FROG 22.01.11

Patriots and Frog Family

Can we all agree that the state of our planet is ummmm at best a total horror and freak show? Cabal and the Elites have tried so very hard to convince us of their lies as they hid the truth …the reality… the facts from us….BUT they weren’t able to hide everything from some of us and we started to dig and dig. We dropped into one rabbit hole after another. We have overcome so much to get where we are now. We truly have become the majority. We have learned that the White Hats had to allow Cabal to believe their plan was uncontested and their victory was sure. But…Cabal were caught off guard when they learned that Trump, the White Hats etc had formed the Earth Alliance and had a flawlessly brilliant and brilliantly flawless plan of their own. We learned that this was a very different, atypical type of war we were fighting and as such it needed to be fought in a whole different manner. The cabal never saw us coming. They assumed we would all stay sitting on our couches with eyes glued to their fake media. They had no idea we would jump to save the children. They had no idea we would unite globally. They had no idea we would shine the light on their atrocities. They didn’t think we would figure out they wanted up to 90% of humanity eliminated. But….we did wake up and then we awakened many many more. We learned we were not only in a battle for the survival of mankind but also it was a spiritual war. This was God vs Satan…good vs evil. We had to learn that in this war, disinformation and misinformation is part of war, and although it is very frustrating for many of us who try to make sense of the many updates we’re given, the facts are often misleading and confusing. Sometimes that causes seeds of doubt to be planted. We were told by Q that we need to do our own research just for that reason. We know that the White Hats can’t tell us everything because then the cabal would know also. So the Patriots had to understand the need for mis- and disinformation. We are in a war. There will be casualties but a lot less than how the cabal had planned. Cabal had us living in fear. We are taking their main weapon away from them when we no longer fear them. We put our trust in God. We know God chose us for this time in history. We will win this war…we won this war. God always wins. We are in control. The White Hats are in control. President Trump has led us all brilliantly. Cabal are now falling into all President Trump’s traps and are making multiple mistakes which in turn is waking up even more folks. Pain is currently being administered and justice is incoming. Yes, patriots, Q told us this is a movie we are watching. Q also said the ending is not for everyone. We will know all truths when this mission has completed. Remember military tribunals and Nuremberg trials are and will be happening. Yes we do get our justice! God bless us all!

Mar ❤️❤️❤️ 1/11/22.

Maryann Chambers

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