Terrorism Defined

HRC directly connected to Safari

“Syria: The Safari Club rides again

The idea that the US deep state cares about reducing terrorist violence is laughable. For over thirty years, through various cutouts, like the Saudis, it has funded Wahabi/Salafi jihadi terrorism as a geopolitical weapon in its drive for global dominance.

Now that the Russians have exposed our bullshit “campaign” against ISIS, we may have to destroy what our Saudi bedfellows created (i.e. ISIS) the same way we destroyed Donald Rumsfeld’s handshake partner, Saddam Hussein, after he had outlived his usefulness. And, done properly, the public will never even stir from its slumber. All in a day’s work for the CIA.

The US deep state has no problem whatsoever with Saudi fundamentalism. Fundamentalists don’t think. Fundamentalists obey orders. Fundamentalists fight very, very hard because they are driven by other-worldly motivations. Fundamentalists have no problem being suicide bombers. The CIA funded Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan and embraced local fundamentalist nutcases, like Hekmatyar. The CIA knows exactly what the Saudi’s and other oil states have been doing in Syria, and they have tried very hard to find a way to get involved. (And so has Hillary.) Too bad that even the Pentagon had to admit there is no such thing as a “moderate rebel” in Syria.

Given the issues swirling around Hillary Clinton’s “progressivism”, it is instructive to see how Libya fits into the jigsaw puzzle. Remember that Hillary and her appointee Samantha Power (Cass Sunstein’s wife) lobbied heavily to bomb Libya. Today, the formerly prosperous Libya is a failed state, a ruined land fought over by gangs of religious terrorists. But, “nobody could have predicted” this outcome, right Hillary?

After we bombed Libya back to the stone age, the CIA instantly started sending Gadafi’s looted weapons to the “rebels” in Syria. As we all know, the “rebels” were either fundamentalists to begin with or they soon defected to the fundamentalists. This whole black op has been masterfully buried by the tangential and lying attack on HRC’s emails. The “compound” at which the Americans were killed was a CIA warehouse for transshipping the weapons. We can all agree there is no fire regarding Hillary’s emails; but the smoke that has been put out about the emails obscures the real fire – our continued illegal arming of Sunni fundamentalists out to overthrow yet another Shia regime.

Gadafi’s weapons were also dispersed throughout neighboring Africa countries, leading to ISIS affiliates like Boko Haram in Nigeria. Conveniently, US soldiers and intelligence apparatus are now on the ground to “assist” against the very terrorists we have created and armed.

The whole terrorism thing has become Crassus’s fire brigade (setting fires and then extorting payment for putting them out) on the scale of nation states. And if you think HRC is unaware of this history, you are higher than a kite.”


…..Daily KOS

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