FROG 22.01.05

Patriots and Frog Family

Do you know why it is so important to review the Q posts? As I told you before, I have been amazingly lucky to be mentored by two very brilliant guys (Whiplash347 (DD) and John Quent (JQ) plus ok my red-piller too – Mr.Vice President. Two of the many things I was told by all three is to trust President Trump and to continually review the Q drops to be aware of just what is happening and why. They told me that I will find many of the answers to my questions there if I think both logically and strategically. Like many of you, I would get both excited and confused when new drops would come out. They all seemed so cryptic to me. When the posts stopped I started to continually scroll thru to see if I could find the answers that I was looking for. We haven’t had any new drops in over a year. So I started reading the posts from the beginning and realized for me at least it was like reading a mystery novel and/or at times like reading a map. With everything that is happening right now It all finally makes sense to me. My three mentors were right. The answers to a great deal of my questions were right there just waiting for me to understand it. To be honest, now I can actually follow along and match up what is happening now with what the posts tell us to look for. If you haven’t followed the Q posts, I suggest you try by starting at the first post and reading to the last. Like me, you may find many “aha” moments. There are several places to read them that have not been banned but i use two mostly… or For those that have been following and rereading the Q drops then you already understand why I am so strongly ‘holding the line’…why My beliefs in this mission will never falter. Yes, I believe in President Trump and I believe in this mission. I heard God’s whisper and listened to what he needed me to do. So many took action when they received God’s whisper. We were chosen for this time in history. We were gifted our armor of God to get us through even our toughest times so lets suit up and make our dash to the finish line together. United we can plow through anything that the enemy can throw up in a last ditch attempt to stop us. Right now their only weapon they have left is to try to make us doubt our mission and our leaders. Don’t let them plant those seeds of doubt. Become very vocal and squash them immediately and loudly. Lets not participate in the infighting that seems to pop up here and there. Let’s stay both united and strong. They cant break us when we stay united. I truly feel honored to be fighting this war with all of you. We are F.R.O.G.s. And fully reliant on God. That has been our biggest weapon. So let’s tighten our grip and brace for all that will happen as we sprint to the finish line. A brand new world and freedom will be our reward. As President Trump has told us, the best is yet to come. Justice IS being done. Know that. Trust that. We will see the proof soon. WWG1WGA. God bless you all!!! Love to all.

Mar ❤️❤️❤️ 1/5/22

Maryann Chambers

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