FROG 22.01.14

Patriots and Frog Family

Frustration can be hard to put into words – it’s a complicated mix of anger, disappointment and high amounts of annoyance. For most of us frustration levels are particularly high right now the closer we approach the end to this phase of the mission and ready ourselves for the new beginnings we will be entering. For me, sometimes thinking about it all is a mixture of terror, apprehension and total bliss. What a concoction!!! But…I then remember the reason we are in this battle and who we are fighting for and under. We are fighting for humanity’s very survival. We are fighting for our kids and grandkids and all future generations. We are fighting for what is true and right. We are fighting for God. We were definitely chosen for this time in history. We were chosen, hand-picked by God. Do you doubt me about that??? I have absolutely no doubt. HE took this belligerent agitator and turned me around and put me back on the right path. As many of you witnessed my early days of trying to get DD (Whiplash) to ban me from his page and all the shenanigans and games I pulled to try to anger him, well, it had to be an act of God to give Whip the tolerance to gently nudge me to use my energies to help try to get as many frogs as possible to the finish line. I am forever grateful to my red piller, Jfk Jr, for putting me on track and whiplash and John Quent for keeping me on track. I am also forever grateful for pushing me into this very amazing family. Yes, we lost many family and friends along the way but look at what we do have? We have created a very special family. A strong and united family that knows no country boundaries. We have chosen who is in our family. We have gained strength and love from this family. I am very convinced that God led us to one another. I talk to many of you on a personal level. I never expected that I would do that nor expected I would even want to but you all have become a part of who I am. I am so very proud and honored to be a part of this very special and close-knit family that continually grows in numbers. We were called. We answered. We have been succeeding. We are winning. God wins. This has been quite the journey of any lifetime. We have not only learned so very much, we chose to teach others what we learned. There are many frustrations on the road that we had and have to overcome but God never gives us more than we can handle. We are all still here, we are all still united…we are all still a family. When I am having a particularly hard day, many of you pick up on it and offer me your strength. That is a most amazing gift. I am here and will always be here for my family. Being part of this ever-growing family is a major reward for being on this journey. The love emitted is a truly amazing gift. We have had many hurdles to jump over but look at all the new adventures we have been on and all the new, very interesting people that are now in our lives. By being on this journey, we gained so much more understanding of not only the world around us but by learning to not judge others by old ways of thinking. We took the time to learn and actually listen to folks…to make them our friends and family. That is a feat that the cabal could never accomplish. They used fear to cattle us together. We used love, understanding and tolerance to grow this family. Cabal can and will never defeat us. We took their power away. Their only weapon left now is to plant seeds of doubt about each other and/or our leaders. Don’t let them infect you that way. Patriots stand together. Stop listening to those that try to divide. Step back from them. Stay united. Don’t allow anyone to break the bonds we have formed. Just know that all truths will be revealed. ALL truths!!! So don’t waste time or energy on trying to judge other patriots. Remember the standard we live by one provided to us by our current REAL Vice President and my red-piller: WHERE WE GO ONE, WE GO ALL!!! These are no longer just words…no longer a cute phrase said by a cute guy (omg John did I dare to call you cute??? Lol. Here comes either the chuckle or another scolding). Those words are what we live by now. Let’s take it further…where we go one, we go all. Where we went one, we went all. Where we will go one, we will go all. Lets add this to it. Where they (cabal and elites) go one, they go all…to Gitmo and nonexistence or at least forever out of our harm’s way. Yes, my family, we are closing in fast on the finish line. Stay prepared. Stay alert. Stay united. Stay family. Trust in the Plan. Trust in each other. Trust in our leaders. But mostly TRUST IN GOD! It has always been an honor and a pleasure to fight shoulder to shoulder with each of you. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. God bless us all. I love this patriotic frog family. We are F.R.O.G.s!!! We are Flynn’s F.R.O.G.s. We are and will always be fully reliant on God. Have an amazing weekend!

Mar ❤️❤️❤️ 1/14/22

Maryann Chambers

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