Election 2022

Midterm Election

The primary election fraud schemes in place, all have a finite capacity in the amount of votes they can create/shift without becoming obvious. A classified set of tools called hammer & scorecard was sadly used overseas, under the premise of defending US interests (and refined in those trials), and then the CIA cooked up schemes involving private contractors and carefully compartmented data silos to use them here in the US. We don’t know for how many years this went on.

These, and other methods, have limited capacities. They generally involve looking at localized population data, including sentiment from social media (back doors to Twitter/Facebook/etc), and are pretty good at forecasting the number of votes they will need to create (via ballots) or shift (via data manipulation).

These methods have vulnerabilities including (but not limited to):

1) sentiment data being off vs reality

2) turnout models being off vs reality

3) high turnout limits the available pool of registered voters who don’t bother voting… which are the ones most easily used to fill in gaps

(this can have the effect of increasing demand [number of fake votes needed] while simultaneously shrinking the supply [number of inactive voters available to have their votes stolen])

The standard methods were overwhelmed in 2020.

They had to risk huge batches of emergency ballots, in the middle of the night, just in the critical counties they needed to stop Trump.

If the MAGA vote turnout had been even higher… they would have had less votes in their starting position and needed even bigger emergency ballot drops. If they needed another 10 millions votes… there are no known existing methods that could have produced that level of extra votes for Joe except absurdly large vote switching via data manipulation or adjudication. And if that was so easy to do they would have just done THAT in 2020 instead of producing all those emergency ballots at 4am.

My fairly well informed armchair cowboy/analyst opinion, is that one or more of their usual methods have now been exposed and will not work for them in 2022. They needed ALL of the usual methods PLUS a hail Mary in 2020. They are underwater and in serious trouble for 2022.

Millions of people who didn’t believe election fraud was real are now very seriously WATCHING FOR IT.

We must break them, get our Congressional investigatory powers back, and then finish exposing the fraud.

Something like 19 states have passed new voting laws that directly impact the schemes used in 2020… pinching the NWO’s ability to repeat that debacle.

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