message regarding what to expect in the coming year.

First of all, as many of you already know, we are actively accelerating the lifting process for those in the first and second waves, so that in itself should tell you that nothing in 2022 will be “business as usual” for those in those two groups. All you have to do is open to receive the lifting and the rest will be taken care of for you.

As for the rest, both those others who ARE part of Operation Terra and those who are not, the changes you have already seen take place in prior years are nothing compared to the changes that are coming, across all possible ways of perceiving them. There will be inner changes and a growing awareness of what one is being called to do or leave behind, and outer changes that may require different responses than those that may have served in the past, but no longer apply to the presenting situation.

As we have said before, “This dying world is supposed to die.” However, that “death” is also going to give rise to the birthing of a totally new Creation. What could be explored in the current Creation already has been explored. Everything that is playing out visibly now is a re-visiting of those things as they are being flushed out from the planet’s body and memories.

You can see many examples of past history repeating itself, particularly with regard to the overarching theme of tyranny versus true freedom. However, true freedom simply can’t exist without a change in consciousness and the greatest number of people who are still on the planet are not destined to experience that at this time.

You will remember that nothing exists at all except to provide an opportunity for the Creator to experience Itself through Its creations, and this is true for every particle of matter that exists in the manifest part of the Creation. It’s all God-in-expression, a dynamic flow from the Creator outward and back into the Creator, flashing on and off many times a second, but experienced by you as a continuous, seemingly solid reality.

So, in terms of the coming year, it will hold even more of the kinds of changes that are needed to cause things to proceed in the directions that lead to the 12 different outcomes we have spoken of. You must remember that only a tiny fraction of people is going to head to Terra at this time via Midway Station. They are also only a small number compared to those who are heading to Terra at this time via a trip to their home planets, but even taken together, all of those who are heading to Terra at this time still make up less than 9% of the global population.

You are scattered all over the face of the planet and each of you is being treated by us right where you are, but that, too, will change and soon. The first and second waves are being lifted in frequency now. Those who are sensitive to energy and can feel it will know it for what it is. Your lessons in surrender will serve you well in opening to receive this lifting. Just let go of trying to be in control. Do not ask how it will go, but rather just receive it, in the full trust that it will be perfect for you and everything that is needed will be supplied.

We do not have much to say today about what will be happening to those who are NOT part of Operation Terra at this time. They will each experience what their Oversoul created them to experience, on behalf of the Creator, which is truly All That Is. There is NOTHING except the Creator, wearing Its many costumes, interacting with and through Its infinite number of forms.

Everything has already been given to guide you through these times. Make your own transformation your highest priority and notice how little else there is that interests you anymore. If you have disconnected from outer news beyond knowing which coat to put on before you go outside, that will be very beneficial for you.

Notice how it feels in your body when you listen to someone speaking with an emotional charge, either positive or negative. Your body “knows” what’s going on much more than your head does, but we have spoken about that, too, so all that is left for us to say is that we are ever with you, you are never alone, and when the time is right, those who are meant to be with us again WILL be with us again, face-to-face, and that will bring us all great joy.

Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven, looking forward to having our brothers and sisters among us again.Forward this Message to a Friend


Celestial Way, USA

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