FROG 22.01.08

Patriots and Frog Family

The cabal can no longer sustain all the lies they have been telling. Its definitely all unraveling and so many more are finally waking up and actually are not buying all the fake news that the media is spewing. Do you think I am kidding??? Just look at what is happening around the world. Most countries are protesting the mandates on vaccinations and masks. But there are still those that believe in not only the vaccine but vaccine passports….holy crap!!! Why don’t they read the ingredients and the fine print. People are choosing heart problems and death over the flu or common cold???? What happened to common sense??? When did we start trusting the government and the elite to put OUR health and best interest ahead of their agendas, power or bank accounts??? At this point what can we do? Well I know I am going to continue to hold the line and keep getting the truth out. I believe in this mission. I believe that this is a war between God and Satan and I certainly don’t want to be found on the wrong side of this war. Why? Just look at the alternative. Look at how life is for us right now. I certainly rather a less chaotic and less evil way of life. I want my freedom. The government doesn’t give us freedom, they have enslaved us. God gave us freedom when he gave us free will and we will return to true freedom if we stay the course of waking more people up. I truly do feel things are happening to finally get us to the finish line. All events are lined up and ready to go. So while we wait lets just go and enjoy this weekend. Find something fun to do. Take a break from social media for a bit and enjoy time with your friends or family. Or… just relax by vegging out. If possible, make this your peaceful weekend because you all certainly deserve some peace after the war we have been fighting and we will need to be recharged and prepared for the next portion of this mission so we can help the newly awakened understand it all. You are not alone. Where we go one, we go all is no longer just a slogan…it has become our way of life. Although scattered across the globe, we have become a true family. Pain is currently being delivered and justice is being served. Have a great weekend!!! God bless you all.

Mar ❤️❤️❤️ 1/8/22

Maryann Chambers

About 2012 Convergence

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